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  1. hi

    Welcome. Where are you from? That's really cool that you get to study in a different country
  2. I need to have a bit of a rant of my own about a lecturer. So, there is this prof who is from the US (and apparently his students hated him there too) and he thinks he is the bees knees. He doesn't like teaching and doesn't like undergraduates. He constantly complains about our quality of students in SA - hilarious given that the quality of student at the university I am now is 100x better than where I come from (dude has no idea how bless he is) and he also refuses to do anything about it and just doesn't work with the rest of us. I coordinate first years, because, in all honesty, I really like first years even though they can be a bit of a pain to teach. This year we are trying to teach students how to read and write academically, which is not easy given that we are also trying to teach them discipline knowledge but I am bringing in some of my teaching experience from the academic literacy programme that I used to teach. He doesn't come to lectures, does God knows what in his tuts and he is formally beginning his lectures next week. He was meant to come to our meeting this Friday to discuss the course and what to do (we have 3rd years and hons tutoring who have limited knowledge and the subject area he is teaching most have not covered yet), he misses the meeting, doesn't come and give me any info and then pretends like nothing is wrong. So I texted for the material and he goes he left it in his office (I suspect he didn't do it) and he says just go and read x and y. How the heck are we supposed to run a sound programme when the lecturer refuses to do the bare minimum??? He just refuses to do anything to help students and then says its a high school problem that needs to be sorted out. Which is true, but it is not happening and not going to happen any time soon. We can either complain, or we can do something about it, no matter how small. The rest of the staff are on board but this guy just refuses to cooperate and I think I'm going to have to have a go at him to get him to do anything. It's very frustrating. And then we have a lecturer who is really good and really committed but we can't employ her full time because of the stupid quota system that is in place for employment equity (I'm not truly dissing EE, I got this job because of EE, but in times like these it sucks that you can't employ someone capable and then stuck with idiots who don't want to do anything).
  3. MM Awards 2024

  4. What's new

    It was one of those memorable MM moments hehehe
  5. Last film you watched?

    FYI (EDIT): Awrah
  6. Last film you watched?

    Murder on the Orient Express - felt like it wasn't worth the hours drive and expensive popcorn to watch this movie. I don't know what it was, but I didn't feel like it was anything special. Once they started uncovering each person's relationship to the Armstrong family it was too obvious what happened.
  7. Last film you watched?

    I thought it was okay, I really liked the scene where the Admiral Holdo launched the Rebel ship into the First Order's ship. I heard that in US theatres they had to put up signs stating that there wasn't a sound problem because people couldn't understand the creative force behind choosing to remove the sound. Silly Amreekans. I feel like the last two movies released (Rogue One and TLJ) have been about losing all hope but still choosing to move forward even in the face in of total devastation and so the last movie will be abt picking up the pieces and forging through. I wonder how they will write Leia out though. Coherence looks really good, like a thriller. I want to go an see The Greatest Showman, we only have a little independent cinema in the next town and they still haven't started screening it. I hope they do.
  8. Cubster's Eating Records

    Soooo, I am bidding to be better again. I am going back to my shake, I just put on weight with the fruit smoothies bleh. Today I have two boiled eggs, two carrots and two nectarines and I made myself some raita to have with the carrots cos that stuphph is hard to eat on its own lol
  9. Last show you watched

    I loved Downton Abbey!
  10. Cubster's Eating Records

    Bruh, I went a year without eating that stuphph! Well, burgers I did have here and there, but the rest not so much. December is now my month to go wild!
  11. Last film you watched?

    Anyone watched The Last Jedi?
  12. Cubster's Eating Records

    Ya'll, I ate SO much in December and I didn't even get fat. I had briyani almost every week lol And burgers and pizza and all the nice things in the world I have decided to do a park run (well. walk cos I haven't run since std 5 P.E. (grade 7) and I don't plan on starting now) every second weekend. My friend and I decided to do it together because alone, there is no way I would get myself to go out on a Saturday morning lol
  13. What are you reading?

    Always Anastacia - the story of a transgender woman's journey
  14. Transgender at 11

    She writes as though you can only be a feminist if you are a woman and I disagree. I know men who consider themselves to be feminists. This person is South African, not American. But then, in looking at this, how does she know that she needs to be a feminist if she has not experienced fully what it is to be female? Certain things that women are fighting against this person looks forward to as affirmation of her femininity; e.g being catcalled - she says she loves it when it happens, and from her point of view I can understand it, but from a feminist point of view, this is what women are fighting against, to be able to be in a space without being sexualised.