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  1. I found this other story I wrote back in Grade 8 . hope you guys like it! The night…that changed my life I was trying my best to open my eyes, but it was no use, it wasn’t working. I tried and tried, and at last, they opened. Everything was blurry, and then my surrounding came into focus. My mom was holding my hand, tears running down her cheeks. I was lying in bed, in the hospital. Sunlight was invading the room, which was as quiet as a tomb. It consisted of a sofa, a television, and a bed for the patient. My memories were blank. I couldn’t remember anything. “Are you okay, Sweety?” My mom asked, tears still running down her cheeks. Then all of a sudden, questions started rushing into my mind. How did I end up in the hospital? What happened to me? But my voice wouldn’t come out; I couldn’t feel anything in my stiff body. Suddenly, a sea of thoughts came storming into my mind. I had gone to Jessica’s birthday party. It was a blast! After the party was over, Jessica’s elder sister, Maria, agreed to drop me off at my house, because it was too late. Stephanie came along. We were having a good time. I turned my head around and saw a truck coming our way. Maria had been acting weird but we never realized she was drunk. And the worst part was that she was driving! If I had known, I wouldn’t have even asked her. Everything happened so fast and the last thing I knew, there was blood everywhere! I don’t exactly remember what happened after that. I looked on my side; I could see my friend, Stephanie, who was in the car with us last night, all covered in blood. She had wires attached to all over her body. A doctor and two nurses were operating on her. Only a glass window separated us. I turned my head towards my mom again; her face was filled with concern. Hair was falling on her face. Her eyes, they were an ocean of worries and trouble. I always admired her eyes, which were full of hope all the time. I wanted to tell her not to worry. Nothing would happen to me. I wanted to comfort her, but before words could even escape my mouth, they were drowned in a flood of fear. Would I survive or not? I looked at the heart monitor besides Stephanie’s bed. I could hear the beeping sound. I looked at her face; it was so calm and peaceful. She had no worries. Then suddenly, I saw the nurses rushing around her bed, panicking. I could no longer see her face. The lines on the heart monitor began going shaky and then straight. My nurse was standing on my head, giving me an injection. Everything started to go blurry now. I couldn’t sleep now. I wanted to snatch off all the wires. I wanted to do something to help her. I felt so helpless. I felt like screaming. At least it would make me feel better. The last thing I saw was that the lines on the heart monitor went completely straight. And then, I went into a world of my own. The next morning, when I woke up, I felt much better. I had a severe headache though, that was killing me. My voice was back now. I asked my mom in a low squeaky voice about Stephanie. She told me something I couldn’t believe. I wished, she would tell me it wasn’t true. I was so shocked. She told me…Stephanie was no longer in this world….the doctors couldn’t save her. Oh my God! I wished something told me I was dreaming. I couldn’t take this and I guess I fainted after that. After two more weeks. I got dismissed from the hospital. The doctors said that I recovered really fast. They had to cut off my right leg because it was severely injured. I had also broken my left arm. But the best part was that I had survived. How would I ever thank God? That’s all I could ask for! I arrived home on a wheel chair. My room was on the first floor. As soon as I entered my room, the sweet smell of the room, made me right feel at home. It reminded me of all my childhood memories. I looked at myself in the mirror. I could see a girl, sitting hopelessly on a wheel chair, with only one leg...who couldn’t even get up to get a glass of water? A girl, who was the best athlete of the year, now, couldn’t stand on her feet again. She would be dependant on others for the rest of her life. I learnt a lot from my accident. People always learn from their mistakes. I guess I learned big time from this. These kind of experiences always make us strong and teach us how to face the realities of life. I wish I had a time machine, so I could go back in time, and make myself realize the value of life. If someone would ask me, what my one and only wish is, it would be the ability to stand on my feet again and not be dependant on others for the rest of my life. My trophies always remind me of how lucky I was! Why do people always make mistake first and then learn from them?
  2. You presumptuous little git ^o).

  3. I wrote this poem back in Grade 10 for my Civics and Careers class. thought I'd share it with you guys =) PURSUING YOUR DREAMS Once upon a time There was a boy who used to eat limes Limes that were worth dimes And trees he used to climb But when he decided to pursue his dream of becoming an actor In his life, for success it became a decisive factor To pursue his dream he joined acting groups For strength, he ate chicken soup Day and day, out of frustration he used to scream But after he fulfilled his dream He at last showed everyone That pursuing dreams can be fun Delighted, he round and round spun His determination He felt gave him a great sensation To everyone, he became one of great admiration And caused temptation To everyone whose lives were full of frustration That dreams are your creation Worth great dedication! So my friends, learn from this boy That many people have countless dreams Sometimes hard they may seem But once you make up your mind You don’t need to worry about having enough time! So my friends dream big! And no one can stop you from pursuing them, not even a pig!
  4. PM me your email (Y).

  5. Let the battle commence!

  6. i can just do it OVER your hijab. SCREW THIS i say we take this off MM and like..to msn?

  7. Good luck doing that coz my hijab won't make it easy for you mistah! I guess your thinking skills need to improve as well ;).

  8. you see...i CAN be mean and my disses would sting a whole much but i wont go there OK...im just too nice :) Actually when i get mad i just noogie people. I guess ill do that to YOU when i meet you next!

  9. Oh, why thank you. I'll take that as a compliment =). My mom always says that I look a lot older than my age and so I am very flattered by your comment hahaha. Anyhow, you should work work on your disses as clearly they aren't very dissful. I guess you'll get better with age as 15 years in not quite enuff to develop superior dissing skills like mine ;).

  10. whaaat!?! i look 15?? look whos talking i thought you were competing for MIST. I bet you did and you got away with it :P

  11. Oh yeah. They'll also adopt you as their kid since you look like ur just 15 :P.

  12. All the aunties from neighbouring villages of Rawalpindi will DEFINITELY be impressed (Y). Fax me your bio data and i'll forward it to them :P.

  13. AliaT

    Is it real?

    TOK is getting to your head
  14. maybe...you might be right it would definitely look good especially if i put it on my bio data...what will the aunties say to that??

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