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  1. from these : amino acids fat protein glycerol starch sugar fatty acids which cud be seperated from water using filter paper explain answer
  2. Remember in Guantanamo where the Americans were flushing the korans down the toilet, they jeered at the tortured captives, "where is your Allah now?" What country is getting flushed down the toilet now?
  3. Ive just bought the new one and their old one! Inshallah it is coming very soon, so to those who swore at me ******* *********** ******** and a smelly ********* Ill let you know if they are any good!
  4. The reason why i dont want to buy the album is becoz i dont like the fact they have music in their songs the 2 songs, dua and heavens keys are just their voice i prefet those ones, im not prepared to buy an album for 2 songs
  5. omg 4th episode wen we found out locke was actually in a wheelchair b4 amazing CLASSIC! HHAHAA who are the others do we get to see thei faces? who put the polar bears there?
  6. NAIMA WON, it was the last episode the shows ova now we gna get ukz top model I WONT BE WATCHING uk shows are crap haha
  7. omg sooooooo loving this right now we are on episode 5 right now (jack sees his father hallucinations etc) i just want to see it all whats up wid that damn island all spooky stuff and polar bears? huhhhhhhhhh? AMAZING STUFF good thing to come out of america!!
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