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  1. After finishing Watch dogs (PS4) then GTA 5 (PS3) I bought a used Just Cause 2 and have been playing that... good game. Also went and bought Little Big Planet karting as well as sonic all stars racing tranformed for cheap because Im a sucker for cartoonish racing games (childhood favourites were Crash Team Racing and Diddy Kong Racing, and still buy every Mario Kart including 8..), and both are pretty good.
  2. Germany 2014 are probably the weakest team to ever win the world cup. Such a shame. They were always vulnerable at the back, and lacked any creativity up front against a team that knew how to defend. They tried playing football, ended up resorting to their usual "cross every chance you get" tactic, which was boring and repetitive.. Argentina messed up. You can't afford to miss 3 easy one on ones and then win. It was also accompanied with sheer bad luck. Di Maria injury, and a poor form from Messi, Aguiro and Higuan who all are returning from injuries and were never in full fitness through-out the whole world cup. One thing I can't deny the Germans is their consistency. They always reach far, but never really deserve to win. Argentina started the tournament worried about their defenders... ended up losing because of their unfit attackers. I was personally rooting for Colombia after Italy disappointed (which I was expecting after seeing their formation. Coach was clueless). James Rodriguez was the best player in the tournament imo. What a player.
  3. ///м53я


    I might go for the OnePlus One
  4. I have a TV in my room. Its mainly for watching football on game nights and playing on a console. Sometimes I watch news, but generally, I can't stand just sitting there flipping through channels to find something. Its completely useless. Growing up, I used to watch it in a similar way. When there is a cartoon i like, id turn the tv on, when its over, I turn it off. I wouldn't mind having one in the future, as long as I teach the kids not to just stay watching it all day show after the show. I see my young cousins like this, and I seriously think it makes them stupid, unresponsive, and lazy.
  5. ///м53я


    maybe the iPhone 6 will help, but seriously, the iPhone 5S isn't even a real flagship device in my opinion. Its like a fashion accessory for snobs. How else would you explain people having to deal with a screen so tiny budget phones have similar, and a battery so small, you'll have to be a master of efficiency to make it through 10 hours with? Battery? there are a lot of better phones out there. So much that some phones easily offer twice the battery life. Screen size and resolution? 4" and 960*640 are both budget phone levels. camera? its good, one of the best, but definitely not the best by a long margin. Same story with video. Price? its ridiculously overpriced for the mediocre specs it offers (I'm sure it costs a lot less to produce than most other flagship phones) Speed? Its fast, but so are many other phones out there Processor? It has a good one (64 bit and all is useless atm though) RAM? it has 1/3rd of some phones these days Speakers? meh I can go on. Point is, nobody is saying its a bad phone. Its a good phone despite its shortcomings, but calling it the best phone right now isn't just fanboyism or bias; Its downright embarrassing, especially from a journalist.
  6. ///м53я


    windows phone 8.1 is awesome! It pretty much filled up the functionality gap + added a few neat tricks.
  7. ///м53я


    as much as i like the nexus, the battery life on it sucks compared to the awesome battery life on the LG G2.
  8. ///м53я


    the Nokia android phones are anti google. No google services, just the apps. Skinned to look like windows phone. Also aimed at developing markets. Love the green nokia X though. Wish the 1520 came in that colour.
  9. ///м53я


    Only if you are very picky, or like the extra 500k fart apps
  10. Looks pretty sweet! MashAllah. I've always wanted a bike but its suicide driving one here.
  11. Thanks guys. Gonna have to ask him about the camera. Asked him for the best location to take great car shots and I think his choice was spot on. Was a fun drive as well, especially engine sound in a tunnel nearby. We also got really lucky with the weather. Perfect conditions.
  12. Friend took some pro pictures of the car in Dubai:
  13. yeah there is an SS. Its a beast. I want to take it to the race track when Im free. yup not in busy cities.
  14. Legend of Zelda, Link between worlds on the 3DS. This game is awesome.
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