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  1. waju

    Project Runway

    Man Uli's clothes were REALLLLLY nice. She so should have one. That blue stuff that Jeffrey made was suppppppper UGLY. Michael's stuff was too raunchy, and Laura's had WAY tooo many beads
  2. waju

    Project Downtown

    Hi my name is Wajiha and I used to write in this forum back when I was cool. I just wanted to let you guys know about this service project we started at the University of Miami, and is being nationalized as we speak (inshallah). Its called Project Downtown (www.projectdowntown.org) and we basically go to Downtown Miami and feed the homeless EVERY Friday. Not only do we feed them we provide toiletries and then we talk to them. They tell us about their problems we listen and such. I really think that stuff like this is the best dawah... Only because if you ask someone thats converted to Islam they'll RARELY tell you that they converted because they read a real cool brochure that the MSA made... People are more interested about us by our actions. Good actions leads to good interest. Ok thats about it... we really want this project to spark up in major cities around the US... how cool would it be that once a week around the US and Canada there are muslims out there feeding the needy. email me for more info at wajiha@projectdowntown.org
  3. waju


    http://www.thehurricaneonline.com/media/st...mp;mkey=2426479 We just had ours and it rocked mashallah
  4. waju

    ISNA Convention 2006

    hi, I'll be there inshallah
  5. waju


    Its sad that I actually read your article because you posted it up on facebook BUT HEY LOOK I'M BACK
  6. yayyyy Fareed Happy Birthday kid. (I don't even know if he still posts here)
  7. waju

    Q & A with 'Shaykh' Bhatti

    hi gunner =)
  8. waju

    Who's in the UK?

    hahahah I never knew that Walsall is an actual place. ahahhaa I listen to Adil Ray and he has this character Dr. Southy who is a prominent businessman from there. It all makes sense
  9. waju

    The Weather!

    I'm hating London, I'm wearing jackets IN JULY!
  10. waju

    Bad Dawah Tactics

    I like how you're not making fun of girls as much. yayyy I liked it =)
  11. waju

    Who's in the UK?

    what's wrong with this city? It's July, and it feels like winter in Miami. I'm in central London going to school at London School of Economics
  12. waju

    Who's in the UK?

    I'm in London, since Friday. Come vissssittttt! MM party at my place.
  13. waju


    Facebook is hot.
  14. waju

    naseeb meet up?

    It's not really that strange, I keep getting emails about random cruises on Lake Michigan, during ISNA to "network" with other muslims and stuff. =/