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  1. Transgender at 11

    It's nice to see that this discussion has already been started on MM. So, last year I went to a talk given by a transgender woman and it was interesting to say the least. (I can't remember if I've posted about it on here already). This person has also written a book about their experiences and about their transition. Now, obviously, not having gone through this it is difficult for me to understand and sometimes (and perhaps more often than not) the questions asked may be worded in a way is unintentionally harmful. For example, I asked how she knew that she was female and even though she was polite and just said she knew that didn't really answer my question, but then again I did not explain myself too well. As someone who grew up as very much one of the boys and who has always hated wearing dresses and skirts and makeup and basically shunned all things that give off the feminine image, I have never thought that I was or identified as male. I have, for the most part, generally been uncomfortable in my own body but again, nothing pushed me toward to saying I am actually male and neither do I feel that way now. So, it might be the wrong question to ask, but how does a person know that they aren't male if born in a male body. Also, how do they even know that they are female without having experienced what it is to be female? I've only just started the book and I'm hoping that by the end of it I'll have a better understanding about what this whole thing is about Also, why can't non-binary people come up with a new pronoun? They is a plural in my head and it gets a bit annoying to read they for a single person.
  2. Is rolling up your food haram?

    What do you mean by "rolled up his food"?
  3. Last film you watched?

    Ya'll need to take the series talk to the series/ shows thread. Just saying
  4. So I had evaluations done for some of the courses I taught and one part of the answers were funny. There were a couple of students who wrote that I need to encourage class participation and ask them questions. The irony is that I did this in every single lecture, and not just asking if they understood what I was saying but asking them questions on the subject that we were discussing and asking thoughts and opinions on the topics and having conversations rather than a one-way flow of information. I had said to them from the outset that I encourage class participation and with one section in particular it was quite student driven as we were talking about traditional practices amongst the Nguni peoples (most of the class falls under this grouping). I assume that the people who wrote this (it was only about 2 or 3 from an evaluation of about 180) were either asleep in class or did not attend and didn't even know who they were writing an evaluation for. I have to say though, it was really nice to lecture students who actually try and do the work. The 2nd year course that I ran, I worked predominantly without lecture slides and notes and ran it more as seminar discussions. I would tell students what to read and then we would discuss the articles and wider social and political debates and it was quite a lot of fun. Not a single student even complained that there were no notes. It was really refreshing.
  5. I think this is the deadest MM has ever been.

    1. Breeze


      Yea, it's painfully boring.

  6. What are you reading?

    I haven't had much time to read for leisure this year. I have four books on the stand, waiting to be read, two are Ursula Le Guin books that were recommended to me by a colleague and the other two (can't remember the authors or titles lol) from a book club that I stopped going to lol. I have, however, made it a mission to read through ALL the Discworld novels, so I have been very slowly working my way through those. Managed to read three this year.
  7. Cubster's Eating Records

    Any progress is going to be hampered by my going home lol I am going to eat all the food!!!
  8. Is insurance a scam?

    Like I said, premiums go up, but depending on who you are with, it is not always a huge increase. Car accidents honestly have a lower chance of happening compared to house break-ins lol. Also, you can choose whether or not you want to claim from your insurance or not.
  9. Is insurance a scam?

    When you live in a high crime country, insurance is a lifesaver. We had our burgled so many times and if it wasn't for insurance we wouldn't have been able to keep replacing stuphph lol. Premiums do go up as a result but it has been worth it. Also, in terms of fixing the house when we've had bad weather, that is also a plus. One time the damage was extremely bad and would have cost thousands of rands, but the insurance covered it and we were able to give the house a facelift too.
  10. Cubster's Eating Records

    lol I had cheese toast pretty much every day until the loaf was finished. Cheese with onions and green chillies all toasted is amazing!!!
  11. Random Islamic Questions

    Explain that, please. I don't drink fizzy drinks anyways so that doesn't matter to me. If something occurs naturally in a fruit I find that different to drinking alcohol where it has been purposefully fermented for that purpose. Also, doesn't the fruit ferment if you leave it too long and that's where the alcohol comes from, not that the fruit is already alcoholic, rather it has the potential for alcohol? Hijab I'm not trying to make you feel bad so I hope my post didn't come across in that way. If it did then I apologise. I think I'm just exceptionally paranoid about these things as well. Check up on islamiqa, there may be a question that is related to yours. I know that Hagen Daz ice cream, the vanilla one to be exact, has a percentage of alcohol in it and in this FB group for my hometown people are always arguing about whether or not you can eat it, and there seems to be a split in school of thought over what is permissible and what isn't.
  12. Random Islamic Questions

    I remember, when I was in Islamic school as a child, that the females were always taught to do this, have your bum as low to the ground as possible when praying. Noone explained why though lol Sometimes the teachers would come and put their foot on your lower back to try and get you to lower your bum. It works for some and it doesn't work for others, weight also plays a role, as I've gotten fatter it has been harder to do. Anyways, going off on a tangent here, to get to it, I don't think this means anything though and is just something that has been made up recently. I mean, sure you can't be flopping all over the place but you should be able to pray ina way that is comfortable for you and where you concentrate easier. I remember the story of, and I can't remember who this was, a prophet (I could be wrong) who saw a man praying and the man was doing it in his own way but had such passion and a connection with God and the other went over to him and told him he mustn't pray like that and showed him what to do and when the man went back and saw the other (the guy he taught to pray) the man was struggling with connecting to God because he stuck on the actions. And an angel came to the man (who did the teaching) and said to him that it would have been better if he left the other man alone. (I could be talking complete hogwash and this isn't an Islamic example, but I remember something to this effect that I read years ago). So it made me not care about what other people think about how I pray because, unless I am doing something completely outrageous, I'll do what works for me. Depends on school of thought I think. Personally, if something any amount of alcohol in it, no matter how small I won't drink it but there are some schools of thought that say its okay if it is less that 1% (or something like that) and this is how many Muslims justify eating Hagen Daz ice cream, for example. In SA if its non-alcholic it means absolutely no alcohol in it. I have seen wine that has zero alcohol in it, don't know why they call it wine though lol its bascially grape juice.
  13. Cubster's Eating Records

    I've been really bad this last week or so. I have been craving cheese toast and so I bought one of those low GI loaves of bread (to make myself feel better in any case ) to satisfy my cravings and I had pie Trying to be good from this week and have been eating lots of fruit and veg lol
  14. Cubster's Eating Records

    That would explain the fatness But I taste salt easily thats why I can't put much of it in my food :/
  15. Cubster's Eating Records

    I use low salt and even then I don't use that much. I'm salt sensitive so I use very little.