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  1. happy birthday haya!

  2. Hooray! Happy Birthday!

  3. how dare you change your name without my permission, go do 20 sit ups in the corner and iron all my socks

  4. Dude, what Miah said. And where are you?

  5. Miah


    What happened to your name? :o

  6. hahah good thinking! ill post that in all the newspapers and even on naseeb.com! :D

  7. you should advertise 'Haya - looking for a mother, please send in your applications attached with your resume/CV'

  8. exactly. so go find!

  9. “Richness isn’t found in wealth, as wealth can diminish. Nor is it found in beauty, for beauty fades with age. It’s found in good character and kind hearts. So treat people in such a way and live amongst them in such a manner that when you die, they make du’a for you, and when you’re alive, they benefit from you and th...ey thank Allah Most High for having you in their life.”

    1. The One

      The One

      Insha Allah! Pray for me, too..

    2. Yaya


      Sometimes good hearts can fade too hmmmm!!!!

    3. Basanti


      This is beautiful.

  10. ^Hmm I think that website has permission to post the book online. I'd recommend buying a copy though. It's worth it mashaAllah
  11. awww always thinking of me like a good father! :)

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