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  1. I love what you've done to that smiley in your about me. Make dua'a. :) Very innovative, Mashallah.

  2. hey salam alaikum, you got msn? it would be easier to talk there x :)

  3. Your Lord has not forsaken you, {O Muhammad} nor has He become of you displeased, And surely what comes after is better for you than that which has gone before. And soon will your Lord give you so that you shall be well pleased. {Ad-Duha:3-5}
  4. Jazaka Allah khair brother, but I aim to be, with Allah's tawfeeq, the best wife my future for my husband [if there is one written for me insha Allah]. No just so that he wouldnt think of someone else but because I want to be also. Your husband is either your heaven or your hell, as the hadith says. I would want him to be my heaven and I would like to be his heaven as well.
  5. There are many great men out there. Sisters, insha Allah you make duaa, rely on Allah subhanahu watala and he will come your way or Allah will cause something so that you two meet one another. Sometimes the issue does not even rely on whether the man is good or not, it can also lie in the compatibility area. A brother and a sister can be two excellent people, both wonderful Muslims but they may not be compatible for one another. loveProphet - I find it funny that you are accusing women of what you just did
  6. Mere fantasy but do they think about the downsides? Wander into that for a moment. Its sad that the world is full of calamity, there is a hereafter to worry about, and a personal, heavy responsibility of marriage being placed upon you already and yet you see a husband thinking about getting another wife. As if that is all he can think about. Let us assume he has four. Will he keep fantasizing? Is he like Jahannam when it fills and says, "Is there anymore?". Someone with that sort of nafs needs to get sorted and get his mind on something else. If men really are like what you say then I would enjoy my spinsterhood as much as I like. But Alhamdulilaah and Allahu Akbar they are not all like this. Some have better things to do and think about and are well satisfied with one.
  7. Sexism is a form of arrogance and insecurity. It could be that those who feel a bit of an inferiority complex have this need to put down the other side so that they may feel better about themselves. Either that or their environment played a major role in their way of thought. Islam does not put one gender over the other, and those who know and believe in Islam correctly do not exhibit this trait. All in all, it is either arrogance or ignorance.
  8. Oh, absolutely! Please don't let it come in your way. Whenever you're done insha Allah I will be ready :) May Allah make the exams easy on you! Thanks again


  9. of course i can hun, im right in the middle of exams and assessments right now for uni...but i finish my main one on 27th april, so can italk to you about it after? xxx

  10. Feel free to PM them to me insha Allah

  11. Sis can I ask you for a favour? Can you please give me reliable links that explain Shia? I really want to learn more, but I want genuine sources, and since you are Shia, would better would I ask :P

  12. Matzos are nice with cheese. I ate matzos when I was a kid
  13. Salaam. Sister, why are you broken? I hope you get well soon. You can talk to me if you wish insha Allah...

  14. Lessons we all can learn from this: - We should consider the person in front of us - even in jest. - We should not expose other people's faults out in the open. Would you like that to happen to you? - If you have issues, settle them between each other in private. I really did not need to read this nonsense, nor does anyone else who was not involved.
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