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  1. Hello! I miss you and your cats.

    1. cubster


      lol you never talk to me man, why you so busay?

    2. Shrimphead


      I just pretend to be busy. It makes me feel important. Lol.

  2. At least the medical treatment is far cheaper in India. I'm afraid to go to the doctor here, because all I'm worried about are the bills. But the sexual abuse is terrible. Especially since families put so much trust in their relatives and people they hire. When the kids come up and say something's happened, they don't believe them. Wow I know SOOOOOO many people this has happened to. PS: ALL Indians watch movies. This is not a generalization. It's Indian life. It's: Cricket, Cinema, Corruption. In that order. The whole country revolves around what the next movie is. For some one who didn't watch TV growing up, I've probably watched more than 100 movies in India. They worship movies stars. Literally. Tamil movies are AWFUL. It's all violence, bloodshed, and some tears. At least Bollywood movies have a plot. I wouldn't be surprised if people are being influenced. And there's a suicide every day in the papers. And I know several people who've committed suicide. It's very common.
  3. Well I was like "Please! I'll take both if you give it to me for 10." And he was like no. And so I walked out of the store. Perhaps as M53R mentioned, I kind of don't look serious. Lol. But I will try and persevere, inshaAllah!
  4. I tried it yesterday. The guy laughed in my face. Then I had a nightmare about a previous incident where this dude said 120AED for a shawl worth only 20AED. So in my dream I had sweated, haggled, argued, bargained, screamed, and he finally came down to 26AED and I only realized I was in this dream a few minutes before I woke up. But it turned out well in the end because I felt like I actually accomplished something.
  5. Anything and everything. Try: abayas, books, accessories, jewelry, scarves, decorations... Basically whatever you can find at a souk/bazar-style place. I know what the "best" price for stuff is, but I can't seem to make them lower the price they give me.
  6. Oh one more thing: when I speak nicely or chat with the shopkeepers they do give me free stuff. And then when it comes time to bargain for the stuff I'm actually purchasing, I feel guilty because I took the free stuff from them. Case in point: At a shirt shop with my grandma-in-law - I was speaking fake broken Cantonese to this lady (who didn't have a clue what I was saying because she was Mandarin) - she got so excited that I was speaking Chinese that she gave me five keychains and a Hijab headband. Then we bought 15 shirts and my grandma-in-law bargained with her for them and the lady got so upset that we were ripping her off (the items were already cheap) she looked like she was about to cry and looked at me for help. I just shrugged my shoulders. How can I be on her side! The guilt of taking the things was eating at me, so I snuck out of the shop without saying anything to her. I felt so awful. And my grandma-in-law got upset at me for not bargaining. Not upset, but I became the butt of all shopping jokes.
  7. JazakAllah khair everyone for your wonderful advice! Simply brilliant! I'm going to muster up some courage and try it again. I know for a fact that I'm just being a coward. Also, since my bargaining happens in Eastern countries, I tend to go into the stores with this "OMG what if they're ripping me off because I sound like a tourist?". I know I'm being paranoid, but I feel like they purposely bump up the price when I speak - and I don't know any other language! I am one of them but they don't think I am! So usually I say "Give it to me for 30" and they say "Noooooo it's good quality, etc etc" So I say "What's your best price", and they laugh and don't go a penny lower. In Bombay it's "Are you from Dubai?", in Dubai it's "Are you from London (what!??)". NO I'M ONE OF YOU! I REALLY AM! It's very disheartening. And I'm just paranoid. So I smile sadly, look to other people for help, but it doesn't work. The worst is when they frown and say "Nooooooooooo..." I feel evil and I feel like I'm robbing them. I'm not sure how to proceed after this. It becomes awkward. And I feel compelled to buy anyway since I've come into the store and wasted their time. So I prefer buying from department stores. But there are so many nice things at the souk! Amazing things for amazing prices - if I just had this skill. Please pray for me. I look challenged in front of my in-laws.
  8. Salams Everyone, I went shopping with my husband's family yesterday. The way they bargain is so frightening. And I feel handicapped when I can't ask for a discount. When I came back home, I couldn't sleep because I was having nightmares about shopping. I find that people around me ask for discounts and haggle with ease and they find it fun. I got into a little tiff with my husband because he forced me to bargain with the lady at the souk. I was literally shivering and feeling weird. I told him I felt awkward and that my heart was pounding. And it really was. My forehead has the word "Sucker" written all over it. Even when I begin to ask for a discount the shopkeepers stick to their ridiculous prices because they can tell I'd rather buy the item than risk humiliation. I want to bargain, but I'm too terrified to. How do I stop myself from being a coward? I know I'm not risking anything by just asking for a discount. What is the process of bargaining? Shrimphead
  9. I'm moving there, inshaAllah. Do you think I'll pick it up?
  10. Shafi'i. Following a madhab is so much easier and simpler because you don't have to re-invent the wheel when it comes to researching rulings from the Qur'aan and Sunnah on everything about everything. It's already been classified and organized for you - how much easier can it get?
  11. What a great person... Takes so much courage to say all that stuff that still holds true more than 14 years later.
  12. MASHALLAH I LOVE WEDDINGS!!! Please tell her to make a lot of dua'a for herself and for all of us when the time for Nikahfication comes around! May she and Mr. Sporty Muslim be blessed in their marriage with lots and lots and lots of love and happiness and may it be a marriage filled with piety and beauty. And of course when the time for the kiddies rolls around, may they be blessed with beautiful, healthy, children who will be the light of their eyes. Ameen.
  13. Shrimphead


    Hello, Rosie, Owen's wife! Welcome to your new/old home in your home. (I realize that doesn't make any sense, but I still stand by it.) Please start a really awesome thread about awesome things, so we can all post awesome stuff in it!
  14. I got mine in Malaysia for 160RM (same as AED). But I just saw a burkini yesterday at Dubai Mall at the store next to Rip Curl - don't know it's name! It was pretty cute. You get it all over the place. M53R, Alonso lost his wallet on the ride. I'm not willing to take that risk!
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