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  1. loveProphet

    Exams and nutrition

    Salams An excellent lecture by nutritionist Suraya, on the nutrition needed for exams: http://instantteleseminar.com/?eventid=41104254
  2. It's the time of year, when the Prophet was born, and the love increases in people's hearts. Come join us for a series of talks and nasheeds/naats inspiring love for the Holy Prophet Muhammed (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam), by famous scholars, in Harrow Central Mosque, on 26th January Saturday 1.45 pm to 8 pm including: - sheikh Abdul Hakim Murad (Cambridge) - sheikh ul Hadith Shamsul Misbahi - sheikh Iftikhar Daad Azhari - sheikh Abdul Hakim Murad (Cambridge) - sheikh Qari Siddiqui - sheikh Yazdani Raza - sheikh Sharkawi Azhari - sheikh Imran Azhari - Professor Hafiz Akram - Hafiz Jamil Chisti The talks are in English. A 3 course meal will be served. Open for Brothers and Sisters Sheikh Iftikhar will open the day, by his talk on the Meanings of the Qur'an insha'Allah at 1.45pm, so be there on time.. 36-38 Station Road Harrow, Middlesex HA1 2SQ Here is the facebook page: http://www.facebook....?context=create
  3. al-Lawh Institute in conjunction with the 'Path To Salvation' Team are pleased to present this one day seminar on Christmas Day. Taught by Sheikh Sjaad Hussain (he studied under a number of scholars such as sheikh Ya'qoubi and sheikh Samer an-Nass in Syria). Book the dates in your diaries and get yourselves registered for this very exciting opportunity. Places are limited so do not miss out. "PEOPLE OF THE UNSEEN" A unique one day seminar exploring Surah al-Kahf. The 3 main stories of the surah will be discussed in detail which include: 1: The story of the sleepers in the cave. 2: The journey of the Prophet Moses and Khidar. 3: Dhul Qarnayn and his trapping of Yajuj and Majuj behind the famous wall. An analysis of the signs of the day of judgement will also be covered including The Mahdi, Dajjal and more. Full course notes will be provided. Brothers and Sisters welcome. Register Online at: http://www.pathtosalvation.co.uk/component/content/article/139-people-of-the-unseen-one-day-seminar Facebook page for your questions about event: http://www.facebook....990401/?fref=ts
  4. loveProphet

    Golden mean of Ka'ba

    I have a question. Did you read the article? Since that exact point was addressed... For example the article starts the discussion on that problem here "One difficulty in the east to west measurement of the planet earth is that there is no certain point in the east or the west to describe as the extreme east or west points of the planet earth...." And "The above result is with regard to the ratio of distance of Holy Mosque of Makkah between North and South Poles." Here basically you only need the distance to the north and south poles, for the calculation
  5. Many Islamophobes say that its a modern deception by Muslims and that Islam never said it, nor is it in the Quran. A specialist in Arabic, goes deep into this issue: Intro: Part 1: Part 2: A scientist questions it:
  6. loveProphet

    True Gospel of Jesus Christ

    http://www.scribd.co...of-Jesus-Christ This is the true Gospel according to Jesus Christ. It is an excellent read for those who just want to read about Jesus, who saved many people, and whose light we need so much today It is a short and quick read, you do not need to read all the books of the Bible, you can just read this, to get the true views of Jesus Christ. Also found here: http://www.answering...pelofJesus.html
  7. Salam My friend said: "I just came from the BEST class I've ever been to in my life masha'Allah, and it was by Path to Salvation, taught by Sheikh Muhammed Sjaad (studied under many qualified scholars, including sheikh Ya'qoubi). He was logical, funny, explained things well and in a nice and practical manner with wisdom masha'Allah. He explained many things I was confused about before, and gave the rationale and maqasid behind the various Islamic rulings, and he gave equal opportunities to men and women in the room to ask questions Alhamdulillah (segregated). Truly these are classes not to be missed, they are held on Sundays at 10.30 am, in Watford Central Library (upper floor), London. They are also held in other areas and cities. Come, highly recommended! " All Muslims who have a basic grasp of the religion, and who wish to become firmly established in their day-to-day practice, belief and good character. This course will provide a systematic introductory overview to all the core applied sciences of traditional Islam. It covers essential doctrine, the pillars of worship and a detailed introduction to Islamic ethics. It also provides an overview of interpersonal ethics and a glimpse into the methodological principles that underlie the religion. The certificate level is the first exit point from the Path to Salvation integrative syllabus. Alone, it suffices to fulfil the essential knowledge requirements of every single Muslim. However, it also serves as a foundation for further exploration of Islamic study, as expanded upon in the Diploma level. Successful completion of the Certificate level will enable the student to enter the Diploma level of Path to Salvation, as well as to instruct beginners in the Essentials of Worship, Doctrine and Spirituality modules at Level 1 of the syllabus. Please check the website for more details on modules www.pathtosalvation.co.uk
  8. loveProphet

    Scientist converts to Islam through science

    Other places said hes a professor. As for what type, I don't know unless I search, using his Czech spelling
  9. loveProphet

    Scientist converts to Islam through science

    So how can you understand this verse? Can you see that they were joined, when you looked 1400 years ago?: 21:30 "Do the Unbelievers not see that the heavens and the earth were joined together, before We clove them asunder? We made every living thing from water. Will they not then believe?" "Then He turned to the heavens when it was smoke.." [Noble Quran 41:11] Sheikh Ahmed al Alawi (in A'dhab al-Manahil, p. 33.) believed that 21:30 referred to something like the Big Bang, and predicted that it would be discovered by 'those who disbelieve' to whom the verse is addressed. And according to Sayyidina Umar (RA), there are "verses that only time will reveal what they mean"
  10. Salam The interesting thing here, is that he (Dr Milan Sulc ) read the Qur'an himself and whilst reading it, he saw a scientific miracle which he said could only be discovered in the 20th century, and he converted (so this is different to where the Muslims themselves write about scientific miracles online):
  11. loveProphet

    Volcano & Hamza Yusuf

    The scientist who spoke about it and Sheikh Hamza Yusuf described, is Dr John Roobol
  12. loveProphet

    Dawah 1010

    That's true, jzk
  13. loveProphet

    Dawah 1010

    http://www.youtube.c...h?v=acdAivNRYio Dawah 101: Introduction to Islamic Apologetics | SUMSA Weekly Br. Abdullah Kunde gives an essential crash course on how to give dawah effectively, how to respond pertinent and common questions posed by both the average non-Muslim and the well-informed Christian/Atheist apologist. Abdullah Kunde; a revert to Islam is a young scholar on Islam and comparative religion from Australia He has studied Biblical studies and Jewish Civilization from the University of Sydney He is now studying Medicine at the University of New South wales While studying at the University of Sydney Abdullah was heavily involved in Islamic Awareness Activities including debates and discussions with various religious backgrounds He also taught and facilitated a course about development of Hebrew and Christian Scriptures for an Islamic education center.Lectures 2012 by Bro Abdullah Kunde
  14. Homeless Outreach Project Birmingham Alhumdulilah, over the last 6 months As- Suffa has been working with the homeless. Initially, we walked around the city centre providing the homeless with a cup of tea and company. Alhumdulilah, following the success of this we developed the idea and now provide a meal every Wednesday by Central Library. We provide those in need with Chicken Biryani (which they love!) a drink and a cup of tea or coffee. MashaAllah we currently distribute 100 meals a week at the moment. To help out or find out more, please see: http://as-suffa.org/item/homeless-outreach.html
  15. loveProphet

    Results of Scientific Conference on the Qur'an and Sunnah

    Its not bad debate ethics. Its bad ethics to actually go on debating when one hasn't put effort to study a subject. And I gave some references, and even put some quotes from a famous philosopher of science. Nor is it a question of philosophy in general. Please reread what I said initially about it.