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  1. "Spider pig, spider pig, does whatever a spider pig does...can he swing from a web? no he cant; hes a PIG!" - Homer Simpson
  2. i do not - WILL not believe it!

  3. My beautiful likkle brother snoring
  4. Wuthering heights - love it everytime & The Final destination - not bad, but only because of the 3d, the film on its own would be crap.
  5. §lªg

    Funny Hairstyles

    lol, the last one's yuck, although Lady GaGa's hair is great, esp the one with the bow
  6. §lªg

    Private Marriages

    ^thats true, of course you'd want to share it with friends and family. but thats not the point- if your left without a choice, is it possible?
  7. §lªg

    Private Marriages

    Can you get married without parents permission? Like, just get a quick nikah done without anyone knowing except the witnesses? and if yes, what if you have a second nikah later on?
  8. Happy BIRTHDAY!!

    Aw, the slag kid has grown. mashaallah!

  9. thats what you get for fallin in love.....they always said dont love a hoe i was wrong for fallin in love
  10. ^ cant be helped, im an ice cream junkie Ben & Jerry's in particular!
  11. someone posted this in the funny youtube videos thread. I actually laughed my socks off But that one wasn't as long lol. I think its HILLARIOUS lol.
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