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  1. Cubster's Eating Records

    lol I had cheese toast pretty much every day until the loaf was finished. Cheese with onions and green chillies all toasted is amazing!!!
  2. Random Islamic Questions

    Explain that, please. I don't drink fizzy drinks anyways so that doesn't matter to me. If something occurs naturally in a fruit I find that different to drinking alcohol where it has been purposefully fermented for that purpose. Also, doesn't the fruit ferment if you leave it too long and that's where the alcohol comes from, not that the fruit is already alcoholic, rather it has the potential for alcohol? Hijab I'm not trying to make you feel bad so I hope my post didn't come across in that way. If it did then I apologise. I think I'm just exceptionally paranoid about these things as well. Check up on islamiqa, there may be a question that is related to yours. I know that Hagen Daz ice cream, the vanilla one to be exact, has a percentage of alcohol in it and in this FB group for my hometown people are always arguing about whether or not you can eat it, and there seems to be a split in school of thought over what is permissible and what isn't.
  3. Random Islamic Questions

    I remember, when I was in Islamic school as a child, that the females were always taught to do this, have your bum as low to the ground as possible when praying. Noone explained why though lol Sometimes the teachers would come and put their foot on your lower back to try and get you to lower your bum. It works for some and it doesn't work for others, weight also plays a role, as I've gotten fatter it has been harder to do. Anyways, going off on a tangent here, to get to it, I don't think this means anything though and is just something that has been made up recently. I mean, sure you can't be flopping all over the place but you should be able to pray ina way that is comfortable for you and where you concentrate easier. I remember the story of, and I can't remember who this was, a prophet (I could be wrong) who saw a man praying and the man was doing it in his own way but had such passion and a connection with God and the other went over to him and told him he mustn't pray like that and showed him what to do and when the man went back and saw the other (the guy he taught to pray) the man was struggling with connecting to God because he stuck on the actions. And an angel came to the man (who did the teaching) and said to him that it would have been better if he left the other man alone. (I could be talking complete hogwash and this isn't an Islamic example, but I remember something to this effect that I read years ago). So it made me not care about what other people think about how I pray because, unless I am doing something completely outrageous, I'll do what works for me. Depends on school of thought I think. Personally, if something any amount of alcohol in it, no matter how small I won't drink it but there are some schools of thought that say its okay if it is less that 1% (or something like that) and this is how many Muslims justify eating Hagen Daz ice cream, for example. In SA if its non-alcholic it means absolutely no alcohol in it. I have seen wine that has zero alcohol in it, don't know why they call it wine though lol its bascially grape juice.
  4. Cubster's Eating Records

    I've been really bad this last week or so. I have been craving cheese toast and so I bought one of those low GI loaves of bread (to make myself feel better in any case ) to satisfy my cravings and I had pie Trying to be good from this week and have been eating lots of fruit and veg lol
  5. Cubster's Eating Records

    That would explain the fatness But I taste salt easily thats why I can't put much of it in my food :/
  6. Cubster's Eating Records

    I use low salt and even then I don't use that much. I'm salt sensitive so I use very little.
  7. Happy Birthday jonas/GR

    1. Breeze


      Whoa same person.

  8. Cubster's Eating Records

    Are rice noodles and egg noodles okay?
  9. Folks, my hometown is flooding. Apparently there is a hurricane or something on its way or almost there. We've never had anything like this that I can remember, almost everywhere is underwater. My fam seems to be okay but no one is home yet and I'm worried about my cats too. Fat Oliver can't jump much so he may be stuck outside in the bush cos he won't be able to get in the house. Duas requested.

  10. Last show you watched

    Summer where you at? Grey's: How to Get Away With Murder:
  11. Cubster's Eating Records

    Thanks. I'd say I do a bit of a power walk because I generally don't leave on time for lectures. And the campus is on a slight incline which I assume helps.
  12. Cubster's Eating Records

    Nah, cba with those kinds of things. I walk a lot during the day. I am going up and down stairs often as well. I am moving into a new place in December which is in a complex and the internal road is about the size of a cricket field, so I am definitely going to go running every day as I feel it is a safer space than being on the street. Also, want to get a bicycle lol but we'll see how that goes. Is it good/ better that I don't pee as often as I used to? I find that I used to go to the loo quite a lot and since I started following Hak-poo's instructions I don't need the loo as often. I still drink the same amount of water so its not like I have reduced water or coffee intake.
  13. Cubster's Eating Records

    Sure, once you hit 30 your body changes, men and women. I don't expect a flat tummy and I don't care much for abs. Also, those exercises don't do anything for me except build muscle and I don't really want that.
  14. Online Courses-- What do ya think?

    Some are. Look at who is offering them and whether or not there is accreditation (as a tertiary institute there should be some kind of accreditation process that the course should have gone through first at a national level, for example). Speak to other universities that offer the masters that you may be thinking of doing and check whether they accept the online course.