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  1. just a general question is chatting haraam, i mean some people say it is and some dont, i dont understand what is right and whats not, when they point out why its haraam i look at this site and say hey its basically like chatting..is it haraam. girls chat to boys, boys chat to girls, what is the difference..
  2. salaamz, i agree with what all you people are saying, but in my community its kind of hard trying to tell someone that what your doing is haraam, i was once advising someone in doing good instead of bad things, this person turned back and asked me whether i go shopping, i turned back and said yeah i do, they than turned back and said so you do haraam too, i was like wat u mean they were like is there not mixing and music there... and thats when all the chaos started, i mean you can advise someone and not at the same time.. alhamdullilah wher most of you are islam is growing but not where i am, just yesterday i was told by my father that a niqaabi sister from the community ran away with a man at the age of only 21... its not easy trying to tell someone to do good when all around them is bad... from my experience i just keep my mouth shut and only focus on myself..
  3. omg so truee, i like... i like..
  4. yeah i used to go to giyc, but then stuff started coming up so i quit going there.. i agree with ya sis... though i didn really like much of his lectures.. but he also done a good job in guiding some people.. hamdulillah
  5. so um is this a war between americans and canadians.......hmmm!
  6. haaaaaaaay i like canada... ma baby massari is from there stop dissin the place..
  7. yeah ahmdulilah im studying psychology, its pretty hektik though... what bout you..
  8. hi! lol yeah inshallah im going to see it too inshallah with friends some time soon but other than that wat could you possibly do lol its holidays and its boring
  9. Hey sis! nice to see you back Salams

  10. SALAAMZ could someone tell me pweez wat this dream means, i had a dream about this mobile number it kept just poping up through out my whole dream...lol... than when i woke up i called the number it turned out to be a guy named adam.. weird.... does it mean anything.......
  11. salaamz im bak peoplz and still bored than ever.. ne who, watz new.........
  12. weirdo lol wat u on about peace
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