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    um... reading, taking pictures, writing, and doing (good!) stuff on photoshop!
  1. Happy B'Day!


    Ramadan Mubarak !مبارك عليكم الشهر

  2. yeah, we have taraweeh in like, every street or so. why do you ask??
  3. sindh... though i aint a sindhi... born canadian, dude! and yeah, ive wiped the tears away... *sniff*
  4. *blushes*

    haha... we so rule!

  5. i usually get three dresses for eid... shalwar kameez all the way! it's EID in a few days!!!
  6. sorry, but you looked in the wrong house... we've got beautiful people here. (and do NOT take the pakistanis making news to be the only pakistanis alive!) Pakistan Zindabad. there you have it!
  7. err... what was there to BARF about????
  8. err.. um. nothing.. but there are much more better singer than her too.

  9. I did. Why, what's wrong with that? and from readin the bottom comment, Luna called me a freshy :)

  10. erm... do i know u? n where did i call u a freshy?

  11. laugh out loud... thank you so much all of you. no, i'm not named after a drink! it's a NICKname, fgs! anyway... i've got enough chappalein of my own.. don't want yours... and pakistanis rock. pebble. stone. whatever.
  12. who said abida parveen rocks???

  13. thank you aleena!

    oh yeah... we're so beautiful people!

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