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  1. Yalla_back

    Finding the ideal spouse

    Please, let's keep this thread serious.
  2. Yalla_back

    Finding the ideal spouse

    Well I just think i should clarify my earlier comments. The reason a lot of muslim guys want white wives is because they tend to actually make better wives and engage us more as humna,s rather then the typical curry eater/lizard eater/kebab eater or whatever other race densely populated with muslims, would treat their husbands. For instance at university...notice how all the muslim girls like Shaniqua and LaFawnda don't talk to you because it soo well haram to do that? yet you easily get along with Mary or Vanessa who sit next to you in Biology? Notice how on average white girls are prettier then whatever your race of girls is? Curry eaters are small with stubby noses, Lizard eaters are fat with crooked noses and Kebab eaters are well...Well they can be a lot of things. But White girls tend to have the most beautiful features? Also notice how if you spilt milk or some other white substance on your white wife it wouldn't stain her because her skin is deliciously creamy white and soft, while if you did that on a curry eater it would show everywhere and the milk would get caught in her hairy legs and then the milk would go sour and smell until the next time she took her weekly shower. that's just disgusting. Also if we muslim men marry white women our children will come out whiter than us which will help us integrate into our western nations. So even if we don't want to do it, we actually should because it's better for the Ummah to marry white women.
  3. Yalla_back

    Finding the ideal spouse

    I can understand the brother wanting a white wife. It's all the rage right now for a muslim guy to have a white wife. Curry eaters are too common and boring imo. Seen one you seen em all.
  4. Yalla_back

    "It's not easy being gay"

    When i think to myself what i would do If my son grew up to be gay I always tell myself I'd be like..super negative and strict about it. But after reading the opening post I can't help but feel so bad for this guy where I can't think of anything negative to think, feel or say. I mean if i think about it the only thing i find sickening about gay people is bum sex. thats really it. And it's only because of all the poo going everywhere, otherwise I think this kid needs helps and the muslim community around him should do everything they can to make this situation easier for him.
  5. Yalla_back

    shortening the fast in summer?

    They should make a comedy show, "sheikh's say the funniest things". and have it full of random stuff like this.
  6. Went in hard, All the ladies of MM collectively breathe a sigh of relief.
  7. ...as a secondary aspect of my life for far too long and am now going to start taking it a lot more seriously, especially since Ramadan is approaching. What's the matter...THINK YOU CAN GET RID OF ME THAT EASILY?! GET OUT, HAHAHA
  8. Yalla_back

    I Want to Unlearn

    Martin Lings- Muhammed from the earliest sources Charles Gai Eaton- Islam and the destiny of the man and a classic: Al Ghazali- the rememberance of death and the afterlife
  9. How does one memorise something for Alaah's face? Does Allah even have/need a face?
  10. Yalla_back

    On how to learn a Language

    btw Im fluent in 8 languages, in case anyone's wondering. I signed up to both those sites and i have to say that I can see why they would be good for beginners.
  11. Yalla_back

    On how to learn a Language

    I love languages and the process of learning them, I feel like im gettin smarter in a short amountof time. This is like...one of the best threads on this forum for awhile. Im glad i never wasted any money on language learning programs though.
  12. Yalla_back

    The Amount of Rain that falls Every Year is the Same

    Why would you post this? I said three times in my posts that i agree witht he medicinal qualities found in flies purported by the hadith...Why does no one read what I say? This is why I get so angry, you reply to me in the same way Noor allah, MeM and a host of other people reply to my posts, with stock answers that don't even answer the points I have raised. You just answer questions not even asked and then have the "Fear God" and "don't lie about the prophet" disclaimers after, as some kind of weird perverted threat that supposedly religious people use. It's almost like Im talking to a wall or robots of people who have specific patterns of answering things, and when it is broken they have to thinly veil their threats to me. Im not going to talk on this subject anymore because the more people like Noor allah, Muslimah jedi and the rest of the gang ignore what I say and instead come up with their own nonsense unrelated to my points the more frustrated i become. Thank you Musa and rammy for trying to answer me with some consideration of what I am saying rather then how i am saying it, I appreciate that but theres no point discussing it. Some people are apparently happy with bending reality around hadith, even when it blatantly goes against both what is tasteful or factually correct.
  13. Yalla_back

    The Amount of Rain that falls Every Year is the Same

    Fine, I don't care. whatever.
  14. Yalla_back

    The Amount of Rain that falls Every Year is the Same

    Already doing what? what you have said doesn't even grammatically make sense in reply to what i said so i'm not sure what you're laughing at. Prove what's wrong exactly? Do you read what i write? I already said i agree with the fly hadith on medicinal value but not with the actual action of dipping it into my vessel. what part of this do i need to prove wrong? that dipping flies into my food is not the best habit to have? Well okay, like i said before heres my proof for that. FLIES EAT POO. WHY WOULD YOU DIP SOMETHING IN YOUR FOOD, THAT LANDS ON DOG POO AND IS COVERED WITH FAECAL GERMS?! THIS IS BEYOND SENSE. Here's some links: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coprophagia you can get: E. coli, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis E, pneumonia, polio, and influenza from poo germs which flies may leave on your food after eating turds. is this enough proof that dipping flies into your food is wrong, and at the very least dangerous and an act that regardless of being in a sahih hadith, is something people should not do under any circumstances? It's not that I don't trust the Prophet or Allah...it's just i don't trust Hadiths enough to quite literally eat something that could kill me. I live perfectly fine without dipping flies into my food (especially at bbq's when those buggers attack en masse) and i will continue to live out my Islam fine without this behaviour. Like i said before though, feel free to eat your fly/poo vessels. I don't care how much of a robot you are noor.allah. Ohhh will you look at this everybody. This surely is the icing on the cake. This user has the audacity to tell me what the prophet would and would not approve of, and furthermore that my bad manners are going to be held accountable for when SHE, this hypocrite, posts videos on this forum with anti-semitic language regarding "jews and their big noses". Yes how quick this muslimah is to tell others how they should fear allah, when she posts garbage WAY more insulting then anything i have said in this thread. What a JOKE. Also lol at me "freaking out over one hadith". No i don't care about these hadiths actually, I follow hadiths myself. What my issue is in this thread, something you have found hard to comprehend because you do not read my posts, is the stupidity and fervour some muslims will believe literally any claim (regardless of whether it is from hadith or some phooey website) AND THEN on top of that when asked for proof give unreliable sources. This is what i find most dangerous to muslims...spreading stupidity amongst ourselves. and lastly I love that Quran quote at the end. another favourite and stereotypical trope for this type of person is to quote the quran, as if it alleviates the responsibility of the argument from them because they are a God fearing and pious person. Well that doesn't work in the real world, missy. I have trouble believing I should dip flies into my food vessels, yes. I also have trouble believing the Prophet advised it, excuse my doubts.
  15. Yalla_back

    The Amount of Rain that falls Every Year is the Same

    Of following the hadith, or the authenticity of the hadith? I already answered. Flies are filthy and disgusting creatures and I wouldn't want to eat or drink anything where a fly, covered in feacal germs, sits around or in my food. What part of that do you have trouble understanding?