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  1. Have said some very rude things :( I wish I could take it back... sometimes I wish I could mute myself :(  :( 

    1. Breeze


      Aww...I have these moments too. Someone must've made you that angry. I do reflect on it though, whether I am angry at myself or angry that they are making unreasonable demands. 

      Sometimes it's both - there are things that I need to work on & they just don't give space.

  2. Random Islamic Questions

    cubster, you did not make me feel bad. I really should have been more careful. Its more like a reminder for myself. But yeah, I know theres a difference of opinion. Some also claim that pork gelatine is permissible which makes no sense. But yeah I have read that as long it is doesn't cause intoxication, it should be ok. if a lot of it causes intoxication then a little of it is haram, so I guess the haagen darz icecream is permissible as I assume it does not cause intoxication in large amounts? and Allaah knows best.
  3. Happy birthday Spider! *grabs her partyhat* 

    1. Breeze


      Happy Buday :D

    2. Spider



  4. Random Islamic Questions

    I did look it up, but did not find enough evidence for/against... so I figured as long as I don't get intoxicated, it should be ok? I know that's no excuse...Also I agree and feel the same way. I would never eat or drink anything with alcohol regardless of the small amount, but the label was very convincing and truthfully I felt nothing wrong with it... at that time. I should have asked around before I tried it and not now when it is too late. May Allaah forgive me, ameen.
  5. Listening to...

    Just can't get enough... <3
  6. Any of you guys have experience with damaged luggage and being  compensated by the airline?

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    2. Breeze
    3. Breeze


      You probably have but I'm just checking your situation. I've put pressure on them that they're not compensating customers.

    4. Hijab


      Lol you are so sweet, ma sha Allah. Yeah I did make the claim, filled it up, sent them as well, received a response, replied them back and well... now just waiting...  they got them 17.000 cases to go through, you know what I mean? But before that, they did have time to reply me, but now, they have vanished... I filled the online claim thing. I filled out this form lol : https://www.airfrance.co.uk/GB/en/local/transverse/frame/genericIFrameAuto.htm?url=/ams/ecomplaints/ecweb/complaint/form&CallerID=af&Language=en&CallerCountryCode=FR&returnurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.airfrance.co.uk%2FGB%2Fen%2Fcommon%2Fguidevoyageur%2Fpratique%2Fbagage_endommage_airfrance.htm  (just giving you the details...!) - but really don't waste your time on them. Just don't travel with them, that's gonna hurt them... 




  7. Random Islamic Questions

    Actually.. The one I got was horrible in taste, it had some rose flavour(?), I would not recommend it. I had a few sips and then I couldn't be bothered to finish the rest of my glass
  8. Random Islamic Questions

    Yeah it does! I was also shocked I got one like over two weeks ago. They do write its non-alcoholic, but there is still a very tiny amount like less than 0.5 %
  9. Random Islamic Questions

    Is it permissible to drink a non-alcoholic wine? Jazak Allaah for anyone who can answer
  10. Happy International Cat Day! :wub:

    1. Breeze



    2. Hijab


      puurrrfect :wub:

  11. Cubster's Eating Records

    Ooooohhh... like that. I see... But sausages? seriously? Sorry cubster, wont spam your thread.
  12. Cubster's Eating Records

    Sausages? I would suggest eggs and avocados. Also, have you tried All-Bran?
  13. ello guys, do you have any experience flying with Air France? Also do they serve halal per default when they fly to the middle east?


    Jazak Allaah khayr in advance