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  1. cubster

    Currently Eating...

    Raita is the best!!!
  2. cubster


    wa'alaikumus'alaam Omar. Are you a revert? I'm sorry to hear about your family.
  3. cubster

    FIFA 2018...

    I think I was on the wrong page, clicked last seen not last page and thought it was the last comment, hence the confusion.
  4. cubster

    Midori here

    Fantastic! What have you been up to?
  5. cubster

    Midori here

    Will you stick around though?
  6. Happy BIrthday Ownen :flower:

    1. Hijab



    2. Breeze


      Happy reminder of impending doom. 😁

    3. Breeze


      I'm joking. Have a good one!

  7. cubster

    Currently Eating...

    Usually there isn't a falafel shop in town, they're just here for the festival.
  8. cubster

    Currently Eating...

    I just had the worst falafel ever. It was so dry!
  9. cubster


    Haku-sama gets me.
  10. cubster


    A joke? A joke? *le gasp* We would never dare *clutches pearls in shock and horror*
  11. cubster

    Last show you watched

    I'm sad about April leaving because they want to give Jackson and Maggie a go. They have to be the most boring couple ever. Even Izzie and George made more sense Nathan left with Megan, Owen's sister. It was pretty early in the season.
  12. cubster

    Last show you watched

    How did you feel about this last season of Grey's? It's been brought to my attention that I dislike Amelia without knowing enough about her and that if I want to understand her better I should watch Private Practice but I'm not about to do that so I'll keep hating her lol I'm rewatching the series
  13. cubster

    FIFA 2018...

    lol loads of them do that. Football is full of these fakers, I think that was why I lost interest in it. I haven't really watched a football game in years. Some of these guys deserve oscars for their performances
  14. cubster

    Root Canal treatment :(

    Ah no, sorry to hear that Hijab. InshaAllah things go well and are easy for you.