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  1. *yawn* getting used to these sleepless nights...

  2. haha it used to make me hyper now no effect ;) keep drinking it you'll get used to it:P

    hows everything else?

  3. dews <3 aww you better, pachi malsu:p can't wait lol let me know when and what time whatever! im a bit hyper on red bull, so lame, it makes me a bit hyper loll

  4. haha mint!! :o keeks mari ben i lurve it too! kayya awu scotland ke dews? mum n dad going dews in a few weeks saadi man but i gotta go to my mates wedding. InshAllah oo awis. tu awni ayya ;)

  5. i just remembered the granny jokes we used to make LOL smokin sheesha (btw mint flavour mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm )

  6. yep alhamdulillah! aww i know what you mean bo kaam innit? still, worth it though:p im just teachin and that...ayya aw ni koi diwus, we can meet up lol

  7. awww oo to ayyaj che. i doing Open Uni the assignments are killing me its like one done then start the other staight after! and you? mum n dad hara che?

  8. awesome!

    aww im aryt, missed you-:( its been a while! tu hu karey these days?

  9. my lovely i am here i just cba to come on mm sometimes :P kem che?

  10. stripes, i come back and you aren't here-:( tsk tsk get back already <3

  11. oh i is happy! :D

    1. KeeKee


      awww happy is good!

  12. quiet house...

    1. GuerillaRadio


      I wish my house spoke to me, meign.

    2. Stripey
  13. everytime it rains the oldies always say "its winter" :|

  14. Damn you Javascript programming!

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