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  1. Mo-

    happy birthday bro

  2. Why do you have a status by cubster that says I'm an egg?

  3. LOL, funny joke. ///м53я: keep dreaming bro.
  4. The bad is a lot worse And the good, one word-Syrians.
  5. Lebanese women are known for something else I think. Btw Musa your comments sound like what a Bulgarian would say, lol.
  6. All the white guys kinda looked like trailer trash.
  7. My paki room-mate got a Pakistani National cricket team jersey and he was more excited that a kid in a candy store.

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    2. Shrimphead


      I still get excited by candy. What I don't get is how people can be fascinated by sports. It's just a game, after all.

    3. stillcantthinkofaname


      and candy is just a bit of sugar, no?

    4. GuerillaRadio


      But this bigger than Pakistan over England; it's Pakistan's history of corruption v. a meritocracy. InshaAllah, this has implications for the country itself!

  8. If he had picked the kid up it is just as likely that because of the weak immune system the kid would have died of the bacteria from the physical contact. Personally I think the "oh he should have helped" setiments are quite dangerous because mass media feeds off them. We care about what we are personally exposed to yet we dont care too much to the stuff we do not see.
  9. and what about the bees that dont have humans watching them?
  10. A more plausable explanation is that that area was one of the first places where human civilizations developed.
  11. He was speaking about mahr, so that would still be an issue. Lets not pretend that the avg Afro-American Muslim and the avg Migrant or son of migrant makes the same $$$. And even beyond that, there would be different considerations, each community has its own issues and its own stregths and a scholar has to understand that. Also if you had seen some of my posts on culture you'd know that I do NOT group a 2nd gen Paki as part of some cultural copy of a "pakistani culture" from the homeland. PS. In MMA do you hit the face or not?
  12. A man who praises himself displays his deficiency of intellect.

    1. Pomak


      -Attributed to Imam Ali

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