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  1. Hamzah, I just want the articles to be back the way they were when they were in the old site.


    I hate it in the topic and list form.


    I liked it when all the articles were in one page and I could just look across to move to another subject of articles.


    Plus reading Gender Relations (## Items) makes me feel like I'm editing the site and stuff.


    So yeah.

  2. i dont like this "malays must be muslims" and the "non muslims cant touch quran"..


    the malays have turned islam here into a nationalistic and racial religion.


    Someone out there PLEASE teach the malays that islam and malay culture must be seperated..muslims here still have yet to realise the universal spirit of islam


    i rmbr i once asked my religious teacher why cant we conduct friday sermons or religious lessons in english cos we have chinese and indian muslims here as well and the religious teacher simply replied "english is a kafir language..u want us to become christians?"


    some of my mlaay frens even have no idea our prophet practised polygamy and has 12 wives *FAINTS* i dont find this a minor but an OBVIOUS evidence on their knowledge of islam, that they see islam as a cultural tradition passed on from their parents rather than a rleigious significance


    in anutshell, malay muslims MUST choose between either culture or religion..i think the reason why malay muslims dont accept such thing as malay christians or malay hindus here is that they see converting as a treason and loss of right for malay culture rather than loss of religion

    and i agree with the whole ibadat and aqeedah thingy..alot of malays think islam is all about "dont do this dont do that" and pray 5 times a day read quran but dont know whats the point in doing all those etc . theyve yet to see the beauty of islam because most of them would just know praying,read quran and fast and see islam as a chore. If only the malay muslims learn more abt islam and dug deeper rather than just praying and reading quran, then i beleive they will find the treasures and beauty of islam

    No, the reason I said Malays MUST be Muslim is because in History, when the Sultan converted to Islam, all of the Malays coverted to Islam, and so from that time to this day, they are from the same people who converted. And so no Malay can be bornt Christian, thats what I'm saying. The whole of Malaysia converted to Islam and thus there can never be a Malay Christian.


    Many have had this misconception about the Sabahans, Sarawakans, Ibans, Kadazans, etc. but in reality they're not Malay people. They used to have their own country until Malaysia proposed Sabah and Sarawak to join together. I'm just saying they're not pure Malays. Malay and "Malaysian" is different. Malaysian Christians can exist, but not Malay Christians. Because all pure Malays converted to Islam.




    In regards to what your teacher said, it was unnecessary. But at a certain extent he can be correct.


    Today many Malays are wearing clothes and eating food the way the people of the West does. And hardly speaks the Malaysian language. Look at me, I'm speaking English right now, haha!!


    As I was saying, well, the people of Malaysia arent trying to be Malaysians YET they demand the rights to be a Malaysian.


    Thats disrespectful to the country.


    And so if that is why your teacher said that, he does have a point.


    As a Muslim, yes there is unity but at the same time you have to be proud where you came from and not try to immitate people, ESPECIALLY not the Kuffar culture of the West.




    As for you saying that Malays have to choose between culture and relegion, and the apostate statement, thats not true. Malays are Islamic, and they would be pissed off is a Muslim apostates, and they do consider it to be a loss for the relegion, regardless of whether they are Indian or Chinese Muslims.




    Speaking of Indian Muslims in Malaysia, there was this fascinating story, and yes its a true story. A Hindu converted to Islam along with his whole family. His Hindu congregation got upset and killed him and his whole family.


    The police said despite storing him for investigation, his blood was still freshly flowing.


    And so you see, its not really about Malays, even Indian Muslims get can receive animosity of the mushriks.


    The saddest part of this story is that the police didnt do nothing. I dont know what happened.


    But anyway, I dont care, Im happy for the guy and his family, they are so lucky to die a Shaheed.


  3. Evangelion's news is fake and I dont know where BBC got that from. I read the everyday popular and dominant newspaper in Malaysia and there is no such news that exist.


    As for those who are wondering how Islam is in Malaysia: Well, its a pretty sad state really.


    You see throughout the history, including in these times, Malaysia has always emphasized on 'ibadah instead of 'aqeedah.


    And so what you learn in primary, secondary, etc. is mostly about 'ibadah. If 'aqeedah was learnt, one can never feel the fuzzyness of iman entering into the heart. I dont get my iman boosted when I read my Islamic textbook.


    And so your average Malay mostly knows how to pray, go to the mosque, and read the Qur'an. The average Malay would not know nor thought about looking up on the meaning of the Qur'an.


    Malays aren't in the spirit of the knowledge in Islam like Muslims in the West do. I would totally consider Muslims in the West to be better than Malays over here.


    And your average Malay dont even know the popular and dominant opinions in the Islamic world, such as hijab is fardh, music is Haram, celebrating birthdays are Haram... they just dont know this.


    Going back to my point, the lack of emphasis on 'aqeedah is what leads to apostacy and non-practising Muslims in Malaysia. And because Malays are really into Western culture, a lot of them channel it to Hollywood instead of Islamic lectures.


    Alhamdulillah my brother was one of those people and so I got exposed to things like Islamic lectures and Seerah. If you mentioned Yasir Qadhi or Awlaki to the Malays, little would recognize them.


    So yes, Malaysia, Islamically, is in a sad state. They practice but its all about the Islamic curricular and no iman boosting. They dont have enough knowledge, I should say. Even the imams of mosques usually are clean shaven! Sigh...




    As for those confused with the Hindu-Malay thing:


    Malays in history were originally Hindus. When Muslims came to Malaysia, the Malaysian rulers converted to Islam walhamdulillah. And the custom in Malaysia was to follow whatever the Sultan did, and so the whole community converted to Islam.


    Malacca, one of Malaysia's states, reached its peak of success when the Sultan established madrasas, etc. and the only reason it fell was because the other ruler became corrupt and took bribes, etc.


    But NOW, Malays can NEVER be Hindus. Indonesians and Brunei yes, some can be Christian and Hindu, but when it comes to Malaysia, a Malay, a bornt Malay boy, is always considered a Muslim. Only the people living in Sabah and Sarawak can be Christians or mushriks, and they're not even Malays. They're just living in Malaysia.


    So yeah, bottom line is Malay Christian doesnt exist in Malaysia. Unless its apostacy.

  4. We as Muslims are allowed to eat grapes.


    As far as I know, to make wine, they contain the grapes mixed with some other stuff until the grapes become spoiled. Then they process it into wine.


    So do not worry BloodGuard, we still can eat grapes.

  5. As-Salamualaikum; I've come to realize a few months ago that I had been wasting my time in discussions. And so I'm jere to advise people who are still in the pool of debates.


    We have scholars


    Its the scholars' job to discuss things and it is HIS profession. We all have scholars in comparative relegion. We all have scholars in Jihad. We all have scholars in Fiqh.


    As human beings, its natural to have differences of opinion as we may choose certain scholars and certain opinions. But its not our job as laymen, to prove the other opinion wrong. But we fail to realize that its better to let the scholars discuss and make our opinion from there. Some may stay the same, while others may change, after seeing discussions of KNOWLEDGABLE PEOPLE in Islam.


    But what should I do as a normal everyday Muslim?


    Our job as laymen is to better ourselves as Muslims. Maybe participate in a few local protests. Give simple da'wah to non-Muslims. Making night prayers. You know theres this one hadith where a Sahaba dreamnt that he was dragged near Hell Fire and the Prophet (sallallahu 'alaihi wasallam) said "He is a righteous man, if only he would make night prayers".


    So if we're not getting up for Fajr early, let alone making night prayers... who are we to discuss world issues. FORGET THAT. Who are we to even discuss these topics? We're nothing, we're laymen.

    And so who is taking care of these world issues?


    In the relegion, we have scholars.


    In Jihad, we have scholars and the Mujahideen for that.


    You see we already have PROFESSIONALS taking care of this issue. All we have to do is observe and choose which is more truthful and make dua that Allah guides us to the correct opinion.




    We already have professionals taking care on 99.9% of the topics we discuss and debate about here.


    So lets get better. Brush your teeth before Salat. Make Tahajjud. Recite the Qur'an often. Read Riyadh-us-Saliheen for taqwa and awareness in everything you do. Read hadiths on benefits and blessings of one doing such and such deed.


    Dont waste your life. Wassalamu 'alaikum.








  6. Sister Slag; Listen to Islamic lectures and be at peace. As a normal everyday Muslim, we dont need to think about such things. I dont care if "you just wanted to know". Its useless. Get better as a Muslim and worry for your Hereafter.

  7. The American culture is getting worse and worse...


    A long time ago the F word was a bad one was people hesitated even to say it.


    Now its become a normal word and people dont even treat it like a swear word.


    These are just among the downward spiral of error the Americans are living. And its just as well, they're mostly Christians in name and atheists.

  8. I dont see the need for these threads.


    All the questions you posed were already answered by the existing Mujahideen in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.


    And Al Qaeda is growing ever strong because its actually an international front. We have one in Iraq, one in Algeria, etc.


    As forum members, we can't do a thing. Seriously.


    P.S. Its not a controversial topic.

  9. Offensive Jihad is military conquest, right? :unsure:



    After the Prophet's (sallallahu 'alaihi wasallam), there were many battles like in Constantinople, etc.


    And plus anything that is ruled other by Sharia is oppression and Muslims are commanded to go against oppression, and mostly in fighting oppression, they used it militarily at the time of the Khalifahs (RA).



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