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    Philosophy, religions, cultures, history, technology, media arts, martial arts, video games, cars, family and Islam :)
  1. asalaamu alaykum and happy birthday

  2. Salam aleikum, how you doing ahy?...........we miss you and your hard hitting accurate arguments!

  3. Happy Birthday ahy!

  4. salams ahy. Oh I didn't know that you are married yet. Haven't seen you a while. Where have you been ?

  5. Congratulations for getting married ahy.. wish u all the best man :)

  6. Two things: 1. Education (and im not talking doctah phd engineer hospital because there's plenty of those 30 year olds) 2. Practicing islam which would include less hypocrisies and double standards (eg; following hindu influenced culture and western culture). All the problems would go away. This refers to first the people then secondly the leadership which is nothing but trash (greedy, corrupt, secular, self-interest indulged and so on). Without the people developing principles that hold islam high up in their lives (eg; practicing islam as a complete way of life) there will never be any good coming in the future of the land or the people except falling away and deteriorating furthermore into another hindu india that sucks western butt.
  7. ahy

    Random Islamic Questions

    ^lol@ finality of prophethood denier and hadith rejector
  8. ahy

    Evolution in Islam

    so why can't you prove to me I exist. Apparently science is not about proofs. Which we have established, not about true or false. This is your belief. I on the other hand hold science as about actual proofs and truth and falsehood. Clear cut repetitive and abundant evidence. Like I said unlike the greeks, muslims scientists relied on proofs and derived truth and faleshood, and the false things were rejected, that is how greek 'sciences' were filtered out of CONJECTURES and falsehoods. Muslim scientists were pragmatic, practical, not illusionary like the greeks or evolutionists who make claims of 'millions of years'
  9. ahy

    Evolution in Islam

    Why not? Am I a figament of your imagination?
  10. ahy

    Evolution in Islam

    Why can't you prove that you exist? Are you certain of your own existance or what?
  11. ahy

    Evolution in Islam

    Do you believe you exist? 2. your so called scientific principles suck. 3. Muslim scientists unlike greek scientists relied on evidence and proofs, when things were proven false, the error was rejected, that is how the knowledge of the greek was filtered out of its errors.
  12. ahy

    islam: myths and realities

    evolution thread.
  13. ahy

    islam: myths and realities

    Do you live by empirical evidence in your life. Do you measure success? 2. Why do you fight to prove evolution theory or claim there are proofs or that it is a proven fact.
  14. ahy

    islam: myths and realities

    Yet you fight to prove it and talk about proofs don't be an idiot and misguide muslims.
  15. ahy

    islam: myths and realities

    Thus, what have you succeeded at? You have nothing but conjecture no proofs.