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  1. You shouldnt take seriously on most of the things I say. Especially when it's supposedly offensive.
  2. As-Salamualaikum; After months of participating, I got a bad impression of Facebook: sisters annoyed me, and for some reason I keep getting pokes from the sisters. This is SO not cool. And so I concluded Facebook is really exclusively for people who have no lives and wish to have a new life by decorating it with pictures and having captions contradicting on what really happened. For example a sister might be wearing a fake diamond ring her 3 year old brother owns and puts in the caption "I just got engaged".
  3. As-Salamualaikum; the word of Allah is for all, akhi. (even if I was the one to first post it) *runs off*
  4. maghrib


    As-Salamualaikum; Black people, Somalian and black Arabs in specific, really made me appreciate and realize the beauty of equality in Islam. I dont know why; the feeling just rushes over me whenever I encounter such people. I'm guessing this is because I've rarely had any contact with any Muslim from different ethnicities. The current impression I have on my Somalian and black Arab brothers is that they're really sweet and funny people to hang out with. I mean in all the videos, including Jihad videos, these brothers know how to crack jokes and it just made me love them even more, masha Allah.
  5. As-Salamualaikum; P.E.A.C.E, thats true, I am nicer now. I try to grasp the simple things in life and beautify them with words. Sarcasm and verbal abuse is something to be avoided, now. Sumayya, the reason for the change is because I felt like it. I'm guessing its just a call of nature of some sort, and its something where you'll just have to dive right in. My past is full of lameness and intensive debates and now, I'm just trying to better myself and everyone here, and listening to more Islamic lectures, insha Allah. Kudos to Zimarina, her article about Muslims dealing with world issues and yet do not wake up in time for Fajr Salat is what inspired me for the change. And for Allah is all praise.
  6. As-Salamualaikum; "What happened to buraq?" queried everybody. He made a second account under the name maghrib, I said.
  7. Take it easy, bro. None of us said it was Haram. I was just quoting the hadith in original text form, instead of Abu Nusaybah's quoting from memory.
  8. Wa 'alaikumussalam - Soap is such a wonderful gift. They're great from the fresh and radiant odour its provides all just by laying on your kitchen table to the white bubbles that cleanses one's body. I remembered my early days of youth where I used to tuned in to documentaries, particularly Islam: The Empire of Faith. It was Muslims who invented soap and it was Europe that had been enlightened in terms of shooing off body odour. And for Allah is all praise.
  9. As-Salamualaikum, Dawud; most racist jokes doesn't have to make sense. Ever heard the term camel jockey?
  10. As-Salamualaikum; here is the actual narration in which brother Abu Nusaybah mentioned earlier: The Prophet (sallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam) got angry when he saw 'Umar Ibn Al-Khattaab holding a sheet containing some verse from the Torah and he said to him, “O 'Umar! Are you in doubt? Have I not brought it (the Message) as clear as white? If my brother Musa ('alaihi salaam) had been alive, he would have followed me”.[Ahmed, Ad-Daarimi and others.]
  11. A simple verse helps to motivate me to move on: "And say: Truth has arrived and falsehood has perished, for falsehood is bound to perish." [Al-Isrâ', verse 81]
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    Sumaiya, enjoy life while you can. Once you're all grown up, life pretty much gets responsible and boring and you'd have to fill up the forms yourself and your parents will just be pissed off if you ask them to do it for you. You never get what you want even though what you want is probably cheaper than what you want when you were a kid and you have to save your money to buy stuff. When I was 8, I didnt give a damn about what people say and I pretty much hate school (in a good way). Happy filling out your Visa form. We dont have to get a cake to celebrate cause it'll just make you fat, and usually people just buy them because thats what other people do but in reality they dont even feel like having cake. Grown ups do stupid things sometimes. Dont follow the crowd, create your own path.
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