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  1. What were the Opposite picture results?

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    2. Mufasa


      Ignore them. You're a winner lm

    3. Keena
    4. lilmonsta


      Hahahaha Thanks I tried so hard


  2. Mrs lilmonsta is in the house

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    2. white-rose


      Why wasn't I invited? :(

    3. respecta


      Which mental hospital did you find him in?

    4. Hijab


      ma sha Allaah mubrook lil monster :)

  3. Every time I read the title of this thread, I start singing The Fugees - Ready or nott heree I comee, you can't hideee And I don't know the words so I make other words up and then fake version of the song to the tune of the real one stays stuck in my head all day. THANKS A LOT.
  4. 'Went to see Kal ho Na ho and she just GRABBED my WRIST!' Hahahahahahah I AM GONE
  5. Someone motivate me to go to the gym today. I'm slacking, I get so tired after work
  6. Yeah buttt that was when he was younger! Amd he soundrd like he regretted it majorly
  7. Way too stressful.
  8. So in conclusion I should just wear my pyjamas right?
  9. How wrong is it to wear red to an asian wedding?
  10. Am I the only person who doesn't wear layers under their abaya? I don't know how you guys do that it's just so bulky! With hijabs i'd recommend the rectangle scarves with a cap to hold it in place, and the person in question could also accessorize their hijab with fancy pins or pretty princess bands? Also if the person is being introduced to hijab as a new thing I think it's better to ease them into it rather than suddenly covered head to toe with an abaya as well as a hijab, if I may say so?
  11. Girl X needs a slap sunshine! I'll be your fellow weirdo if you ever need someone to talk to! ^
  12. I want to beat up all those kids that were mean! Honestly I can't stand bullies! Haha so are you! lool how is he your closest friend if he gets on your nerves? I think we need to start an intervention on who you can and cannot hang out with! One day you're going to post make a post about going out with a serial killer...
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