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  1. cubster

    Help required

    So, is this meant to be completed by Muslims or non-muslims? Is this for US Americans or anyone?
  2. I spent the weekend reading Good Omens. Loved it, even though it felt a bit anti-climatic at the end.
  3. I wish it was. I haven't had a burger in two weeks
  4. When you turn 30, your stomach literally pops out. I had the same thing. One day it wasn't there and the next it was, like wft
  5. We can use free skins but there were no suggestions so we just left it or forgot. One of the two 😕
  6. It went grey when we did a major upgrade. It's the default skin.
  7. It's been on and off recently. We've been having trouble with water and electricity so eating mainly cereal. Getting in more fruit though as a result.
  8. Glass. I enjoyed it. Didn't have the conventional ending and it was good because of that, for me. The cinema had myself and two teenagers who clearly had not watched either of the earlier two movies and kept commenting that they didn't understand. Why would you watch the last movie in a trilogy without watching the others??? No idea what they expected but it was super annoying to hear their comments and mumbles all the time.
  9. If you're biking through South Africa then sure!
  10. Wow, all the best with your travels.
  11. I finally completed the Year of Yes. It wasn't all bad but really not my style of writing. I'm sure many people would have gotten motivated by it but it didn't speak much to me. I did like reading about her creation of the character Cristina Yang and her reasons behind making Cristina, Cristina. That is one character who has spoken to me more than any and now I have learnt the reason for her being the way she is.
  12. If you're researching something then you should know not to believe everything that is said and to question. Also, since it isn't an Islamic perspective it would make sense for a Muslim not to take everything at face value.
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