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    The Mother

    It's been ages since I actively posted here. I used to write poetry a little bit when I was 16 but then I quickly dropped it and hadn't written a thing until I picked it back up in June. So I've been writing for only two months now but it's more of a hobby I do more actively. I thought I'd share my most recent piece rather than my usual popping in and saying hello. --------- I didn't envision this life as a girl A dropout that gave life to you so young And raised you, child, all on my own A white picket fence in the suburbs I lusted for Instead we go apartment to apartment Two jobs, 12 hour shifts, anything to make ends meet I want to cry and scream but then I see you Whenever I feel it getting too dark You, my angel, shine light upon it My child I cherish every moment with you The doodles in your scrapbook Are masterpieces in my heart A child so sweet and perfect She cooks dinner for mommy before she's home Your laughter so contagious, I forgot The thrown drink after I stepped through the door I don't regret this life I made with you Because a life without you is imperfect Happy Birthday sweet child, I love you ------ Written for all the mothers out there.
  2. Maze Runner The Scorch Trials. Awesome action scenes!! The Martian. Great, great movie. I thought the ending was a bit over the top though but it didn't ruin it for me.
  3. Dash


    Here! very occasionally.
  4. Don't worry, Sanderson is a FAST writer! He's finished the Mistborn series then dived into its 2nd trilogy (the 5th book is coming out next year) along with starting a brand new series in 2013 (the Rithatist) and then finishing another ginormous book series just in 2013 as well due to the author's death. The two books are 1300ish pages each and if that's not good enough then you got all the other books he's still writing to get accustomed to his cool writing style. I've read two of the Mistborn series and you may end up liking that yourself. I know exactly what chapter you're talking about. I have a BUNCH of theories for ASOIAF haha, I've even read many of the more accepted theories on the internet communities so I may end up spoiling stuff by discussing it. I really think we see Winds of Winter by next summer.
  5. I got called into work Saturday despite being sick and despite dealing with food. I ended up feeling much, much worse when I got home. I slept 4 hours then I got up feeling terrible and then proceeding to stay up 24 hours for my test while barely maintaining concentration and having to grab a tissue/snort my nose/cough non-stop the entire time. Eventually sleep deprivation caught up to me. What a nightmare. Needless to say I didn't do great on the test.
  6. Not yet. It's something NEW to get hooked on! The writer is an upcoming superstar in the fantasy world ; wrote a very solid series called Mistborn, which I own, and he completed Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series, which is a big deal although I never got into it. So far 2 books out and it's expected to be 10 books. I have the first book and its HUMONGOUS, just as big as Storm of Storms by GRRM. The world-building is atonishing, I fully expect it to become THE next big thing in the fantasy world once Game of Thrones is over. I haven't read the second one yet though but I've heard nothing but good things so far (I'm waiting for the paperback to be released around March).
  7. I'd highly recommend Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson while you wait.
  8. Community fans are the minority. I see posts like that though all over the Community subreddit.
  9. Ha, I could go rant on and on about that crap. I feel the same about Big Bang Theory but I know I'm a minority there. I'm halfway through season 2 and dreading the ending. Arrested Development was my go-to show on Netflix but its been Better Off Ted for a while now, think its actually better than the former too.
  10. Better Off Ted! Such an underrated show and a true gem on Netflix. I can't believe it couldn't draw an audience on TV but then again neither could Community nor Scrubs, but that's a recurring theme with most well-written comedies (or tv shows in general).
  11. Eid Mubarak brothers and sisters! :)

    1. Hijab


      Eid Mubarak


    2. cubster


      Eid Mubaruk to you too!

  12. Cool to see this board is still here. Salaams everyone :)

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      Great, about midterms now. How are you brother? Long time no see.

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      alhamdulillah! mid term break for MM eh lol

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      The lengths I go to for my crippling procrastination!

  13. Don't muck everything up Schaub!
  14. Community season 3 episode #2. Love this show.
  15. Dash


    Seriously it shouldn't be all that hard to bring in top talent but Wenger is making it look like rocket science.
  16. Dash


    Fabregas gone and sold for only 29 million euros, and we get owned by Liverpool. This sucks.
  17. Harry Potter: The Sorcerer's Stone
  18. Dash


    One more week till the season!
  19. Dash

    2011 NBA Finals

    Ugh...I can't believe Dallas dropped that one. Series control back to the Heat.
  20. Oh my god...what a comeback by the Mavericks.
  21. Pats Seahawks Packers Ravens My picks.
  22. Dash


    ManU going down tomorrow.
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