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    Lots, but at what price.

    i can't even ...
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    Midori here

    Wa'alaikumus'salaam Midori. Welcome to the forum We mostly just chill out here and it's currently a little too chill. Ask as many questions as you want I'm in South Africa.
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    Ramadhan Reflection and Dua's XD

    There is a drought, but in this town, it is the drought coupled with poor municipal management (or rather straight up mismanagement and theft) and infrastructure that has not been maintained. Most of the water lost in this town is because pipes bursting almost everyday. Some parts have been without water for days and when you do get water it's disgusting. Shukr, I live in a part of town that rarely has a water outage as we get our water supply from a different dam than the rest of town but when there is an issue it's very low pressure and water trickling out.
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    Welcome to MM, Holly
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    Ramadhan Reflection and Dua's XD

    I'm reflecting on the fact that there is no water in town at 4:30 in the morning. 😑
  6. When I was in undergraduate studies I remember all I wanted was lecture notes. I never read a manual for any of the courses I did and I went to class to listen to the lecturer and copy all them lovely lecture notes that enabled me to never have to read a course manual in my life. But now that the role has changed, I find that students don't want to copy notes (they actually want notes but they don't want to copy them, they want it emailed to them) but the problem with that is that they won't come to class. Now, that would be fine but these guys need the lectures cos they don't understand the material as it is. So if they never come to class they won't learn a thing. They also don't want to sit for double periods and I remember sitting through an entire double on many occassions, a full 1.5 hours. I understand that concentration spans are a problem but they're moaning after 10 minutes. And even with a break they want to leave early. They don't want to do the work assigned for tutorials and basically plagiarise when you give them an assignment. I dunno what to do. The student of today is VERY different to the students that existed during my time. (And I was a lazy student!!!). My supervisor says that students when I was around were still about the same as it was when she was around, but this generation seem to be something else. What I would like is to hear from you guys what you want to get out of a lecture and maybe I can get some ideas that will help me try to reach these kids. What are/were your experiences of lectures and what worked for you?
  7. I feel like this is just going to turn in my rant thread. One evaluation said: teach us how to write essays. It is literally what the tutorial programme was designed for, where were you for the entire first term???
  8. I'm actually starting think the same. We even increased the class mark component thinking that that would make students work harder, because previously they were working for 1% a piece and not taking it seriously. Next year we want to do away with exams and make the essays count for the exam component. But I'm going to have to rethink how we do it. The courses aren't dumbed down though, the content is still the same, it's just that now we're working on scaffolding the skills rather than expecting them to just know how to do things, (which they obviously do not), and teaching them the skills that they need to know.
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    Here to Promote Learning Arabic

    I think it's a legit site. I googled the site that comes up when you put your cursor over it. But good advice, nonetheless.
  10. Literally spent the entire first term teaching these kids how to write essays; introductions, paragraphs conclusions, referencing ... They go on vac and come back and we're back to square one. The entire first year tutorials have been structured around academic reading and writing skills, I've literally pissed off a lecturer because of the type of questions he was using and his readings to get it more in line with the overall aim of skills we want them to have, and this is what I get in return!
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    As'salaamualaikum, Yasmin. Welcome to the forum. As it is a forum, you will have conversations like these going back and forth. Bulimia is a physical, but more so, mental condition. Seeking help is the first step to overcoming it and getting a therapist will help you to find the underlying cause behind why you do it and breaking the habit, inshaAllah. At the end of the day, bulimia causes much damage to your body and isn't sustainable 😕
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    What are you reading?

    Anyone read Ursula LeGuin? A colleague really loves her work and loaned me a couple of books but I've really struggled to get into it. I literally fall asleep after about 20 minutes of reading it but I'm trying to push through 😕
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    New convert husband won't fast Ramadan

    As'salaamualaikum sister, Just briefly, with the issue of fasting, you can show him some information that talks about intermittent fasting and the health benefits of it. This info is without religious context and and exists in the mainstream. Hopefully that will lead him to change his mind on what he considers to be unhealthy in the act of fasting. Work in small steps toward an end goal. He doesn't have to fast all the days, but a few so he can start small and do what he can. Its a very different world to step into when you have not grown up in it. Perhaps through him watching your actions and seeing that it benefits you he may decide to join in.
  14. I could, and do, say the same to you.
  15. What I started doing last year with tutors, who mark first year assignments, is creating and working off a marking grid and then I would moderate. I make sure they write comments on their student's work to give them proper feedback and we have weekly meetings to make sure that everyone knows what is going on and how to do things. We pool ideas and help each other out with problems when we have them. Its been working pretty well. I was also given the idea from a lecturer in extended studies (they work with underprivileged students) to do a marking test run, where we all mark about two of the same assignments and then come together to discuss what mark we gave and why. We have a grid in place, x amount for content, structure, style, originality, referencing and so on. So we go through what we would give for each one and if there are major discrepancies then we talk about why the mark was either high or too low and through that we have managed to ensure that marks are standard across the board. Which has been extremely helpful and was very problematic in the past. Maybe your evidence wasn't strong enough.
  16. The problem I found with psychology was that you HAD to agree with the lecturer, there was no two ways about it. You would get marked down if you didn't or even failed. Well, except for this one guy, he was a really good lecturer and we did trauma in context with him, but I always felt that he was very different to the other psych lecturers, he would at least let students explore new or different avenues than strictly what he taught. It was why I liked Anthro so much, even though they would give you readings, the idea has always been to look at things from a different perspective, so we were always encouraged to think differently. but you would get one or two people who couldn't think outside the box. Where I am now, this lecturer I mentioned, she gets really taken by high academic language and loves it when students give her back her own words. We had this guy apply for a phd and I literally sat with a dictionary to read his proposal and I just thought it was such a load of crap, but sounded very posh because of his words, and she was just taken in by him completely and couldn't stop saying how intelligent he sounded and the rest of us were just like, if you want him take him, but he could said what he said in a lot less and in a much simpler way and none of it is very exciting or intelligent. He didn't even cover the basics or form a strong argument for the research. She once had a student who had the ability to remember what people said, like a photographic memory but with listening, and she would regurgitate people's words form class discussions and this lecturer would get really taken in and everyone else, was like this kid isn't that great and isn't an independent thinker (it was a post-grad student). When the dissertation was submitted, the lecturer gave her an 80% and the external gave her a 40+ mark and there was a huge thing about that. They had ot eventually call in an arbitrator for it. So yeah, you get lots of different types of lecturers unfortunately.
  17. Marking can sometimes be subjective and your specific question is dependent on the lecturer tbh. There are lecturers who I think are fair and just in their marking so they mark on what is provided in the assignment, but some lecturers mark based on who the person is and if they like them, the student gets a better mark. I work with someone like this, and the students have realised how she marks and we're trying to rectify the situation. It's not that she fails people who shouldn't be failed but she gives higher marks to certain students based on her perception of them. For example, one student is a really good bullshitter and she gets caught up in his hype and he always gets good marks and she thinks he is the best thing since sliced bread. He is a good student, but she is so taken with him (she thinks he is incredibly smart not taken with him in any other way) that she gives him higher marks. Some lecturers also mark based on writing style. I remember some, my foreign lecturers in particular, would give higher marks for people who used higher academic language. So if we wrote high worded assignments that weren't that good you could still get a very good mark. Some lecturers mark on how well your command of English is, and whilst in a sense I think that has some significance, when you you deal with second and third language speakers you have to check that. Generally, at least in the SA system, assignments are not moderated but exams are. From 2nd level upwards, exams and research dissertations are externally examined as well as internally examined so that there is consistency with grading. This also helps with problems of lecturers who are inconsistent. Assignments don't generally count for much so the emphasis is on moderating examinations. But, that said, students can query marks if they feel that they have been unjustly marked.
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    Last show you watched

    you watched it cos your mum likes it, yeah, sure okay ...
  19. I'll keep that in mind for next time.
  20. I'll try that next time. I find that this approach starts the section on religion of in a rather interesting way, but it also shows commonalities between understanding of God in various religions. What comes through is very subjective and related to personal experiences and why that particular individual believes in God because of x and y experience or how it makes them feel. I do a very small introductory section on religion and anthropology and the section focuses on functions of religion in society and I feel that this approach eases them into it in a fun sort of way but also makes them really think about religion in our daily lives and asking themselves the 'why' and 'how' questions and to hopefully realise that we aren't really that different to each other even though our belief structures may differ. Hopefully the 'teaching thinking' part is built into it along the way and I ask more and more questions about religious practice and meaning. I try to bring out different perspectives in everything I teach and sometimes try to play devil's advocate where I can to get people thinking. 🤷‍♀️
  21. I didn't say he was wrong, nor do I think he is. But his comment kind of shut the entire class down because no one wanted to comment after that. It usually goes into a really interesting discussion with some saying why they think God exists and others saying why they don't think God exists. But essentially I like them to think about why they think God exists because most people take it for granted if that's their belief.
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    Last show you watched

    Is that the Turkish show? GoleGolab mentioned it and it looked really interesting. I don't think there are 100+ episodes in each season though
  23. cubster

    Last show you watched

    That's what I was thinking too. The series isn't long so it would just be a few weeks to wait.
  24. Right at the outset, the day of our orientation, we were in a room with students registered for the double major in psych and the HOD said only 10 - 20 of us would get into honours and after than only 12 into masters. We were floored but in hindsight I appreciated his honesty and anyone who paid attention made sure they had a back up. Too many people get into psych thinking its easy and its just listening to people's problems and once you graduate with a psych degree then you're a psychologist. Even though I haven't been in that field for over a decade I sit down first years and explain to them exactly what it takes to become a psychologist cos they need to know. Uni was 10% the lecturer (which was basically the notes) and 90% us as the students. That's how it always has been but the education system in SA is really bad, even the private school kids can't write basic essays or construct arguments and need to be spoonfed. They can't even research properly. The number of students quoting the Onion or Cracked is beyond belief. Rhodes is pretty hectic on assignments so it kind of forces students to learn because your either sink or swim. Students have it far too easy these days. This week hasn't really been a good teaching week for me. I love doing the religion section but I've really felt off my game this time around. I don't know if the low responsiveness of the class has anything to do with it. I asked them to prove God exists and then one smarty pants was like you can't prove nor disprove it, and I'm just like, let me have nice things. Then they ask stupid questions that can be found in the course outline and get mad when you tell them to read it, like no, I don't spend days looking for the best and easiest readings for your dumbass and setting out the outline in a clear and to the point manner for you to ask me questions that are in it
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    Last show you watched

    Anyone watched This Is Us? Westworld Season 2 has started, so excited for that.