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  1. In all fairness, its all a big joke. Paki + Indian members have always had a laugh, its nothing serious. In Islam we all love each other as brothers and sisters right? theres no denying that, no country is going to get in the way of that. Theres nothing wrong with having laugh, no one really hates pakistan or India, i thought that was pretty obvious since Sister Who is normally saying anti-India stuff for jokes when it comes to 'independance day'. Its funny, theres always someone who takes it seriously. Does no one remember Bhattz's threads? PS. Pakistan Zindabaad
  2. seriously having a small shopping centre would be a blessing on my pocket...oh brummies only sound brummie whn they say..mosellleeyyyy or dudleyyyy or baked beaaannssss..ok i should shut it
  3. thanks for bumping this..dont know how succesful itl be oh well we tried
  4. omg u guys have 2 do biology as in neurone related stuff in psych?i didnt even do that at degree level..wait is this alevel!?
  5. saaiiifffffffffff!havent been there in yonkers..oh n on brummie accents..asian brummies dont have an accent..well thats what iv been told
  6. salaaam..not been here for timeeee! anyway hope all is well..cant seem to find any mods..just had a question i made a reunioun thread last yr or the yr before and i cant seem to find it..anybody know how i can do so? iv tried via my own profile but no luck! thanks in advance
  7. ^ i watched that on a flight..i cried my eyes out yes on the plane..fantastic movie
  8. sistah

    Is it real?

    my bro is still here oh n i think about the perception/reality thing all the time then...... i wake up
  9. raaaaasssss i made this thread a couple of mins ago n so many replies already...we ought 2 make a fanclub
  10. so....i know its kinda early but i know how "popular" redline is on this forum n i wanted 2 be the 1st to wish our brother redline a VERRY BERRY HAPPY BURDAAAYYYY!! as tradition holds sistah will say her long planned speech... here goes..... "go go go sufi its ur burday..we gonna partay cuz its ur burday n u know we dont give a bleep cuz its ur burday" yes i know it was very emotional....*wipessnotandtearsonsleeve* on a serious note have a good one brav n heres present from me ps the worlds largest burrdaayy cake for ur sweetooth
  11. habbbbbyyyy burrrddaayyyy my gulabjamun!!!
  12. gosh!not even the people who "organised" all this came back
  13. ITS CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!! according to the uk that is
  14. very unhygenic..but i used 2 eat my nails..like have em in my mouth...i make myself sick ewww..oh n i used 2 eat hot chocolate powder
  15. i think this is a really good idea...i believe as elders who have been 2 uni etc and have specialised in certain subjects we should help a brother/sister out.. iv got my degree in psychology/sociology so if anyone needs help with those subjects dont hesitate to pm me..
  16. to be an original G u have to decipher this message...ur da best ting snce slcd bread...n lipgloss is da bombdiggiddydizlles 2 da shizzles..braap braap welcome abroad dahlin
  17. eeeaazzzyy now chicken..fat akys excuse for his fatness is building muscles in the near future...
  18. my kid bro tryin 2 be all islamic and have a grown up discussion about the hijaab kid bro: sadie in the quraan it says women have 2 cover their beauty so they wear hijaab me: yes kid bro: so why do ugly girls wear hijaab? they have no beauty to cover me:hmmmm men are so harsh
  19. my mum doesnt say funny things...her conversations consist of every swear under the sun...betterstill in the universe...when i was younger i thought my surname was a swear word untill i found out what it actually meant..bless
  20. the streets-dry your eyes mateee
  21. thats a babyy pipe..it will have a good pull on it n the head seems big enough.. gosh how i missed this place ..its good to be home
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