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  1. Happy Birthday! Hooray!

  2. Sigh. This is such an old issue. Wearing the hijab SHOULD be a choice and not coerce. Its getting lame people are using religion to subjugate women and this whole holier-than-thou attitude. We're all adults. After all, what's the point of wearing a hijab if you are not sincere about it? One thing's for sure, We know hijab is obligatory for women. If you don't want to wear it, fine. nobody can force you and you can get away with it now. But be prepared to answer in the afterlife. Case close. Instead of concernign with things that are 'symbolic', shouldn't we be more concern about the disunity of the ummah, poverty, literacy rate, corruption and low standards of living in majority of the Muslim world?
  3. Have You voted in this year's MM Awards 2010? If not please follow this link : http://maniacmuslim.com/forums/index.php?/topic/23725-mm-awards-2010/

  4. its verty sad that the "symbolic" things of islam has been used for that "im holier than thou" attitude..so it basically means a women in headscarf never commits a sin and that all muslim women who nvr wore headscarfs have commited act of apostasy.. *rollseyes*
  5. i dont think so when it comes to that. im currently serving the military and there are a couple of closeted gays who serve the military and most of them did NOT declare homosexuality in th emilitary just to escape from military service. yes there are straight acting gays who can pass off as straights but also u have the efffeminate ones. and some of them have excel to the extend they have become officers and sergeants.. i mean cant imagine them declaring their homosexual status here before they got enlisted int he military coz gays do get discriminated and if the military finds out ure gay ur title as a sergeant or officer would be stripped immediately im not saying i support gay lifestyle, but after seeing this with my own eyes, it basically erase that whole stereotype around me that all gay men are effeminate and know nothing expect shopping, makeup, flirting and all the stereotypes i PERSONALLY beleive there is a difference between being gay and commiting the acts of homosexuality. There could have been gays whove stayed virgins all their life and there are straight men who might wana "experiment" with anal sex
  6. apocalypse77

    Dhimmi Status

    yes but why not let the dhimmis participate in the military too? or be involve in the country's politics?
  7. isnt this suppose to be refuted and a lie?
  8. apocalypse77

    Dhimmi Status

    ok so we "extort" money from non muslims and then we say we offer them protection and free to practise their religion. what i dont understand is why does the caliphate exept the non muslims from serving the country's military? i mean its THEIR cointry..why they cant participate in activities of the nation? i mean how ar eu ever gonna built a sense of loyalty and social cohesion to the country when u dont allow non muslims to join the army? i mean it just doenst make them actively involve with muslims much like when they pay jizya its like " you stay away form our politics"..it doenst sort of built social integration and assimilation to muslim land and have this "muslims only" and "non muslims" segregation thing..thats just my opinion..can someone please enlighten me with this?
  9. Salaam alayk, hi, I’ve just been introduced to the Singaporean kumpulan Irsyadee, just thot I’d get a Singaporean’s view on the group...wud you happen to be familiar with them by any chance? :) I r e a l l y like their God-centeredness theme, AlHamdu lillah, basically, just like their whole production. Mabrouk for their wonderful effort, Dulu belajar kat madrasah @ public school?

  10. I read somewhere between the the line and tells me that the bible justifies pple to "marry people from their own" races and not make an "undud person a dud by marrying a non-white" uhm..i dont want to be bias but I would be curious for a fella christian to tell me what is hes or her opinion when he sees the article on this site? before that, i wont be posting any opinions on this!! http://christianwhitenationalistassociation.weebly.com/
  11. ok so what isit that makes shias different than sunnis? do they have a good backup information and evidence and argument why their sector is the true one and why sunnis are the false one? thanks..im not taking sides..but i need reference for my research so i can see from 2 sides
  12. a masjid can be just any building even an old church and synagogue provided its been spring clean and idols removed. i was amaze when i see the islamic architecture of the chinse mosques in china, as the chinse still mantain their culture there =)
  13. dont be surprise if u see Malaysians do "immoral" things cos they probably arent Muslims but Philippine immigrants or something
  14. the worst one if the allah is actually the pagan moon god that has 3 daughters =_=..that has been refuted so many times by islamic scholars anyway facts are facts. those who allah dont give hidayat, their hearts are sealed and they will will never find guidance no matter how intensive they study and read the quran
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