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  1. Happy birthday cherry!

    1. cherry*tomato


      Thanks. Sorry for the reply. Hope you are well.

  2. Happy birthday cherry! 

    1. cherry*tomato


      Thanks! Bit late. I have been super busy as of late. Hope you are well. Still in Leeds?

  3. What spoiler, everyone knewed they were being killed off. Silly. What a dark, creepy ending.
  4. Both Ronnie and Roxy die, apparently. I might tune in and watch it.
  5. Americans, good luck.

    1. Abdul Rahman

      Abdul Rahman

      Hmm. My friends have offered me rooms in Kenya

    2. cherry*tomato
  6. I don't live in London anymore. Also I don't think there are many Londoners about on MM these days.
  7. What MM ladies? You lot are doing a fine job at giving advice. I wouldn't know where to start with this kind of problem.
  8. You Yanks don't appreciate humour even if it slapped you in the face, thus I've decided to be super duper nice from now on. Let's call it a new years resolution
  9. Happy birthday or rather belated birthday. Did you have a nice day?

  10. Did you stay in Istanbul for the whole trip or venture out to another city? Some mosques are beautiful. MC - You sound really upset that the film is based on a book. I'd be more upset at watching Matt Damon attempt to act.
  11. Cool. Did you have fun? Istanbul is a great place.
  12. Where did you holiday in Turkey? I haven't had the time to read a decent book lately.
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