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  1. I have an idea for a unique title ... To Be Determined!
  2. Anyway let's cut out these petty arguments. Let's hug and unite before our last breath.
  3. I want it changed too. "Maniac Muslim" would not fit anymore, I think. Mostly Mature Muslims (MMM)?
  4. If so then we have to tell all MM residents to evacuate quickly! Quick, quick!
  5. Spider


    The poster of the OP watches EastEnders too, so most likely Tony is from the same country as him (India). And top hats go well with trolls, and the OP person also likes being a troll, so that's another similarity between him and Tony. Those two connections makes me think that tea is also what the OP poster likes.
  6. "I've never really read a book before because I thought they were boring." ???
  7. That sounds a little ironic after knowing that you never even read a book before. And 500 pages is quite a lot, IMO. And there is a lot of ideas to absorb, which requires more time and re-reading.
  8. Cubster. But recently we have been discussing the idea of migrating to a new forum. Or maybe delete this forum and create a private FB group or something. Do you (and any one else can reply to this) have any thoughts or feedback that you'd like to share?
  9. I doubt you will read all of it because it's a huge book and it's packed with experiments and analysis. I read some of the introductory chapters and glossed the rest of the book to absorb the gist of the arguments. There are also videos by the author of that book where he explains some of this stuff. The distinction of the brain as "system 1" and "system 2" is not something original, however. It is just a different way of expressing the rather obvious idea that our brains can be very intuitive/spontaneous at times and other times it can be more logical. I don't think that's surprising. But I do think that the elaborations and the flaws of each system discussed in the book are interesting. If I stand on top of a mountain and look below and see how beautiful the earth is, and I feel that all of this points to the existence of an intelligent designer or creator, then that must be system 1. But a person who is on system 2 will say "Nope, that's a logical fallacy!" So how can you tell which system's logic is more reliable?
  10. Hehe. At least that is a thought-provoking subject. And it's not fiction (which I never read).
  11. Subjective experiences can be real of course, but the problem with psychiatry is in the diagnosis of the cause of illnesses and the methods of treating them. Sometimes even normal things get labelled as an illness or disorder in the brain (see this lecture by psychiatrist Allen J. Frances), and that allows the psychiatrist to be able to conveniently justify the need for medications, and unfortunately the medications too are oftentimes not only ineffective but lead to quite severe damage to the patients taking them. Talk therapy is much more helpful, IMO.
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