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  1. HEY YOU! Salaam.

    BLAH! I need a life. Cute avatar. :D

  2. Moudini, your team was fantastic and it was really nice meeting you! I wish I had time to sit and chat with you but alas it could not happen. Thank you for coming out! I heard rumaysa was around but I didn't get to meet her :'(. Nice seeing you again msbrlm! Munra, did we get to meet this year? I can't remember. Hope you guys had fun. SC, giraffe: Thank you so much for all your help!
  3. Moudini, looking forward to having you there! And many apologies for not responding to the email you sent me. InshAllah we can discuss what you emailed me about at MIST . Sc, I'm SO glad you're gonna be there <3!
  4. JazakAllah khairun everyone and ameen to your duas.
  5. asalam alaykum sister, i read the thread about ur uncle, and I would like to offer my condolences, I know it's not easy and I pray that Allah forgives his sins,grants him jannah and gives you all sabr. Amin.

    t.c xx

  6. He passed away today. Please make dua for him and his family, jazakAllah khairun.
  7. argh

    don't remind me


  8. LOL, gosh maybe I should've written instructions. You basically open the case and extend it as far as it will go. It will turn into an L shape sort of which you just prop on your desk!
  9. ^ Yay! Thanks white-rose : ) Aw, thanks for spreading the word Ajeebo! Get those Americans to buy some..I have SO many left :-\. No American customers so far either .
  10. Aw, really?? That sucks! I thought those bubble mailers would be more reliable. Let me know if it works...I'll send you another one if it doesn't.
  11. Although this all seems like common sense, quite possibly the most intelligent advice on this topic I have come across. It assures me that I am not insane giving importance to the 4 points you mentioned, as most people lead me to believe I am. Good job Siraaj! May Allah SWT bless your marriage and keep you both eternally happy in this life & the Next.
  12. ^ Everything's an issue dontcha know! Did you get yours Hussain?! Huda, yep I can do email money transfers (btw you dont need a credit card for PayPal, you can use your bank account too). If you want to do a money transfer, you can send it at weebee[at]gmail.com & send me shipping info at the same address. Thanks Huda & Sana~ .
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