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  1. Hijab

    FIFA 2018...

    England is out 😳 I think France will win the final.. or I hope so
  2. Hijab

    Root Canal treatment :(

    OH days Ownen So you are thinking of having them all pulled out? How are you keeping up with the ones that need root canal? do they have a filling already? Please update me Hope it all goes well, in sha Allah.
  3. Hijab

    Currently Eating...

    dry falafel!?! 😞 is that the only falafel shop in town?
  4. Hijab

    Currently Eating...

    Currently eating : DAAL SEWIYA (NIMKO)
  5. Hijab

    FIFA 2018...

    ^ Almost like WWE - LOL Senegal is out and so is Germany
  6. Hijab

    Root Canal treatment :(

    Please go to the dentist 😳 Don't you feel your tooth has become more weak now? Omg Please update meeee!!! The status of my tooth, well the dentist took the cracked part off and applied some temporary white filling. I have two options, either get it extracted or the root canal, and she was advicing me to get the root canal, as it will be the only way to save the tooth... but honestly, the root canal process is a long one and since its already cracked, they will be using a whole lot of materials on me..so its gonna be hella expensive. I really dont know what to choose. 😕 I would just stick to the white filling and hope it can last me for a while and the pain won't come back!!! 😳 I would have posted a picture of it but I don't think you would wanna see LOL Let me know how things are on your end? Will the crown make the tooth all good again? May Allaah make your tooth all good again, ameen
  7. Hijab

    Root Canal treatment :(

    Went to the dentist today, she broke off the cracked part that was loose. she applied some white filling which I have no clue of. It tastes super weird and it feels weird in my mouth 😕
  8. Hijab

    Root Canal treatment :(

    Just a minor update. Before I was told that my tooth has a crack but the dentist wasn't able to locate it... but now I can see it clearly and one part of it is sort of moving 😭 I might need root canal and...tooth extraction 😭 I am so sad 😭😭
  9. Hijab

    FIFA 2018...

    cubster - Well you are not missing out on anything so... its good, all the good teams that I was hoping for are probably not continuing 😳 Its just for the entertainment anyway I don't know about Ronaldo doing that thing, but he exaggerates with his expressions when he falls, have you seen that? lol.... pretend to fake injuries. I know it can get violent, but he sure knows how to express that "pain" 😨 You should see that, I think there must be some compilation on him
  10. Hijab

    FIFA 2018...

    I won't call him a K... but he is a drama queen on the ground 😕
  11. Hijab


    Mr Bean with a HIJAB is distracting me
  12. Hijab

    FIFA 2018...

    ^I don't like Ronaldo at all 😕 he is so overrated tbh. I know he did all the goals, but there are way better players that deserve more credit. Argentina - Croatia game was 😨