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  1. Subjective experiences can be real of course, but the problem with psychiatry is in the diagnosis of the cause of illnesses and the methods of treating them. Sometimes even normal things get labelled as an illness or disorder in the brain (see this lecture by psychiatrist Allen J. Frances), and that allows the psychiatrist to be able to conveniently justify the need for medications, and unfortunately the medications too are oftentimes not only ineffective but lead to quite severe damage to the patients taking them. Talk therapy is much more helpful, IMO.
  2. Your weight is obviously a mix of nature and nurture. If you notice a very sudden increase in weight, however, then most likely there's a particular cause behind it. One significant but overlooked factor that influences weight gain or weight loss is the microbial rainforest that exist in our guts: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/how-gut-bacteria-help-make-us-fat-and-thin/' Even taking an antibiotic may lead to a sudden weight gain, since it kills some of the good bacteria that are necessary for maintaining a healthy body weight: https://drmasley.com/are-antibiotics-making-you-fat/
  3. This is incredible. I bumped this thread 2 years later. How time flies.
  4. I was reading about this like two weeks ago. Interesting ...
  5. I don't know how many of you have seen this by now (it's one of those viral things), but check it out if you didn't. Then answer the poll question. There are easily understandable explanations to this on Youtube and other websites, like over here: https://www.vox.com/2018/5/16/17358774/yanny-laurel-explained (I hear Yanni.)
  6. But I was thinking, why give it a kick anyway? Are we that bored? I did? Why do you think that?
  7. Spider

    MM Awards 2024

    ^ Better to have one more, so I nominate Breeze and Spud to do it.
  8. Spider

    MM Awards 2024

    I agree. I think we should.
  9. "Creativity requires taking what Einstein called 'a leap into the unknown.' This can mean putting your beliefs, reputation, and resources on the line as you suffer the slings and arrows of ridicule. Other common attributes are a strong motivation to bring order and definition to the world, as well as independent judgment. Creative people are able to go against the mainstream. While in many ways they can be quite conventional, they tend to rebel against conformity as they accompany their own private visions down lonely, untrod paths." Frank X. Barron (1979)
  10. Happy Birthday Summer Haze!

    1. Breeze


      Happy bday Summerhaze wherever you are!

  11. I like him too. I am planning to get this book next: Jung on Art: The Autonomy of the Creative Drive Lots of crazy but interesting ideas.
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