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  1. May Allah grant her Janat Ul Firdos. Inna Lilahi Wa InaIla Rajayun. Allah forgive us all for we are ungrateful.


  2. Poetry From Prison: Final Justice Packs of wolves converge to debate Flocks of sheep and their future fate This they call liberal democracy Anything else, they dismiss as apostasy Has the world ever seen such blatant hypocrisy? They talk of freedoms and justice, Morals and values - but talk is cheap Can wolves really be trusted to protect their sheep? Will people ever awake from this tragic sleep? As leaders and politicians deceive and lie, The poor and weak will continue to die Who will care, who will cry? Who will share, who will try? The winds are changing and the earth is warming Preachers are praying and scientists are warning. Yet the earth continues to be corrupt So tornadoes will turn and volcanoes will erupt Tsunamis will rise and hurricanes will disrupt Thus the earth will bleed and the end will be abrupt. ---------------------------------------------------- Islam is considered a living and conscious object. It flourishes with piety and is destroyed with sins and oppression. The Prophet (SAW) said that droughts are caused by people not giving Zakah (charity) and earthquakes by sexual perversity like fornication and adultery. When the earth is hurt, it bleeds with lava and cries with volcanic eruptions. When it is angry, it roars with thunder. There is a hadith which says the earth will not end whilst there remains upon it a single person saying the Kalima (testimony of faith). Thus some scholars say that the soul of the planet is the kalimah and when the last person to say it dies, the earth will lose its soul completely. Written by an imprisoned Muslim; from one slave of Allah to another…. Source: alistiqaamah.wordpress.com
  3. "...even when she had her leg amputated, she reminded my father and others that it is no big deal. She reminded us of that little Iraqi boy who had lost some of his limbs and said, “Tho kiya huwa? Merey aik taang se hop karsakthee houn” (“So what? I can still hop on one leg”)." Asma Haq was 8 ½ years old when she first developed symptoms of cancer. Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) has one of the lowest survival rates for paediatric cancer. Despite having her whole leg amputated up to the hip, the cancer returned. Asma died on Friday 11th February 2005, following a 3 year struggle. Her older brother Omar speaks to al-istiqamah about her ordeal and passing. Omar is a student; the Haq family live in Chicago, Illinois. Read the full interview at al-istiqamah.com
  4. "Being under a control order is worse than being in prison. I used to feel that I was being followed wherever I went. They play with your mind...Sometimes I sit on my bed and in my mind I can see the door being broken down in front of me…" Mouloud Sihali was one of eight men arrested over the Ricin plot in September 2002. After spending over two years in HMP Belmarsh, a jury acquitted him in April . He was re-arrested a few months later, before being cleared once again. Mouloud spent 16 months under strict control orders before being cleared in May 2007. In this exclusive interview with al-istiqamah.com, Mouloud gives a 1st-hand account of the psychological effects induced by control orders. Read the interview here at al-istiqamah.com
  5. Dedicated to Tamekia: 'Her Prayer' She told me then, "I wept and prayed." For what? I asked. "A scented grave..." Al-istiqamah is proud to publish the first in a series of exclusive poems written by brother Daniel Joseph Maldonado on the loss of his wife in war-torn Somalia. Daniel was arrested by the Kenyan military in January 2007 and handed over the US authorities. His wife Tamekia died of malaria near the Kenyan-Somalian border. In April 2007 he pleaded guilty to a charge of receiving training from a foreign terrorist organization and was sentenced to ten years imprisonment in June. Click here to view a scanned image of the original poem. 'Her Prayer' On and on the question so plagues the mind of her whose descendants were slaves. From where am I? What tribe, what name? I wish to go from whence they came. And so she went and spent her days. Her soul content and meant to stay. She told me then: "I wept and prayed" For what? I asked. "A scented grave..." Source: al-istiqamah.com Note: Please remember Daniel and his children in your dua's (supplications). Read Daniel's exclusive first-hand account of his arrest and imprisonment here.
  6. A welcome from a fellow East Londoner. Thanks!
  7. "I was married to someone well-respected in the community and never imagined that he would be violent or oppressive...Thus began many months of physical beating and psychological intimidation. Sometimes he would suffocate me, but most often it was my arm twisted behind my back or a few punches." The following account was submitted to al-istiqamah.com by sister "Amatullah Islam". Hers is a harrowing story of domestic abuse whilst a new revert to Islam. A Revert's Experience of Domestic Violence
  8. Salaam/Hi I'm one of the team at www.al-istiqamah.com Hope to pop in and out every so often...
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