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  1. Happy Birthday!Hooray!

  2. SC

    Thanks! And no I'm not 32 lol, 22 :)

  3. Keena

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRIEND :D You cant really be 32 O_O

  4. Ramadan Mubarak! Hooray!

  5. That's awesome mA! I know it's really hard to find teaching jobs these days. And no, I wasn't at MIST this year :( It was my final semester and I was swamped with school, but iA next year I plan to attend and volunteer. Were you at MIST this year? How was it? :)

  6. You are definitely in my duas sis. Yes, teaching in Toronto with the TDSB. =)

    You weren't at MIST this year, were you?

  7. Oh wow, I'm sorry to hear that. But it's better to happen sooner than later, Allah swt has better things planned for you, I'm sure of it :) Good to hear that you're still teaching, I'm currently on the job hunt - pray for me! Are you teaching in the t-dot?

  8. Still teaching, got engaged then... broke it off. =/ So that was an emotional roller coaster, but Alhamdillah, im better. =)

  9. Life is good alhamdulillah. Just graduated recently so I've have a ton of free time these days, lol :) What are you up to these days?

  10. Good Alhamdulillah. Things have been hectic personally and I was MIA too, but i'm back. =P How's life?

  11. rumaysa! I'm alive, just not very active on MM anymore. How are you? :)

  12. *looks around for SC*

  13. wow I just read this! I'm remembered! I feel so loved lol
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