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  1. cubster


    Is anyone watching any sports or doing any sports? come on, we need to get the sports section active again!!!
  2. cubster


    I suggested a fishing trip to my uncle for this weekend and he's taking it seriously. I haven't fished since I was a kid and I didn't like the way the fish died also their slimyness Now I have to find a place for us to go lol I'm an idiot.
  3. cubster

    Listening to...

    Nobody is forcing you to look at it or be here. Lower your gaze if you have trouble.
  4. cubster

    Guidance in Takfeer

    I don't think this is one of our regulars trying to 'spice' things up on the forum.
  5. cubster

    New Muslim Area

    I thought you meant you were passed up on promotions because of religion, my bad. Your past isn't anybody's business but your own and people shouldn't stick their noses where it doesn't belong. It's not as though Muslims don't have sins or engage in behaviours that non-Muslims do. This makes me mad when it happens! Do some Muslims think about reverts like this? That they're attention seeking or a little crazy? I've read many a story about reverts who feel lonely, almost like once the nuance of the conversion story wears off and the next revert comes along they get abandoned and there isn't always a strong community to help reverts out and keep them involved in community practices and so on. I think that's really sad. Islam is supposed to be a religion about unity but it's not practiced like that. As I said, I had worse experiences with the brown Muslims growing up more than anyone else and never really felt part of a Muslim community, until I came to MM lol
  6. cubster

    Cubster's Eating Records

    So today was terrible! I forgot my food at home and had meetings all morning and just one cup of coffee when I was at work. My milk had gone off so I had to bump someone else for milk and I didn't want to seem like I was taking advantage by having a 2nd cup of coffee. I couldn't go home after the meetings to eat because I got stuck with a student, who gave me a small packet of bore (sp?) which was basically my lunch. I grabbed a chai latte on my way to my double lecture which was just after I finished with the student and then I bought a dark chocolate brownie at the coffee shop I was SO hungry when I got home, I had dhall in the fridge so I ate that and then walked around the complex and did 3kms to make myself feel better about the brownie. I also bought a chocolate yesterday, it was only 37 grams, but it was still chocolate and it was SO good
  7. cubster

    New Muslim Area

    We are digressing, apologies. I think the fact that you're aware of the situation; re: race makes you aware of your privilege as a white person and not necessarily racist. If a person actively prejudices another group based on ethnicity (without questioning those thoughts and changing them) then I would think that they are racist. But your race also puts you in an interesting situation from the other end as well. Also, have you really not gotten promotions because of religion? Just a little bit more off topic, I think, but ironically enough in my personal experience growing up I was more prejudiced against by brown Muslims than white people directly and I grew up partially in the apartheid era
  8. cubster

    Hello again

    There are tonics and creams for that
  9. cubster

    Cubster's Eating Records

    It was quite good and easier and less messy than when you make regular roti. I have to figure out the cooking part because it came out a bit stiff. I used ghee but when I rechecked the recipe it said to use olive oil so I assume that was the reason that it cooked that way. It was soft when cooked but then hardened. I ate some of them like nachos lol
  10. cubster

    Cubster's Eating Records

    Bad eating day today. Haven't eaten my lunch yet and it's 5pm. My aunt sent scones too so I had a couple of those 😑 Going to walk it off this afternoon. I'm going to have a munch when I get home and walk around the complex. 2,5 times around is 1km so it's something I made the spelt flour roti and it was okay, just need to figure out how to not get it to come out hard.
  11. cubster

    Cubster's Eating Records

    I probably should. Haku mentioned it previously. I've read that it's good for lowering insulin levels which is my biggest problem.
  12. cubster

    Cubster's Eating Records

    I think he may have meant 50, he's a little old What I've been reading recently says low GI is 0 - 50/55. One site had that pasta is low GI? I assume like brown pasta or whole grain or something? I need an alternative for noodles lol so I have been looking at some 'health' pastas that are made brown rice and other things that aren't white flour. Also, most of these rye bread recipes have regular flour in them and little rye flour. I did find a recipe that has only rye flour though so at some point I will try that out.
  13. cubster

    Cubster's Eating Records

    Also, if anyone is reading this, how do you read labels on food? My doc said to look for things that have a low GI, and he said lower than 5 was okay. But I'm not seeing GI labels on things. I see "glycemic carbohydrate" x amount and then "of which total sugar" x amount. Is that the same thing?
  14. cubster

    Cubster's Eating Records

    Yesterday was not a good day. In presentation from 12:30 until 14:00 and then had class from 14:15 until something to 16:00. I had my carrot sticks and my boiled egg in the morning. I didn't bring lunch because I knew that I was not going to get to it. I did a bad thing and bought an apple danish which I only ate after class anyways. BUT, and I am very proud of this, I walked 2.2 kms when I got home. Part regular walking and part power walking. Met some neighbours cats on the way as well which always makes it exciting.
  15. cubster

    Last show you watched

    Thoughts on West World 2? This is Us is back end of September, really looking forward to that. Grey's as well. I think I watch it more because I've come this far and I ain't no quitter. It should have just ended at season 10 even if it would have been a cliffhanger of sorts with Meredith not wanting to move. It just went downhill from there. The most interesting characters are gone and Bailey is boring as heck. She just gets everything that she wants these days. Yeah, they make her 'fight' for it at points but she eventually just gets it and that's really boring.