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  1. Salaam Hamzah I am pleased to tell you that I shall be there. And I will come visit you when Tahir Ul Qadri is speaking (I shall say no more on this subject) oh and please revise your List I spoke to Mohamed AKA Grosso Modo last night on MSN and sadly he is not going to be able to make it. Salams -Try
  2. SubhanAllah, I am just making one last post to say Mabrook/Mubarek/Congratulations to you bro Hamzah. May Allah grant you and your future wife a long, healthy and happy life together Ameen. Perhaps Hamzah Jr. can take over the family business someday inshAllah. -Mahmood
  3. Tryb4Idie

    Sister who should not be a Mod!

    G'bye MM. I think this is it for me. AsalamuAlaikum to all.
  4. Tryb4Idie

    Sister who should not be a Mod!

    Look I dont want a bunch of PM's about this now I want to keep it completely transparent so if you are going to pm me jsut post it here instead.
  5. Tryb4Idie

    Sister who should not be a Mod!

    ^^ stereotype more noob. did you read the pm she sent me? does muslima and sw have nothing better to do?
  6. She has lost her ability to be impartial, she is anti pakistani and look at this Pm that Muslima sent me on her behalf. I am serious Hamzah you should remove her Mod privalages she is not mature enough to be a mod. and Sister who you dont scare me, go ahead and close this thread I will jsut make another one. if you close my profile and ban me I wil make another profile. You have started a war with someone that has nothing to lose when YOU HAVE EVERYTHING TO LOSE You are not fit to be a mod anymore, save face sister who step down.
  7. hey btw take a look at my new personal photo its an X-ray you need to know that for nurse school :D

  8. thanks man! :D I appreciate someone finally noticing. Btw I think your personal photo is creepy too reminds me of the photo extempers used to have on his profile.

  9. Tryb4Idie

    Asalaamu alaikum

    Hey Im Tryb4Idie the oldest and wierdest brother on this forum! Salaam welcome to MM Watch out for this one...she is a mod but she abuses her powers! this one is kinda cool but *whispers* she smells This one is a big fat LIAR DONT TRUST HER!!! Dude careful she is a hacker!!!! and also an anti pakistani so if you are from pakistan dont tell her! What can I say about this one...it is strange indeed. make less strangers,,,
  10. by eid present you mean you bought it for youself..and by the kids love playing with it you mean you like to recreate the assault on naboo right? :D

  11. that is your eid present (early) I hope you enjoyed it :D

  12. cool make sure you keep a thread tracking it on MM so we can keep up with your work iA.

  13. <('-'<)