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  1. I would do Artest for Ariza anyday. I love this move and we're finally taking a step into rebuilding. Rockets just need to have a crap-year, draft a top 5 prospect and with McGrady (and possibly Yao) expiring, we can make a huge splash in the 2010 free agency. 2010-2011 season, we're going to be STACKED!
  2. Thanks for Ariza!

  4. **** this ♥♥♥♥.
  5. ^Dumb move. Seriously, Zach on a rebuilding team? Rumors are pointing to Ariza leaving for either Toronto or Portland Breaking news: Ron Artest likely leaving Houston, Rockets offering only a one year deal. So it is down to either Orlando or LA in the Ron Artest sweepstakes.
  6. Could be but the Chinese media and ESPN are saying its exaggerated. I don't know what to say until I hear from Morey or Les.
  7. They didn't trade Hedo, it was Courtney Lee plus fillers. Magic might even resign Hedo and they have 5 former all-stars in one damn team. In other news Yao could miss next season FML.
  8. That was Jermaine Jackson and iA hopefully he did.
  9. Richard Jefferson to the Spurs. Shaq to the Cavs. And now Vince Carter to the Magic. What an offseason and the draft hasn't even started.
  10. I'm shocked...RIP I heard he was interested in Islam, did he ever convert?
  11. Dash


    Love it, I don't religiously follow it but I do watch when I can. Anyone else watch it?
  12. Resident Evil Degeneration. This would be the third time I watched it. Can't wait for Transformers!
  13. Kobe will be the best until he is 34 or 35. Lebron is so overrated...
  14. There is a Kobe poster just right above my bed and I have no clue why I leave it up there.
  15. Where were you during the Cavs/Spurs? Lakers/Nets? Hats off to the Magic and congratulations Lakers fans.
  16. Ha, I'll keep my opinions to myself because I'm not going to turn a BASKETBALL thread into politics.
  17. Why do I feel this is directed to me?
  18. Good post but I'm going to disagree. The players I ever seen that are obsessed with fancy dunks and dribbles are street players and bone heads that don't do jack in the NBA. Most of the stars in the 90s were big men and forwards, highly efficient scorers that blinded the poor guard play. Most of the guards back then were volume shooters like Kenny Smith or Mario Elie. This era is shining with guards that seem too flashy and lead to the speculation the article is probably talking about. In a nutshell Did the 90s possess better and efficient scorers? Yes, but this era's really as bad as some believe? No. Also 95% of those European players wouldn't even sniff NBA playing time. Its the mass star talent and lack of chemistry that is holding Team USA back.
  19. Again I never bandwagoned. Where have I posted that I'm supporting the Lakers? If you came out and asked me about Kobe, I would go on for hours about how much I hate him. Overreaction on my graphics set change and thanks for the back up Salman.
  20. I've seen NBA players in their shoot around sessions and rarely EVER miss. Its the speed and fatigue of the game that causes these players to miss. If you think you're a better free throw shooter than some professionals think again. NBA players spend hours in the gym working on their shots.
  21. Back to my rant about Jameer Nelson, that ***** needs to get back in his suit and sit his ass down.
  22. Or Stan Van Gundy is just dumb. Seriously Jameer Nelson ****ed up his team by coming back early.

  23. When did I say I'm changing teams? Go Rockets (a non choking team)! See, what bandwagon?
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