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  1. §akina


    ive got 1 brother, hes 9, and damn cute. yes hes cheeky at times, but hes a good boy mashallah
  2. aw thanks sis and happy birthday to you too Oreen. jazakallah everyone
  3. salaam, have a nice time posting, im kind of new aswell.
  4. the Evening of Inspiration seems kind of dodgy, the freemixing and all. i really would want to go, but like Zimarina said, the advert made the event seem weird.
  5. yh, overprotective parents are no fun. but then you gotta take a step back, and put yourself in your parents position and think, how would i react if i was in that situation. thats what i do, and most of the time am able to understand why my parents act like they do. and then again, thank Allah s.w.t for even having parents, because as you all are aware of, millions of kids are out there, without any parents. w/salam sakina.
  6. subhanAllah this thread is one of the best in this section
  7. §akina

    Milk and Cereal

    lol, so lame..but thats what makes it funny
  8. k-swiss are the best. i harldy wear trainers now, like Jameela said, they look wierd with abya
  9. i had braces. i looked like a doofus, lol. they got taken off around a year ago.
  10. §akina


    heroes is the best show ever. so much action, i love it
  11. §akina

    Your Phobia

    i suffer from claustrophobia. i hate it sakina.
  12. asalamualaykum i have 1 question to ask, its that are you allowed to have more than 1 piercing in you ear, and some people get a piercing done on top of the ear aswell, so im just kind of unsure about that, could someone please explain to me please. jazakallah sakina
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