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  1. Is the voltage thing not true then? I was only exaggerating about being "upset" that you don't use kettles, it was more that if you did decide to use one, it wouldn't work that well anyway? I haven't worked out if that part is true yet.
  2. I'm sure they are a nation of coffee drinkers. Electric kettles are such a a basic kitchen item in the UK, and so it was that I found more odd, that they don't use them as much in the USA
  3. I did physics over 14 years ago! Not suprised I got the terminology wrong, or didn't understand it properly. I meant an electric kettle by the way, not a stove top one For further information : http://uk.businessinsider.com/why-americans-dont-use-electric-kettles-stove-top-2015-12
  4. So it has recently come to my attention that in the US of A, people don't use kettles, because apparently they don't work that well. Something to do with low voltage in the homes (if I understood this correctly ) So what Americans do instead to get boiling water? Use the stove, which makes sense, ideal for if you wanted desi tea, but some people apparently use the microwave!! What on Earth!! I'm really struggling to get my head around the fact that some people have to microwave water to boil it. And who knew that kettles are so "powerful", that the low voltage in USA homes mean they don't work well. Especially when I'm pretty sure in Pakistan the kettles work fine, in a country where they have to turn it off sometimes because there isn't enough electricity generated. I'm flabbergasted, how the heck do you make a decent cup of tea? Although this explains how Trump got elected, your minds got scrambled by the lack of a decent cuppa.
  5. I liked split. I was impressed with the acting of the girl who played Casey (and the little Casey too!)
  6. After you've shaved a newborn baby's hair, are you meant to bury the hair? I've never heard anything about burying the hair before.
  7. I really want it to be Eid and I don't know why

  8. Salam Lupes, so sorry for the delay! She couldn't have read my message because there's no reply and the info box says "not yet read" and that she hadn't been on MM since 2009! I really appreciate you asking, would you mind asking her if she could just send me that one particular recipe as I need it for a gathering and her site has been down ages now unfortunately! Jazakallahu khayr again xX

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    2. Lupin


      Her original message said she didn't have any back ups, and was waiting on her host to give her the files. Which I'm not sure if has happened. She hasn't yet replied to my second message yet either. Get a back up recipe ready perhaps?http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/418615/easy-naan-bread

    3. Lupin


      The website is back up! And she requested comments to be left if any of the recipes have been tried.

    4. Zimbabwe


      Thank you so much Lupes, I really appreciate all your going back and fro for me- I know it's no fun being a carrier pidgeon! I have emailed the recipe to myself so even if it goes down again, I've got it! Jazakillahu khayr hun x

  9. Assalamu alaikum. I got a message from WeeBee on FB, and she did say that she had replied to your MM message. She basically said she's working on getting her blog back up and running again.

  10. *knock knock* Er, please can you recommend me some good books to read? Thanking you please. OK then bye

  11. May Allah make you successful in your endeavour, and if it isn't right for you, may He replace it with something better for you
  12. There's so many variations on the zombie phenomenon, I can't keep up.
  13. Well if I kept getting chased by zombies all the time, I think I would eventually just let them eat me. I'd get tired of running! Maybe, but who really knows?
  14. That's all I have to say. That, and the fact that I would just be awful in a zombie apocalypse and give up.
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