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  1. Alice

    Misinformation about Islam

    Sal jazakAllah khair brother! Im so relieved to see somebody understood what I was trying to say. Maybe I should just take note about every bad thing they're saying about Islam, and study exactly where to look in the Quran and hadith that disproves their statements. Would take time but would be worh it I think. Insha'Allah I'll do that and post it in the religious section. As for polluting already-fragile minds, I can see that and I'm afraid of it polluting my mind as well but sometimes you just gotta roll up your sleeves in the name of truth and in defense of Islam Inconvenient, but as I said, worth it.
  2. Alice

    Chinese Muslims

    whoaaa...easy on the coffee there!
  3. Alice

    Misinformation about Islam

    erm, ok thanks I guess. Sometimes I feel like, for the sake of improving our dawah abilities, we should think about how non-Muslims think, try to see things from their perspectives. I guess its easy for me since Im a revert. It can be a little frustrating at times, sometimes I feel like people who were Muslim their whole lives have no clue how non-Muslim brains work lol. I feel like Im talkin to a brick wall so Im just gonna discuss it elsewhere TT
  4. Alice

    Misinformation about Islam

    Wa Alaykum Assalam, I understand what you're saying and that wasn't my intention. We can avert our eyes from this because its easy for us to realize what it is: anti-Islam propaganda. My point was that a lot of non-Muslims are reading this kind of stuff, and my question to everyone out there was what is the best reply in that case? Just tell them its propaganda? I'm not sure that's enough, we as Muslims should have intelligent and easy-to-understand replies about our beautiful religion instead of appearing ignorant or disinterested. My second point was that, yes although every community(regardless of religion or lack thereof) has these problems with crime, is there anybody who's doing something about it?
  5. Islam review: www.islamreview.com/articles/madinasuras.shtml One of my mates joined a Facebook group "stop our sikh sisters from being drugged, raped, beaten and used for prostitution": http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=5791706178&ref=nf which mentioned the above Islamreview link as a DISTURBING POPULAR ISLAMIC WEBSITE when on further inspection of the About Us section, it turns out to be a self-admitted Christian organization. I know a lot of you might yawn or roll your eyes at this example of misinformation, but how the heck do you respond when somebody who has read this stuff comes at you with questions about Islam? On another note about the group, I have heard on the news before about Muslim men in the UK targeting non-Muslim girls for sex and prostitution, I wouldn't doubt that as I've witnessed Muslims there doing black magic and other haram acts, so when are we gonna take a stand and what are we doing to clean up our communities?
  6. :D glad you liked it. have you seen the movie cable guy? this is that group that jim carrey did his famous kareoke scene to. If you have no idea what I am talking about that is okay. sometimes, I have no idea what I am talking about.
  7. fine be like that. just visit my page and dont say anything see if I care * runs away crying and locks himself in teh bathroom*

  8. p.s. Music is like way Haraam.

  9. Alice

    Killing in the Quran

    Alhamdulillah I couldnt imagine a better reply than that. Very refreshing and to-the-point. JazakhAllah khair Siraaj & Musa!! May Allah swt bless you both. ameen :dance: Well this person doesnt even believe in God and thinks its irrelevant because it cant be proven. But Allah guides whom He will. Im gonna remember your replies for when the question crops up again, and I know it will!!!
  10. Alice

    Killing in the Quran

    asalamu alaikum my brothers and sisters in Islam... I dont have much knowledge of the Quran or hadith yet so I want to ask you all for help. I was approached by a non-Muslim who says no matter what I say about Islam, at the end of the day the holy book of Muslims as well as Christians, etc allows killing, even if we dont want to admit it. This to me is a pretty good argument, being a peace-loving Canadian who hasnt killed anybody lol. So if any of you can let me know where in the Quran it talks about killing, and how it is justified, I would be SO grateful!!! This is a big dawah issue man!!
  11. I added u to msn! Im somalanmou:) ttys sis

  12. its hot and rainy and hot and rainy.. haha the usual.. can i like add u on MSN?

    ure in Japan?

  13. ya u guys put CORN on ur pizza dont u? Admit it!
  14. wsalam sis! welcome to MM:) hows Singapore?? always wanted to go!