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  1. Whisper of Peace

    AHM's contentions

    Gah, he's so amazing ma sha Allah!
  2. Whisper of Peace

    Random Islamic Questions

    ^ not in fard salah. In nafl, she can recite what she wants (stories of companions reciting one ayah throughout the night,etc). Edit: just to highlight, this is in the hanafi madhab, no clue about the others.
  3. Whisper of Peace

    Strawberries and Cream anyone?

    Bartoli about to do something spectacular... in sha Allah, that is. Edit: okay maybe not.
  4. Whisper of Peace

    Seerah of The Prophet (SAW)

    salallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallim
  5. Whisper of Peace

    Strawberries and Cream anyone?

    Hahahahahahahahahhaa, oh no - that was REALLY endearing. SO many gems, ma sha Allah - lol at the middle hand. Lol, at not recognising him because he was smiling. Oh my, just lol in general.
    1. EmJay


      EH?! WTF! Two men and only two months??? UAE is so screwed up. Their treatment of immigrant families has always been low, but this is a new low. 2 months?? Disgusting, vile and ****ed up

    2. EmJay


      Wtf is wrong with their justice system, this is nasty.

    3. Enigma


      Those bastards!! Should be in for life. >:(

  6. Whisper of Peace

    Woman eats her own placenta

    That is quite interesting. But in humans, they usually place the newborn at the mother's breast as soon as possible - this suckling motion stimulates involution, and the formation of milk. We don't need to eat it, thankfully.
  7. Whisper of Peace

    Woman eats her own placenta

    What's all this placenta hating man? Placentas are SO SO SO clever - like, sub-han-ALLAH! And they don't look bad at all; actually I think it's quite beautiful, particularly the maternal side (but then I think the human insides are gorgeous ). Khayr, obviously not condoning eating them however! But still, lol at warding them off with a cross. The cooked placenta looks disgusting, though.
  8. Whisper of Peace

    Strawberries and Cream anyone?

    Djoko v Rafa final would be awesome. And yahhhh, Maria looks up for it this year. Anyone but the Williams sisters or Azarenka please!
  9. Whisper of Peace


    No, I think she meant 7= ha, 3= ayn, etc.
  10. Whisper of Peace

    The Hairdresser of Fir'awn's Daughter

    Story of Jurayj Regarding the witness of Yusuf, alayhi salam, mentioned in [Q, 12: 26] it was narrated from Ibn Abbas (radiyAllah anh) that it was an infant. Although weak, it was also held by Hasan al-Basri.
  11. Whisper of Peace

    Sonic Theology

  12. Whisper of Peace

    The Hairdresser of Fir'awn's Daughter

    JazakumAllah for sharing. May we be reunited with them. Exceptional.
  13. Whisper of Peace

    Muslims and gays

    Bismillah! Hopefully, nobody is saying homosexual people will burn in hell forever (with every sin except shirk being forgiveable). As someone said above, there are plenty of other "groups" of people who sin too - alcoholics, fornicators etc. etc. Perhaps anal sex does gross people out more than good old beer? - whatever. It matters little in this discussion; ultimately it is a sin, but a person can be both Muslim and gay. Fact. What becomes the problem is saying "homosexuality is okay/halal" - that's problematic because that goes against the word of Allah. The same way if somebody said "drinking alcohol is okay" or "sex outside of marriage is okay" - those too would be statements of kufr. And what legalising homosexual marriage does, is that it SCREAMS that homosexuality is okay. That's the problematic bit. That khutba posted above is all good and well, but it's more on how to make sure our kids don't turn out gay, it seems. What to do with all those who were raised in non-Muslim households, or for that matter - who have now been raised and are adults and had no say in their environment? It does well to look at things with an eye of mercy sometimes (all the time, even). Yes, practising (not being) homosexuality is haram. We all sin. But it makes sense to keep our sins behind closed doors, as much as possible.
  14. ,7-99:digest perfect your friday wash!