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  1. ishavemychesthair, I rarely post. But I wanted to suggest something. I am not talking about this particular thread, but It seems there are many things about Islam that you don't understand or agree with. If you are sincere in understanding, and not debating just for the sake of debating, why don't you go and ask a scholar. I am going to recommend something for you. I am not sure if you have heard it already or not. But it answered many questions I had. I understand you are confused about heaven and hell, why they are there and why they are described as they are. Well, this is explained there as well. Go to bayyinah.tv and subscribe for a month. It's only $11 per month. And listen to "Quran for young adults" by Nouman ali khan. Although it is addressed towards young adults, I think it is a class that every muslim needs to take if they want to understand their faith better. It is a mind-blowing class, and answered so many of my questions, and helped me to understand the Quran better. Anyway, I hope you find your answers as well inshaAllah.
  2. Dua

    Wife's rights

    I don't think you understand. Although we don't believe he died, that's not the main issue. The main issue is that you guys believe he is the son of God, and we believe he was a great prophet. You believe in trinity, and we believe in one and only God, who has no beginning and no ending. It doesn't make sense to say that God died. Then who is running the world? It doesn't make sense to say that a part of God died, because God is perfect, and complete. 3 = 1 doesn't make sense. But it seems like you are not open for discussion. So I am out.
  3. Dua

    Wife's rights

    Here, check it out for yourself: http://womeninislam.ws/en/women-right-islam_wives.aspx so what are the rights of wife in Christianity?
  4. Dua

    Crucifiction of Jesus

    You are right, there are so many eye witnesses, so someone was killed on the cross. I believe it was someone who looked like jesus. Jesus was raised in heaven, and he will return someday. And the thing you said, the we believe in torah, but not in bible? We believe originally they were both from God. Moses and Jesus were both prophets/messengers sent by God. However, with time people have changed both of the books. There are many verses which are probably still intact. However the main message was changed when trinity was introduced. Therefore, God sent his last and final messenger with the Quran. Up until first council of Nicaea happened, a sect of Christianity still believed that Jesus was a prophet, and not son of God. You can read about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_Council_of_Nicaea
  5. Dua

    Is this story true?

    Found this in this site: http://www.onislam.net/english/reading-islam/living-islam/475957-ask-about-islam-live-session.html Question 2: Aslamu Alaikum, My questions involves the authentication of a few hadiths: Ibn Khuzaymah and Ibn Hibbaan report a hadith narrated by Jaabir: “There are three whose prayers will not be accepted and none of whose good deeds will ascend to heaven: a runaway slave, until he returns to his master; a drunken man until he becomes sober; and a woman with whom her husband is angry, until he is pleased with her.” There is one hadith which says that a wife must obey her husband when he tells her to not leave the house, even if her father is sick and dying. In this hadith, she sent someone three times to the Prophet (peace be upon him) to ask what she should do. He said "Obey your husband" for three times he was asked, each time the father's health was deteriorating. And as a result of her obedience, Allah has forgiven the wife's father after his death. (Can you please provide reference for this, as the website I used no longer has the hadith.) These have been already authenticated by islamicity.com, but I would like to just confirm it. Again, may Allah bless you and your family! Answer: Wa Alaikum Assalam and thank you for your question. As for the first hadith, there is an authentic hadith with similar words that was reported by to Al-Bosiri: Salman Al-Farisi (may Allah be pleased with him) narrated that some people came to visit him and asked him to lead them in prayers, but initially refused until they insisted. When he lead them in prayer, he asked them: "Are you satisfied?" They said: "Yes", then he (Salman) said: "Praise be to Allah, I heard the Prophet (peace be upon him) say:" "There are three whose prayers will not be accepted: a woman who leaves her home without her husband's permission, a runaway slave, until he returns to his master; and a leading people in prayer while they dislike it.” As for the second hadith, it is not authentic. That could be the reason it was removed from the website that you once accessed.
  6. “Don’t look at the Red Sea, look at the One who can split it in two.”—Yasmin Mogahed

  7. Although I grew up with a tv in our house, I think we are going to go without tv inshaAllah. I am going to try to get my kids to read books and do hands on activities too keep them entertained. As a child I watched a lot of TV when my mom wasn't home. But it is something that I do regret (all those wasted hours), and currently try to watch as less tv shows as possible (through my computer). Besides everything is online anyway, so there is no need for TV anymore. And I think parents have more control over what kids watch through computer (given that the kids are young).
  8. Dua

    This is the Apocalypse. And I am Mufasa.

    oops, don't forget about spiritual development. In the day of judgement, we will be asked about how we used our time. So why don't we use this platform, to come closer to Allah swt. In fact, here is an idea. I was taking visionaire by muhammad alshareef a while ago, and they made a google group for us at the time so we can discuss, help, and inspire one another. Alhamdulillah, although the class ended a while ago, people are still using the google group to come together and to keep each other motivated. My favorite of all, they actually started a tahajjut challenge. The idea is, it takes a month to develop a habit. So for a month, we will share our ideas, our struggles, tips, reflect on how we did, and basically hold each other accountable. After a month, it will be up to us if we kept up with the habit or not. There is so much time we waste online. But imagine if we died right at this point, (which could happen, I attended a funeral of a 16 and a 25 yrs old on the same day couple of weeks ago) what would we tell Allah swt. If we all of a sudden found out we are going to die in couple of minutes/hours, we would wish we had more time, we would look back at our lives and wish we had used the time we already had for better things. Anyway, sorry, didn't mean to lecture /rant over
  9. Dua

    This is the Apocalypse. And I am Mufasa.

    Something I've always liked about MM, is that the members often came together and did cool projects together. Ex. raise money to build a well, teach each other certain skills, contests, magazine. So maybe it's time for a new project for MM? I have to agree with cubster as well. Most MMers are now working/married/parents. Their interests have shifted. Their priorities have changed from entertainment to things that take them further in life. But it doesn't have to die if we can focus on professional/marital/parental growth. I think this could be a great platform to learn from one another and for networking.
  10. Dua


    I went to an interfaith dialogue last year, and this question was asked. The imam answered, that in Jannah, Allah will give us whatever we want. ALL our desires will be fulfilled. For ex: We desire houses, so in Jannah, we will get huge mansions, and they will be way better than our imagination can reach. Our desire for cars, maybe we will all have flying horses or wings of our own. Or something even better. We desire food, so we will get the best kinds of food..and so on. Since men desire women, that too will be fulfilled. And also the number 70 is special in Islam. It basically means A LOT. Our mind can not grasp large numbers. So whenever the prophet (sas) wanted to say a large number, he said 70. We don't know what this number actually means, but lets just say, we will be happy in Jannah.
  11. Dua

    Plans For The Future

  12. Dua

    The "I live by myself in an apartment" thread

    Lived completely alone 2 times in 2 different places so far. Everyone probably needs to live alone at least for a month or two, away from family, but I got lonely pretty quickly. Another thing I feel, we won't have our parents forever, then you get married and move away. We can have our whole lives to live on our own. Its better to live with our parents while we still can. I really miss my family and cherish the times I get to stay with them in the same house. Which does not happen so often anymore.
  13. May Allah (swt) make the path to Jannah easy for all the Teachers in the world, for making so many sacrifices, being patient and are underpaid and unappreciated.