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  1. omG Moslem I want to meet yoU! (why wont it let me say your name
  2. aww sho cute! I see my neighbor in one of those pics! on a more serious note: i finally figured out the lagrangian multiplier method. *FAINT*
  3. EID MUBARAK CALIFORNIA!!!! =) SJ, prepare to be stalked tomorrow. I have Important Things to Discuss. (don't you love how I'm so shamelessly blunt :insertislamicafaintsmileyhere:)
  4. I SO AGREE. my masjid recently installed big screen TVs everywhere. . . INCLUDING ABOVE THE SHOE STANDS!!!!! WTH? :mad:
  5. awwww that's so cute!! Cousin Chip = Sohaib and I know, same here. It's sad how he pwned all the Californians.
  6. OMG! no kidding?! which one!?! & I feel soooo sorrry for you. to be accustomed to uni-life only to come back to stupid OCC. P.S. you know the qur'an competition? cousin chip was 8th and there were seven finalists =(
  7. LOL SALMAN =) I *TOTALLY* saw you get up and take those pictures
  8. Sheikh Mishary El-Afasy? I SO KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN. Too bad no one lets me drive around here
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