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    Ar Rahimo: Fountain of mercy—mercy overarching all His decisions [Urdu} https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2PoIwMvP3U
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    Miracles of the Quran

    Sciences prove the theme of Quranand its Divine Origin. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGOzDVmKmeY
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    Quran and DNA have same translation system. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5065gb
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    الصِّيَامُ: The act and state of abstinence of activity relating to food intake and genitalia Since the article contains original Arabic text of Ayahs in gif, it is requested that it may be read at the link given below. Thanks http://haqeeqat.org.pk/English%20Tafsir%20e%20Haqeeqat/00.%20Individual%20Ayaat/002.%20Albaqrah/183.htm
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    Grand Qur'aan describes Winds and their Sub-Classification Semen of Stallion and Cloud Physics the Metaphors chosen in Qur'aan portray all physical-scientific realities in the pointed object and phenomenon meticulously resembling those that are inherent in the Word chosen as Metaphor. Qur'aan has choice-word while narrating the Cloud Physics. Qur'aan was introduced to humanity in Arabian peninsula in 7th Century. Note the delicacies of this Metaphor and compare it with the Metaphor scientists have coined in "modern times"-"Cloud Seeds" for condensation nuclei. Semen of Stallion and Cloud Physics
  10. you name is kinda like my dad's =P

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  11. This is brother, after Mazhar, a represents second part Anwaar.

  12. Salam...is this a brother/sister..?

    Is this ur real name..? cos take out the MA and you got my name.