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  1. If the lighting is better in the loo, they why not :wink: ?
  2. ^ So you mean to say you waste water and shampoo/soap because you are thinking :no:
  3. Not really. When I use to work I used to go for jummah. So I leave at 1 and be back by max 2:15. I used to eat quickly either before or after jummah. I didn't attend for the entire sermon maybe half way, then pray the jummah and sunnah and leave soon. Is the masjid going to be far from your work place?
  4. Sorry Sal_the_man not spamming your thread. @Summer haze there are different things to do depending on peoples taste. Let me name a few: San Francisco - The golden great bridge- lovely view at night, The Japanese garden - simply beautiful, good halal food, Lombard Street Sierra Nevada- The Yosemite national park Tulare - Sequoia National park - Giant trees San Diego- Zoo and safari park, twin peaks at Escondido, La Jolla beach, Sea world These are few to name. Lots of hiking trails and other nature stuffs to do and of course the famous L.A for Disney land and Hollywood attractions.
  5. ^ you must be joking
  6. Thamz


    Why do i get the feeling SPUD is back
    1. Rasmalai


      Sad story, but makes little mention of possible Canadian involvement in also allowing these silly girls to go across the Turkish border.

    2. Mufasa


      Way to take the bait in Turkey's foreign minister's 5000th attempt to push off any blame for poor border management on other countries, Squidward.

    3. Mufasa
  7. ^ When the bride officially goes to the husband's house after the nikah. Like the leaving ceremony from the parents to the hubby's house . Some people have the nikah and the ruksati on the same day while some have it on different days. Nikah might be simple and ruksati can be like reception sort of a thing where lot's of people are invited and of course biryani served too :lol:
  8. JazakAllah khair Lupin,Lady Murasaki, Veno and clueless. I am blessed to have such thoughtful people on MM :D.

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