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  1. The Canadians and Americans have a thread like this so I thought maybe UK should have one too!! N since my parents r from England and I lived there for a year...well Ill start with this: proper cuppas! Its hard to find a proper cuppa in many countries. not being a year behind on Coronation Street lots of mysterious old buildings n of course lots of Muslims!! fish n chips with curry sauce
  2. Ive heard that some people in England have started drinking coffee. My family used to say that if you dont drink tea u have no right calling urself british lol.
  3. Islam review: www.islamreview.com/articles/madinasuras.shtml One of my mates joined a Facebook group "stop our sikh sisters from being drugged, raped, beaten and used for prostitution": http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=5791706178&ref=nf which mentioned the above Islamreview link as a DISTURBING POPULAR ISLAMIC WEBSITE when on further inspection of the About Us section, it turns out to be a self-admitted Christian organization. I know a lot of you might yawn or roll your eyes at this example of misinformation, but how the heck do you respond when somebody who has read this stuff comes at you with questions about Islam? On another note about the group, I have heard on the news before about Muslim men in the UK targeting non-Muslim girls for sex and prostitution, I wouldn't doubt that as I've witnessed Muslims there doing black magic and other haram acts, so when are we gonna take a stand and what are we doing to clean up our communities?
  4. Alice

    Misinformation about Islam

    Sal jazakAllah khair brother! Im so relieved to see somebody understood what I was trying to say. Maybe I should just take note about every bad thing they're saying about Islam, and study exactly where to look in the Quran and hadith that disproves their statements. Would take time but would be worh it I think. Insha'Allah I'll do that and post it in the religious section. As for polluting already-fragile minds, I can see that and I'm afraid of it polluting my mind as well but sometimes you just gotta roll up your sleeves in the name of truth and in defense of Islam Inconvenient, but as I said, worth it.
  5. Alice

    Chinese Muslims

    whoaaa...easy on the coffee there!
  6. Alice

    Misinformation about Islam

    erm, ok thanks I guess. Sometimes I feel like, for the sake of improving our dawah abilities, we should think about how non-Muslims think, try to see things from their perspectives. I guess its easy for me since Im a revert. It can be a little frustrating at times, sometimes I feel like people who were Muslim their whole lives have no clue how non-Muslim brains work lol. I feel like Im talkin to a brick wall so Im just gonna discuss it elsewhere TT
  7. Alice

    Misinformation about Islam

    Wa Alaykum Assalam, I understand what you're saying and that wasn't my intention. We can avert our eyes from this because its easy for us to realize what it is: anti-Islam propaganda. My point was that a lot of non-Muslims are reading this kind of stuff, and my question to everyone out there was what is the best reply in that case? Just tell them its propaganda? I'm not sure that's enough, we as Muslims should have intelligent and easy-to-understand replies about our beautiful religion instead of appearing ignorant or disinterested. My second point was that, yes although every community(regardless of religion or lack thereof) has these problems with crime, is there anybody who's doing something about it?
  8. Alice

    Killing in the Quran

    asalamu alaikum my brothers and sisters in Islam... I dont have much knowledge of the Quran or hadith yet so I want to ask you all for help. I was approached by a non-Muslim who says no matter what I say about Islam, at the end of the day the holy book of Muslims as well as Christians, etc allows killing, even if we dont want to admit it. This to me is a pretty good argument, being a peace-loving Canadian who hasnt killed anybody lol. So if any of you can let me know where in the Quran it talks about killing, and how it is justified, I would be SO grateful!!! This is a big dawah issue man!!
  9. Alice

    Killing in the Quran

    Alhamdulillah I couldnt imagine a better reply than that. Very refreshing and to-the-point. JazakhAllah khair Siraaj & Musa!! May Allah swt bless you both. ameen :dance: Well this person doesnt even believe in God and thinks its irrelevant because it cant be proven. But Allah guides whom He will. Im gonna remember your replies for when the question crops up again, and I know it will!!!
  10. I added u to msn! Im somalanmou:) ttys sis

  11. ya u guys put CORN on ur pizza dont u? Admit it!
  12. wsalam sis! welcome to MM:) hows Singapore?? always wanted to go!

  13. Alice

    Coffee or Tea?

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nooooooooo poll...backfiring...drowing in..... coffee......
  14. ahahahha. o ..i say ya at the end of my sentences too ...uh ohhh.. in Japan they say 'sa' about 100 times in a sentence its sooo annoying. I dont say ya that much. ya isnt as annoying as sa. But this thread is turning into 'lets talk about british accents' instead of 'best thing about livin in the uk' so here we go: RED DWARF
  15. Alice

    Random Acts of Kindness

    aw mashAllah this thread is beautiful. Reminded me of something my mate did. when he was visiting in Canada from the UK he spontaneiously bought a dozen roses and gave them to a random person on the street! That takes some guts but hopefully it made that persons day much brighter!
  16. ^^^^ dont knock it till u try it Humza!!!
  17. Coffee? what about a cuppa? thats it Im starting a poll!
  18. Alice


    ya me too. My sister pressured me to go on and now I am, its too late cus u can only deactivate ur account innit. ya it is pretty addictive!
  19. Alice

    Japan (Nihon/Nippon)

    I been living in Tokyo for a year and I LOVE it!!! I wanna stay at least another year, hopefully settle here for life. Apparently theyre trying to get the money to build Islamic schools here because at the moment theres not enough Islamic education in Japan. N I have no clue where to buy Islamic clothing, I wanna find a miswak as well; guess theres only internet shopping for that. Inshallah the Muslim community will keep growing and thriving, but I dont know one Muslim here unfortunately, I guess I should start going to Mosque then innit. So who is living in Japan right now and what city? N how long u been here and are planning to be here?
  20. Alice


    I lived in Brampton from 14-16(Im 24 now), my high school was realllly anti-racist n me mates actually beat up a bunch of kkk from America once; the police didnt arrest anyone but they deported them(once they were outta the hospital that is). But my sis went to high school there in the past 3 years n she said now its changed, its gotten really segregated like some of the young Indians who never even been to India b4 only hang wiv Indians n say every1 else is lower, same with other groups who stick together, white or black etc. WHAT THE H IS HAPPENING TO MY COUNTRY!? I thought. I have a funny story from US customs. I had a bollywood CD in my purse, and the officer literally jumped back when he saw it. He said WHAT IS THIS? and I said um its a bollywood CD. He didnt let me into Canada but told me to go sit with the Pakistani refugees lol(btw Im white) So I try to go the week after, and when they swipe my passport, they give me this look and take me into an interrogation room for 1 1/2 hours. I finally asked why theyre not letting me in America since I dont have a criminal record or anything, and the officer says that when they swiped my passport, 'suspicious Indian contacts' came up. I laughed, thinking about the bollywood CD with a happy couple dancing in Switzerland on the cover. I explained that it was because of a bollywood CD. She gave me a dead-serious look and said 'why do you listen to Indian music?' I couldnt believe it lol. Talk about sad. So I said 'CUS IM FROM BRAMPTON! We hear it everyday!' And get this...she says 'Well Ive been to Brampton before and theres not that many Indians there.' Luckily I said well last thing I heard it wasnt Indians flying planes into the twin towers, unless theres something youre hiding from the public(NOT that I believe that govt story baloney), and then she let me go ... to my very last trip into America! Funny enough, in my high school ppl always complained about American tv that were bombarded with, they always show segregation, and my friends said watch the next generation will get all confused n start acting how they see on tv. And guess what....they did! Anyway I havent been in a while, so what do you guys think about it? Are things really getting worse!?
  21. Little Mosque on the Prairie, and really crazy government-sponsored shows like Trailer Park Boys, Lexx, Puppets who Kill, etc. I showed them to my non-Canadian friends and they couldnt stop laughing, couldnt believe they are actually govt-sponsored gegege. The fact that even though Im a white Canadian sometimes people ask me for directions or somin in Hindi or Chinese. Also our high school calendars. I went to an American school for 3 days n their calendar only has Christmas, Hannukah, etc on it. One day I came into class and my teacher asked why I didnt come the day before, i said 'cus it was my BIRTHDAY!' and he said 'thats not on the calendar of days u can take off.' So I pulled out the calendar and said, 'uh, cus its Saturnalia!' some old Scandinavian holiday hardly anyone celebrates anymore. U kno what he said? 'thats more like it.' LOL. POUTINE. and...MONTREAL. esp. the Muslim community there mashAllah
  22. Alice

    My jihad against music

    this afternoon i had a dentists appointment, and although they gave me many injections to stop the pain, I could hardly breath and couldnt stop shaking because I was so scared so they had to stick oxygen up me nose! ...the last dentist I went to, well that was the worst pain I ever felt in my life because he didnt give enough injection to numb the pain and when tears were streaming down my eyes cus it hurt so much he just told me to bare with it . Anyway this time it was a nice dentist, I got my mp3 player cus I thought thatd take my mind off things...listened to some bollywood tunes n bhangra..that didnt work so I listened to the Quran, which made me feel a LOT better, but still they needed to give me anasthesia to put me to sleep lol(Im such a baby) they actually stabbed me with the needle 5 times trying to find a vein cus my veins are freakishly thin apparently. The recitation was actually echoeing as the anasthesia started to work, and it sounded so beautiful mashAllah. Then I dont remember after that but...definitely, when worst comes to worst nothing beats listening to the Quran or nasheeds...we might feel like listening to music when were completely healthy but it doesnt give us any real benefit actually. By the way i needed two root canals n I gotta go back next week to finish the procedureeee!!! anything u can recommend I listen to next time?
  23. Alice


    Read full story here: http://news.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=323524
  24. Alice

    FF7:Crisis Core

    Anyone into Final Fantasy?? Anyone played this game? I have to say I was just thinking "this is the best game on earth" and then "its been a while since there was a save-spot" and then finally "WOT!? THATS the end!? ALREADY!?" I remember spending at least a month playing Final Fantasy 7 10 years ago, and this one only took me 5 days. But still it was worth it. Awesome game.