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  1. Happy Birthday! Hooray!

  2. I had 3 Monster's back to back one night cuz i had to pull an all nighter to get my hmwk done and i couldn't breath all that well/shortness of breath lol and my heartbeat was getting faster/ i was ok in the end but if i ever drink energy drinks, one should be good enough, they dont seem to work well on me i dont really feel the energy boost.
  3. well 18 is pretty young for me, i mean i just had a proposal from a 24 or 26 yr old guy, i turned him down though, very good guy, very good family, very rich, but i dunno i just couldnt accept, i guess i am waiting for someone else who i want but ....... you never know if it will happen and i can never tell him:( out of fear of rejection i guess T_T

  4. ohhh so she proposed to you, cool, hope yoou have a wonderful marriage, insha'allah, i just got back from work am not feeling to well feel like im about to pass out, i could barely stand and i hate the pharmacist i work with she is such a ***** she calls me for evverything anyways um yh thursday i will see give me a time i guess

  5. yes, its a nice name :)

    her parents are from faisalabad, pakistan.

    haha you think 18 is young? she had this attention for me when she was 15, lol.. and i was 18! but i thought 'nah just a silly crush' - now 3 yrs later, she hasnt changed her mind, wow.

    so yea, we'll talk abt it soon on msn - tomorrow or friday sounds cool.

  6. i like her name, where is she from? so she is 18 eh? you like young girls eh ;P lol anyways whevenver your free i guess or whevever im free you can tell me more about it in detail on msn i will go on my pc but tell me like a day in advance so i will know if i have time

  7. PS the girl's name is Mavish; only lives like across the road. 3 yrs younger than me, lol.

  8. peace of cake ;) just let me know.

    oh lol, damn... i'm actually engaged wiv the girl, just call her my 'new wife' for the fun of it. but yeah, marriage shouldnt be long away.

  9. thanks :) so you got married!!!!!! wow i am so happy for you congrats who with? I have not installed msn messenger on my new macbook so if i am on i will talk to you from my pc that is awesome wow i cant stop smiling lol you are married?!!! well awesome lol i dont know what to say i am so happy for you, i haven't spoken to anyone on msn either so dont worry

  10. very wise ;)

    i'm normal these days really - gettin round the situation wiv my 'new wife' lol... we can talk abt it on msn (i havent been usin msn since like march, so giv me a time!).

    and hey, if u ever wanna talk abt anythin, i'm always around, ok?

  11. hey, I'm doing good, life moves on you know and won't wait for you so don't fall behind lol anyways whats up with you hope your doing good havent talked to you in a while now, my bro is coming to london on wed. and will be staying till aug 12 and me and my other bro and mom will come in dec hopefuly lol for a break from everything

  12. sup muffin, hope ur well.

  13. Thank you guys, your dua'a are most helpful at this time.
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