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  1. MM Awards 2024

  2. What's new

    It was one of those memorable MM moments hehehe
  3. Last film you watched?

    FYI (EDIT): Awrah
  4. Last film you watched?

    Murder on the Orient Express - felt like it wasn't worth the hours drive and expensive popcorn to watch this movie. I don't know what it was, but I didn't feel like it was anything special. Once they started uncovering each person's relationship to the Armstrong family it was too obvious what happened.
  5. Last film you watched?

    I thought it was okay, I really liked the scene where the Admiral Holdo launched the Rebel ship into the First Order's ship. I heard that in US theatres they had to put up signs stating that there wasn't a sound problem because people couldn't understand the creative force behind choosing to remove the sound. Silly Amreekans. I feel like the last two movies released (Rogue One and TLJ) have been about losing all hope but still choosing to move forward even in the face in of total devastation and so the last movie will be abt picking up the pieces and forging through. I wonder how they will write Leia out though. Coherence looks really good, like a thriller. I want to go an see The Greatest Showman, we only have a little independent cinema in the next town and they still haven't started screening it. I hope they do.
  6. Okay, so here goes. Tuesday 4th July 2017 Breakfast: Bowl of Kellogs corn flakes, milk and some honey (Had cornflakes because my cousin was here with me and she bought them for herself and now she has left and the box is still here and I don't want to waste it, this is not my normal breakfast). Lunch: (a bit late - 3pm) Yellow dhall, rice and cabbage and butternut curry (bought this as Fest) Potatoe samoosas (x2) Beef samoosa chicken samoosa Supper: Leftover cabbage and mutton with a slice of bread (again, cousin bought this bread, its some linseed and soy thing and it wasn't bad, I didn't get grossed out like I do with plain bread). beef samoosa chicken samoosa After dinner: a couple of pieces of chocolate :ph34r: I drink water throughout my waking moments
  7. Cubster's Eating Records

    Soooo, I am bidding to be better again. I am going back to my shake, I just put on weight with the fruit smoothies bleh. Today I have two boiled eggs, two carrots and two nectarines and I made myself some raita to have with the carrots cos that stuphph is hard to eat on its own lol
  8. Last show you watched

    I loved Downton Abbey!
  9. Cubster's Eating Records

    Bruh, I went a year without eating that stuphph! Well, burgers I did have here and there, but the rest not so much. December is now my month to go wild!
  10. Last film you watched?

    Anyone watched The Last Jedi?
  11. Cubster's Eating Records

    Ya'll, I ate SO much in December and I didn't even get fat. I had briyani almost every week lol And burgers and pizza and all the nice things in the world I have decided to do a park run (well. walk cos I haven't run since std 5 P.E. (grade 7) and I don't plan on starting now) every second weekend. My friend and I decided to do it together because alone, there is no way I would get myself to go out on a Saturday morning lol
  12. What are you reading?

    Always Anastacia - the story of a transgender woman's journey
  13. Transgender at 11

    She writes as though you can only be a feminist if you are a woman and I disagree. I know men who consider themselves to be feminists. This person is South African, not American. But then, in looking at this, how does she know that she needs to be a feminist if she has not experienced fully what it is to be female? Certain things that women are fighting against this person looks forward to as affirmation of her femininity; e.g being catcalled - she says she loves it when it happens, and from her point of view I can understand it, but from a feminist point of view, this is what women are fighting against, to be able to be in a space without being sexualised.
  14. Transgender at 11

    This person also seems to equate being a woman with feminism, as though the two are exclusive. And now I've gotten to the part about the toxic masculinity and overbearing father who basically forced the person into a submissive role her entire life and she explicitly says the father likes having submissive women and being in control. I don't know, the more I read about these things, the more I feel that this is really just a mental illness :/
  15. Transgender at 11

    It's nice to see that this discussion has already been started on MM. So, last year I went to a talk given by a transgender woman and it was interesting to say the least. (I can't remember if I've posted about it on here already). This person has also written a book about their experiences and about their transition. Now, obviously, not having gone through this it is difficult for me to understand and sometimes (and perhaps more often than not) the questions asked may be worded in a way is unintentionally harmful. For example, I asked how she knew that she was female and even though she was polite and just said she knew that didn't really answer my question, but then again I did not explain myself too well. As someone who grew up as very much one of the boys and who has always hated wearing dresses and skirts and makeup and basically shunned all things that give off the feminine image, I have never thought that I was or identified as male. I have, for the most part, generally been uncomfortable in my own body but again, nothing pushed me toward to saying I am actually male and neither do I feel that way now. So, it might be the wrong question to ask, but how does a person know that they aren't male if born in a male body. Also, how do they even know that they are female without having experienced what it is to be female? I've only just started the book and I'm hoping that by the end of it I'll have a better understanding about what this whole thing is about Also, why can't non-binary people come up with a new pronoun? They is a plural in my head and it gets a bit annoying to read they for a single person.
  16. Is rolling up your food haram?

    What do you mean by "rolled up his food"?
  17. Last film you watched?

    Ya'll need to take the series talk to the series/ shows thread. Just saying
  18. When I was in undergraduate studies I remember all I wanted was lecture notes. I never read a manual for any of the courses I did and I went to class to listen to the lecturer and copy all them lovely lecture notes that enabled me to never have to read a course manual in my life. But now that the role has changed, I find that students don't want to copy notes (they actually want notes but they don't want to copy them, they want it emailed to them) but the problem with that is that they won't come to class. Now, that would be fine but these guys need the lectures cos they don't understand the material as it is. So if they never come to class they won't learn a thing. They also don't want to sit for double periods and I remember sitting through an entire double on many occassions, a full 1.5 hours. I understand that concentration spans are a problem but they're moaning after 10 minutes. And even with a break they want to leave early. They don't want to do the work assigned for tutorials and basically plagiarise when you give them an assignment. I dunno what to do. The student of today is VERY different to the students that existed during my time. (And I was a lazy student!!!). My supervisor says that students when I was around were still about the same as it was when she was around, but this generation seem to be something else. What I would like is to hear from you guys what you want to get out of a lecture and maybe I can get some ideas that will help me try to reach these kids. What are/were your experiences of lectures and what worked for you?
  19. So I had evaluations done for some of the courses I taught and one part of the answers were funny. There were a couple of students who wrote that I need to encourage class participation and ask them questions. The irony is that I did this in every single lecture, and not just asking if they understood what I was saying but asking them questions on the subject that we were discussing and asking thoughts and opinions on the topics and having conversations rather than a one-way flow of information. I had said to them from the outset that I encourage class participation and with one section in particular it was quite student driven as we were talking about traditional practices amongst the Nguni peoples (most of the class falls under this grouping). I assume that the people who wrote this (it was only about 2 or 3 from an evaluation of about 180) were either asleep in class or did not attend and didn't even know who they were writing an evaluation for. I have to say though, it was really nice to lecture students who actually try and do the work. The 2nd year course that I ran, I worked predominantly without lecture slides and notes and ran it more as seminar discussions. I would tell students what to read and then we would discuss the articles and wider social and political debates and it was quite a lot of fun. Not a single student even complained that there were no notes. It was really refreshing.
  20. I think this is the deadest MM has ever been.

    1. Breeze


      Yea, it's painfully boring.

  21. What are you reading?

    I haven't had much time to read for leisure this year. I have four books on the stand, waiting to be read, two are Ursula Le Guin books that were recommended to me by a colleague and the other two (can't remember the authors or titles lol) from a book club that I stopped going to lol. I have, however, made it a mission to read through ALL the Discworld novels, so I have been very slowly working my way through those. Managed to read three this year.
  22. Cubster's Eating Records

    Any progress is going to be hampered by my going home lol I am going to eat all the food!!!
  23. Is insurance a scam?

    Like I said, premiums go up, but depending on who you are with, it is not always a huge increase. Car accidents honestly have a lower chance of happening compared to house break-ins lol. Also, you can choose whether or not you want to claim from your insurance or not.
  24. Is insurance a scam?

    When you live in a high crime country, insurance is a lifesaver. We had our burgled so many times and if it wasn't for insurance we wouldn't have been able to keep replacing stuphph lol. Premiums do go up as a result but it has been worth it. Also, in terms of fixing the house when we've had bad weather, that is also a plus. One time the damage was extremely bad and would have cost thousands of rands, but the insurance covered it and we were able to give the house a facelift too.
  25. Cubster's Eating Records

    lol I had cheese toast pretty much every day until the loaf was finished. Cheese with onions and green chillies all toasted is amazing!!!