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  1. whattheheavens came over and met my kittens in Ramadan. Forgot to post about it til now. Tubrs out her friend lives nearby and she's in my area often. It was nice.
  2. I was in pain for like two days lol. Good times. Also we were so clueless about the game three different people volunteered to help us lmao
  3. Wow you're actually here! How's it going? Are you ever visiting NYC again?

    1. oxy.moron


      Lol I came on to look for a video I wanted to show my friends. The last time I was in New York was April last year. Not sure when I'm going back. Maybe April again but I'm not sure. 

    2. Summer.Haze


      Okay, we should meet up and hang out somewhere that isn't in Queens this time lol.

    3. oxy.moron


      Lmao for sure 

  4. Wasn't that impressive from here plus it was overcast so I didn't bother. My sister made a pinhole camera just to look at it.
  5. El Chema. Without subtitles and I didn't understand anything. Welp.
  6. I had a dream that i was inside the kaaba and there were pictures of Hindu idols on the wall and I was trying to take them down but they were stuck. Then my cousin came in and tried to take them down bit they were stuck. Then we started to pray (salah) inside the kaaba and also there was a table with a bowl of milk on it and that is all I remember. The end.
  7. Looks to me like this whole thing is my fault. I seem to be the common denominator in all spider's examples lol. Hehehehe.
  8. At least 5 dead, 10 injured at Quebec City masjid. 2 arrested. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raajioon.

    1. Mufasa


      inna lilahi wa inna ilayhi wa rajioon :(

    2. Mo-


      inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon.

    3. rumaysa°


      My heart feels so heavy... </3

  9. Lmao you literally called the thread ads
  10. This hadith talks about the difference While we were one day sitting with the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him), there appeared before us a man dressed in extremely white clothes and with very black hair. No traces of journeying were visible on him, and none of us knew him. He sat down close by the Prophet (peace be upon him), rested his knee against his thighs, and said, "O Muhammad! Inform me about Islam." The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said, "Islam is that you should testify that there is no deity except Allah and that Muhammad is His Messenger, that you should perform salah, pay the Zakah, fast during Ramadan, and perform Hajj to the House, if you are able to do so." The man said, "You have spoken truly." We were astonished at his questioning him (the Messenger) and telling him that he was right, but he went on to say, "Inform me about iman." He (the Messenger of Allah) answered, "It is that you believe in Allah and His angels and His Books and His Messengers and in the Last Day, and in qadar (fate), both in its good and in its evil aspects." He said, "You have spoken truly." Then he (the man) said, "Inform me about Ihsan." He (the Messenger of Allah) answered, "It is that you should serve Allah as though you could see Him, for though you cannot see Him yet (know that) He sees you." He said, "Inform me about the Hour." He (the Messenger of Allah) said, "About that, the one questioned knows no more than the questioner." So he said, "Well, inform me about the signs thereof." He said, "They are that the slave-girl will give birth to her mistress, that you will see the barefooted, naked, destitute, the herdsmen of the sheep (competing with each other) in raising lofty buildings." Thereupon the man went of. I waited a while, and then he (the Messenger of Allah) said, "O Umar, do you know who that questioner was?" I replied, "Allah and His Messenger know better." He said, "That was Jibril (the Angel Gabriel). He came to teach you your religion."
  11. You haven't changed a diaper but you're a stay at home dad? So what do you do
  12. I know him! That's all I came to say.
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