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  1. What Homework Do You Have Tonight?

    None! Muahahahaha
  2. Funny quotes

    "Spider pig, spider pig, does whatever a spider pig does...can he swing from a web? no he cant; hes a PIG!" - Homer Simpson
  3. i do not - WILL not believe it!

  4. Listening to...

    My beautiful likkle brother snoring
  5. Last film you watched?

    Wuthering heights - love it everytime & The Final destination - not bad, but only because of the 3d, the film on its own would be crap.
  6. Random Jokes thread.

    ^ :|
  7. Funny Hairstyles

    lol, the last one's yuck, although Lady GaGa's hair is great, esp the one with the bow
  8. Private Marriages

    ^thats true, of course you'd want to share it with friends and family. but thats not the point- if your left without a choice, is it possible?
  9. Private Marriages

    Can you get married without parents permission? Like, just get a quick nikah done without anyone knowing except the witnesses? and if yes, what if you have a second nikah later on?
  10. Happy BIRTHDAY!!

    Aw, the slag kid has grown. mashaallah!

  11. Listening to...

    thats what you get for fallin in love.....they always said dont love a hoe i was wrong for fallin in love
  12. What food are you craving?

    ^ cant be helped, im an ice cream junkie Ben & Jerry's in particular!

    someone posted this in the funny youtube videos thread. I actually laughed my socks off But that one wasn't as long lol. I think its HILLARIOUS lol.