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  1. thinks MM is now full of rants, threads of nonsensical topics and convos by the same members.

  2. Word, yo. There are better things to worry about, I reckon. And that thing about 'female doctors not being straight so they not look at your vajayjay, Iya please, they've seen probably millions and unless yours is in green with red polka dots, I don't think it'd make a difference and even to male doctors. Being a doctor is such a noble profession, I refuse to stand ridiculous things like these to undermine their profession.
  3. What do you mean YOUR days? Babe, you're still young ! And never have I met someone who wants to get married as bad as you. Hahah, I wonder if you're attracted to the idea for all the wrong reasons or right reasons, because it all ain't butterflies and flowers honey ! I prefer dating, atleast you can have the choice and learn from dating mistakes. And fun !
  4. It's a sin, to look at any guys, regardless of them being Muslim or not. The real purpose of doing this, is so we don't get caught up in our desires because undesirable things would come off from it like getting pregnant before marriage, having STDs and etc etc. Arranged marriage is not in my culture so even if I'm Muslim, my marriage won't be arranged. It depends on your culture.
  5. Haha, girls can be bigger perverts than guys, trust me. The things we say, god forbid, quite the outrageous things. It's a generalization to say that men has bigger sexual desires than women. I think women are just better at hiding it. And I think Zimarina's post brings home the trophy. I'm really tired of reading the whole "Men are perverts/have high sexual desires/bla bla" and other bs going on. Don't need to hide our insecurities on them. I'm so annoyed with women who have trust issues.
  6. Why do you want to get married so badly? You keep on repeating it over and over again. Someone marry the girl already !
  7. OMG. MM community is obsessed with MARRIAGE !! OBSESSED !! Just chill la people, when it comes, it comes ! It's all in God's hands, I'm sure there are other better things to be obsessed about ! And what's this about being 17 and thinking about getting married? Dudeee !! Talk about being young, I'm sure you're still a baby yourself ! Tsk Tsk.
  8. I won't say majority of 'non-Muslim' guys, I think majority of guys watch porn and this does not just transcend to only guys. Girls do it too.
  9. Hahah, french men are hot, oh and that accent ! Beyond lovee !!
  10. ^ exactly. I don't get homeschooling at all. Think it's just a move for some parents to shelter their kids which would in turn backfire since the kid has no experiences whatsoever to deal with diff people and obstacles in life, being so sheltered at home. I know I'm generalizing, but I think only a few would turn up good.
  11. Home-schooling gets a 'thumb down' from me. Am not gonna shelter my kids, if the school wants to teach them sex ed, then so be it. It's up to me as a responsible parent to explain to them and teach them what is right or wrong. And if they don't follow it, it's their mistakes to learn from.
  12. Sigh, cars are so cheap in your country. From where I come from, a BMW could go up as easily to 200K USD !
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