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  1. iPOET Baba Ali Online Marriage Conference Tomorrow. I'm the Host :D www.ipoetconference.com/LIVE

  2. been ages, wah gwan, hope yer good enjoying yerself??? MANY DUAS!!

  3. been ages, wah gwan, hope yer good enjoying yerself??? MANY DUAS!!

  4. iPOET & Baba Ali Webinar went well. Next one? With Mercy Missions!

  5. O Young Muslims, Posing In Your Pic? Think It's "Sic"? Lowering The Gaze On FB Apply? Opposite Gender Desire Supply! Iman, Oh My! Taqwa, Oh Bye! HellFire, Oh Hi! "FitnaBook" Or "DawahBook"? Right Turn Or Wrong You Took? Be Wise. Protect Your Deen! Protect Your Modesty Even In Your Teen! O Jannah, For We Are Keen! Is Your Profile Driving You To Hell? “Tell the believing men to lower their gaze (from looking at forbidden things).” (An-Nur: 30) iPOET www.islamicpoet.com Visit the FB Page for more Poetry: http://www.facebook.com/iPOETOnline
  6. Assalaamu 'alaykum Wahramatullahi Wabarakatuhu,

    Would you be interested in writing transcripts for a few lectures, to help make Islamic knowledge accessible to those with an hearing impairment?

    If you can spare some time, or have other skills that could be useful, please leave a message on my profile.

    JazakAllah Khair

  7. Happy Birthday bro. :)


  9. Asalaam Alaikum Waramatullahi Warakatuh. Bismillah. Yes I'm back! But as iPOET. Check out my Creative and Colourful Book Here: http://www.islamicpoet.co.uk/ipwrite-poetry.html What you think? iPOET www.islamicpoet.com ADD Me on FaceBook!
  10. No Facebook Activity Goes Unnoticed.. Your 'Private' Facebook Message has been seen.. Every word you typed in that message was being observed.. All your Facebook clicks are being watched... That Photo you just saw has been recorded.. Your every word is being tracked.. Even what time you made it is known.. That profile you went onto is recorded.. The comment you made on your friend's status is observed.. Line by line.. Word by word.. Letter by letter.. That poke you gave is recorded.. Did you know even as you read this, your being watched? As I type this, I am being seen.. That Islamic group you made, is recorded.. That Islamic Society link you put up, is noted down.. The Wedding photo you uploaded recently is observed closely.. Your being watched on Facebook and so am I.. Everyday.Every Hour.Every Minute.Every Second. Watched.Observed.Recorded.Noted. Nothing is hidden. Even your Intention is known..Was it good or bad? Everything will be revealed. You can not hide on Facebook.. Spooky right? Do you feel uncomfortable using Facebook now? Who is Watching YOU and ME every Second On Facebook? You Ask.. My Dear Friend, Allah is All-Seeing And All-Knowing My Friends.. And the Angels Record every small detail.. “He utters not any word except that there is with him an observer, ready.” (Qur’an: 50:18) “And indeed, there are over you scribes, generous and recording. They know what you do.” (Qur’an: 82:10-12) Be God Fearing And God Conscious “(Ihsan is) it’s to worship Allah as you are seeing Him and while you see Him not yet truly He sees you.” (Al-Bukhari, Hadith No. 48) iPOET www.islamicpoet.com Find iPOET on Facebook, here: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1298514739&ref=profile Join iPOET's 'fan' Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/iPOET/79083138910 Hear iPOET's Spoken Video Reminders: http://www.youtube.com/user/PoeticDawah Your Daily Dose Of Motivational & Inspiration Reminders: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/group.php?gid=25852180635&ref=ts Copyright © Aaqib Ahmed 2009
  11. hehe jazakallah khayr for reading! You have my permission, course inshallah.. Which ones do you wana print out? Ooo the workshop I missed it cos nt sure now lol I'll go to another 1 in the future Look forward to your topic.
  12. Jazakallah bro -- And Bhai Aaqib - there won't be any cake as I do not eat B'day cake lol.

    Rasmalai though =D

  13. oooo sooooooo sorri.. the forum posts are coming out wacko now lol so I kinda saw it then missed it good topic tho..mashallah ok here goes on the spot.. Racism Under... Never judge a book by its cover, explore the wonders inside or other, they are humans too and have a mother, not some alien-- lets unite together, for the sake of Allah don't judge, who are you to judge then gudge? Allah is the Best of Judgers right? Never discriminate during the day or night? Ovawise you'll be hit hard within with a fright.. Think before you speak not speak before you think, otherwise watch yourself cause you'll sink, what goes around comes around, what comes around goes around, words can break or make, show good character give "n" take, love from within I see the smile you fake, Allah knows your intention, and the words you mention, *Listen* *Read* let go of any tension, for the sake of Allah, NOW or NEVER? You decide? Good or dark side? RACISM ~Aaqib