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  1. Salaam dosts! Well.....SURPRISE! AGAIN! hah As some of you might know and most of you dont, i'm leaving again for pakistan this tuesday inshAllah. Yes, its sudden but dah, loooong story. Anyway, i'll be back before january most probably for my next semester...and in the meantime, no i will not be getting married yet. hah Anyway, and once i do come back, i don't think ill be on as much. Ill stop by for quick hellos and if im incredibly bored then for the games, hah, but yeah. Twas absolutely wonderful talking to you guys, it was a memorable experience. I really have learned a lot from you MMers and MM. Take care of yourselves, may Allah mian continue to shower His blessings upon all of you. Good luck with everything you guys do! Have fun dudes! Later! Allahafiz!
  2. is it really? so that means itll be on the 5th in pakistan...mhmm
  3. oh jeez *slaps forehead* hah..well, she must be in trouuuuble with the family. oh man. well thats awesome news!
  4. aahh i see...thank you humza.
  5. okay wow, so many questions and only poor humza is answering them all. good for you though humza *pats head* i have a question, i know during ramadan, man and wife arent supposed to share any intimacy, but is anything non-sexual allowed though? like a kiss on the cheek or a hug AFTER you break your fast?
  6. oh boy...so many freaky things have been going on. ill pray for her too! inshAllah she'll come home safely very soon..and is alright.
  7. actually thats not true, last year we were 2-3 minutes off - but i have no idea. anyway, thanks though!
  8. aw take care umar, i hope all goes well for you in the future inshAllah. Allahafiz!
  9. is that the same for montreal?
  10. eee thats exciting! go rafey and faisal! what were the chances of you both getting picked out of..i dont know how many people. thats awesome! congrats dudes..have fun!
  11. this ramadan is going to be super sad and lonely my nano (god rest her soul) was with us last year during ramadan...and so were my parents. and now she passed away and my parents are in pk *sigh* shall be quite lonely and depressing.
  12. aw happy birthday! hope you have the greatestest day ever! iA
  13. hahah i agree. i love how they all randomly LOL aahh nice article hamzah, awesome message.
  14. daha uh..surprise! thank you girly pearlies.
  15. rain rocks my socks, i loooovveee rain and all the thundering and lightening that comes with it. its awesome, nothing beats getting wet in the rain. its the most refreshing thing to do.
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