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  1. No offense, but did either of you actually read the article? It isn't meant to be offensive to Muslims, as the author is being so sarcastic throughout the article. He/she is mocking how paranoid people have become, and how ignorant and intolerant Americans can be regarding certain things (ie. when they talk about "dialing back intolerance, one group at a time").
  2. Booty Luv- Some Kinda Rush (Dub Mix)
  3. UZ

    not much a gwan!!

    how you doin?!

  4. Getting my learn on, m'dear.
  5. Considering MM is a religious forum, I'm not surprised that people end up insulting each other. Religion is very personal. It's only natural that people will become defensive, as it is their beliefs being questioned/debated. There have been many times where I've disagreed with people on certain subjects, only to have another irate member make implications about my level of faith. This is why I choose not to post on MM as much as I used to.
  6. What on earth? Interracial marriages happen all the time! Well, in my community, at least.
  7. I can't wait! I'm going to spend all my savings on books! THINKERS RECOURSE, HERE I COME.
  8. Happy Birthday :D

    I miss your green avater :(

  9. No way! I always wondered if I could get sick eating too many.
  10. Ditto what Moslem says for Ryerson University in Toronto. Carleton University in Ottawa also has a good program, and the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus (UTSC) has a joint journalism program with Centennial College, as well. But like Moslem said, it's very difficult to get into.
  11. I too know where I live.

  12. I know where you live.

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