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  1. Well if you think of it like that, It makes sense. Not sure if that's the widespread view tho, hence the poll.
  2. I am doing a project to offer a service to Muslims here (US and Canada) to offer them to pay to have their weddings in the Caribbean. Now I know Muslims esp here seem to follow the same pattern, lavish, a long planning stage and huge with alot of people in attendance. Would this sort of destination wedding service appeal to you, if it is affordable?
  3. The 98 version was a light, comedic type movie compared to this recent one. This new one was a straight action movie.
  4. I didn't say anything was wrong with it.
  5. I loved it. It wasn't like the conventional action movie cuz there weren't much blasting and all out destruction, even though there was a ton of destruction. There was a story behind the mayhem, which made parts slow and emotional, but that gave it another dimension. You know the godzilla from the black and movie? They made him look like that, a bit updated, but generally the same. There was alot of japanese influence as well. I thought it was a nice change from all the mindless action stuff we get these days.
  6. The scene where godzilla unleashes the beam from his mouth at the other monster. Wow
  7. Are pakistani weddings really a huge production? It seems so from youtube.

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    2. Haku


      and guess who are the clowns

    3. cappuccino


      The parents who are taking a mortgage on their house to pay for it? Lol

    4. Venomystic


      You have no idea...

  8. Where did the ghetto muslim thread go?

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    2. Summer.Haze
    3. Haku


      topic starter requested deletion

    4. Zimbabwe


      I think badly exposed too much of his drug dealing thug lyf in it!

  9. Let's tinycat. Or don't you guys do that anymore

    1. Summer.Haze


      People barely go to chat, lol. But we can set something up.

  10. It's the reason we have those big conferences with the big name imams and scholars. Muslims go to those events, feel good during the conference, even a week afterwards, then it's business as usual. They go back to what they are used to. But in the time that they are in that iman zone, they are motivated and content with Islam. That is until our old way of life calls us and we fall back into it, and we rely on those events to feel that connection to Allah and being a muslim.
  11. It's difficult to get excited over an institution. Charismatic leaders who make us feel good about ourselves and motivate us is what we have. I guess we need that motivation to feel excited to continue being muslim. I think institutions are a long term goal, and maintaining them is important for future generations. It is difficult being muslim now, we don't have much support and affirmation from the society, much unlike the jewish experience. So I understand why we require that from the celebrity leaders. Those leaders are using their influence to create institutions tho, so we are on the right path.
  12. 29, yup I work. for folks around my age group, it's an issue.
  13. it's the biology part that makes it difficult about being single. for men and women, we only have a certain window to be reasonably sure of having healthy kids. the older we get the more risk there is of having complications. not to mention, parenting at an older age can take a toll.
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