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  1. .. but but.. the world will pass u by..and how can u not have a smart phone where anyone anywhere can reach u at any time..?! -- putting it that way, i really need a life :| you can actually still do that with a smartphone.. better than with a standard one imo why a samsung of all old phones to go back to.. i was just looking at my pretty sexxy sony ericsson W595 the other day wouldnt mind 'regressing' and going back to that..
  2. don't know.. I don't think I got the wrong URL.. It may have to do with the permissions though (I.e. Public)..
  3. it was a FB URL but I'm just using photobucket now.. there isn't a way to use FB direct is there?!
  4. So.. i always see this and i don't know why.. but it always bugs me.. i mean im pretty sure theyre not all real people.. 0.o is there some sort of verification in place on the site .. is that even anyones problem?! :| ... does anyone care?! lol.. maybe im just a bit of a freak lol because i always notice and like i said - bugs me :| :nod:
  5. umm ok .. *so i tried by clicking on the image button and then entering the URL and i get > You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community.* EDIT: its okayyy thanks i managed it thought could directly post from FB using the URL... obviously not :|
  6. Ummm... does anyone know why I can't post images on here?! wasn't sure where my question would go.. thank you
  7. Take a long break after my last exam and before graduation.. applying for jobs in my spare time in the evenings.. Hopefully by July I should have some interviews and stuff lined up and inshallah inshallah have a job by the end of summer... I got to buy wedding outfits for cousins wedding.. always fun... other than that a fairly relaxed holiday inshallah.. and i just cant wait for ramadan!
  8. Almost done with academia. just. one. more. month. left ....exams
  9. why does his voice remind me of philip baileys..
  10. My computational finance notes .. i miss having a good ol' book to read and really get so absorbed in that i cant put it down, not even to eat..
  11. Did u manage to fix your mac?!
  12. Apologies I forgot to respond earlier - did you find a solution to your problem?

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    2. x_proudMuslimah_x


      oh right i see. i sort of learnt scripting languages on my own because i like working with the front end stuff.. but have very little experience.. and when looking for jobs everyone asks for knowledge of SQL but it wasn't part of my course :( ohh well.. if you dont mind me asking what do you like best about your job?! ive started the job hunt recently lol and still trying to get a feel for exactly what it is that I want to do...

    3. cherry*tomato


      Well I don't like really my job because I am over qualified for it :/ I think the best thing is the flexibility I can come and go as I please and I guess the people are nice enough - even though there is a massive age gap. I wanted to get into a specific area but it never worked out...so be careful and sometimes you have to accept the less ideal job. Where are you applying?

    4. x_proudMuslimah_x


      various.. but i dont know where i should be applying lol.. i feel so under qualified in general >.< ..but ive applied for web design, software eng and some even consultancy..

  13. can i just say.. you haven't lived! -- okay don't wna overhype..but they're good in small amounnts lol seriously?! *forgets all about exams and hops onto next train.... all the gymming going to waste.. :| *
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