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  1. dude i forgot to wish you a happy bday; not that i celebrate bdays lol. how are you doing?

  2. are you talking to me ^^^ ???? u better be not!! edit: just realised "FL" stands for "freelancer" . lool
  3. yes your right, their faith in allah and their bravery is just amazing. they were willing to give up everything for the sake of allah. They loved death just like most of us love life. but they knew the reward in the end and were willing to die for the cause. i recommend people actually buy the book if they can so you can read it just before you go to bed and dream about it.
  4. salaams and welcome i am tempted to call you a "newbie" but i wont. but im sure someone else will come along and do just that.
  5. hasnt noone started a topic about this in the current affairs section. i thought someone would have done it! ...i think people need to know about this...oh well its too late now.
  6. lol ^^ so why did you post this in the tabligh thread !!?? but yeh them guys deserve everything they get. delibrately insulting islam and the prophet SAW under "freedom of speech" What the heck!
  7. you dont have to bring a non muslim there are plenty of muslims who are not practising are are only muslim by name. so if you cant bring a non muslim i am sure you will be able to bring a not so practising muslim.
  8. why dont the mods/admins ban this "infidel". (since he is desperate for everyone to call him that i will do so) he is a troll and a racist.
  9. oh so he doesnt want to spend too much time on MM so he done that. i think he should come back but just limit the time he spends and dont waste too much of your time.
  10. its always raining and flooding in bangladesh!!
  11. bery good article..thanks for sharing. jazakallah.
  12. hey you, how r u? wassup? ur absent from the tabligh thread i see...your in big trouble now!!! lol j/k

  13. yep i agree with you redline. a very fascinating book .
  14. you guys dont fall for this rubbish. nothing to do with muslims or islam. its these non muslims trying to make muslims look like idiots, thats the problem here.
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