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  1. Except the word "Paki" has always meant purity, which is hilarious because it turns into an oxymoron especially when racists would call someone a "dirty paki". The n-word, on the other hand, has disgusting and foul origins. Although I personally used to use the n-word a lot, I have since changed.
  2. Beautiful and uplifting article, masha'Allah! "The Imam then gave an impassioned speech on the intense love he felt for everyone there, for all Jews and all Christians, and on how indeed there was no proper way to be a Muslim other than through love." Thanks to the Imam, My Little Son Got Serious About Synagogue It was three days before Rosh Hashanah, and I was predictably anxious about my identity, my life, about my family's Jewish future. As a good and fractious Jew, I was somewhat ambivalent about which synagogue I would go to: The one I sometimes go to? The one I would never step foot in? The one that I really should create on my own, maybe? This Rosh Hashanah was different for two reasons. My 87-year old mother, who lives alone 400 miles away in Boston, had pneumonia. So we were on our way to Boston, but I had to honor a commitment to my dear friend Yahya Hendi, who is an imam. He wanted the whole family, the whole world, it seems, but especially Jews and Christians, for an iftar, a very sacred celebration as a part of Ramadan. He wanted us all to share in every aspect of the evening, and so made his backyard into a center of prayer and his house into a feast... [CONTINUE READING HERE]
  3. Bhattz

    From Tarim to Granada with Habib Umar

    Agreed. I couldn't have said it better myself
  4. Bhattz

    Saudi vs Rest of The World

    You do realize thats kind of imopssible because the graves are walled off. And beside Rasul Pak's (saws). Just saying However, it is common for certain individuals to make lanat on them.
  5. Granada. In Muslim imagination the mere name conjures up images of a magnificent city. A place where science and culture thrived during Europe's dark ages. A place where the streets were lit at night and ornate fountains fed verdant gardens of exquisite beauty. Where a tolerant convivencia brought the Abrahamic faiths together in a most remarkable coexistence. Granada and its iconic Alhambra Palace represents Islam's Andalucian legacy in Europe. Tarim. Nestled in Yemen's Hadhramaut valley, it is a city like no other. A place of spirituality and learning, tended to by the descendents of the Prophet Muhammad himself. From Java to East Africa and beyond, the scholars of Tarim led by their guides - the Habibs - have taken their tradition all over the world establishing a truly global spiritual community dedicated to living and celebrating the sacred. Now the living tradition of Tarim and the glorious legacy of Granada meet for the first time. Habib Umar bin Hafiz travels to Spain, visiting Muslim communities in Madrid and Granada. Accompanied by journalist and commentator Fuad Nahdi and Muslims from the Spain, Yemen and the UK, From Tarim to Granada chronicles a remarkable journey. Click Here to watch the trailer, a link to the actual film and for more general info.
  6. Bhattz

    Thanks for the link. I love Dr. Said's work!

  7. The 2 minutes and 40 seconds in this video (found in the link below) will shed light on the aforementioned words in this thread's title. I personally believe that it will open your eyes to the meaning of this ugly word, so that like me, you too will refrain from using it. Niggers, Niggas, Niggaz - Spoken word with Julian Curry
  8. Bhattz

    Beauty of durood gift from Allah

    Beautiful post. Personally, I really enjoy Durood-e-Taaj. I have attached a two link for your enjoyment. The first contains the verses of this durood in Arabic, an English transliteration, and translation. The second if a link for you to download it in .mp3 form. Enjoy. Link 1 Link 2
  9. Have You voted in this year's MM Awards 2010? If not please follow this link : http://maniacmuslim.com/forums/index.php?/topic/23725-mm-awards-2010/

  10. The title says it all. Please post your favourite Islamic (musical or otherwise) songs and let's get a good collection going here so that we may all benefit. Jazaks. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1dAwrasrv7E
  11. Bhattz

    Surah Yasin

    Benefits of Reading Surah Yasin: 1. The Holy Prophet (saws) said, ‘Surely everything has a heart, and the heart of the Qur’an is Yasin. I would love that it be in the heart of every person of my people’. 2. The Prophet (saws) said, ‘Whoever recites Yasin once Allah will record the reward of reciting the Qur’an ten times.’ 3. It has been reported by Aisha (RA) that our beloved Prophet (saws) said: "There is a chapter in the Qur’an that intercedes for its reciter and forgives its listener. Know that it is Surah Yasin. It is called ‘Mu’amma’ in the Torah". Someone then inquired, 'what is Mu’amma'? The Prophet (saws) replied, "it embraces the person with the goodness of this world and removes the dismay of the Hereafter"... Continue Reading Here ...
  12. Bhattz

    Naad e Ali

    'Naad-e-Ali' was brought by Archangel Jibra'il (AS) from Almighty Allah (SWT) to the Holy Prophet(SAWS) on the event of the Battle of Khaybar. Its recitation has multi-purpose effects, some of which have been listed below: BENEFITS OF RECITING NAAD-E-ALI SHAREEF 1. For the biggest of problems, read 41 times every day. 2. To attain anything you want, read 66 times daily till you attain your goal. 3. If a person is very ill and Doctors even give up hope, then read 7 times on rain water and give the patient to drink till he or she feels better. 4. If you feel that someone is being attacked by Jinns or bad Asar etc read 15 times and blow on water. Sprinkle water on face of person. 5. If you are in a very bad situation and difficulty, make fresh ghusl and wudhu and read 1000 times. 6. If you send somebody out for something to anyone and you need a good reply, then read three times and blow in the persons ear. He will return with good news. 7. If some one is arrested or charged, then he should read daily forty times till name is cleared. 8. If you are waiting for a reply to a letter or application etc. then read facing the direction of the place from where you are awaiting a reply before Esha salaah and read this 65 times.
  13. Assalaamu 'alaykum Wahramatullahi Wabarakatuhu,

    Would you be interested in writing transcripts for a few lectures, to help make Islamic knowledge accessible to those with an hearing impairment?

    If you can spare some time, or have other skills that could be useful, please leave a message on my profile.

    JazakAllah Khair